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@wale shit hit different when somebody got you in ya feelings 🤗


2 Days 14 Hours Ago

She acts like summer and walks like rain.

The always beautiful #chryslerbuilding in #nyc #manhattan

Dirk Dallas

7 Days 15 Hours Ago

Last month I got to shoot in Iceland with the @moment team and today I can finally share why! They just launched their newest product on Kickstarter, the world's first anamorphic lens for a drone! . Posted here is a short teaser of what we shot but if you want to check out the longer video and learn more about this new lens and their new ND filters click the link in my bio! #momentair x #fromwhereidrone

Annika Cynn

2018-11-08 12:38:14

#tbt to a more a complicated, yet beautiful time

No interior da #residênciamh foi escolhida uma palheta de cores e texturas ao mesmo tempo rústica e sofisticada, preparada para receber o verde da mata atlântica que pede para entrar. ⠀ For the interiors of the #mhresidence a palette of colors and textures at the same time rustic and sophisticated were chosen, it was prepared to receive the green of the atlantic forest that asks to enter. ⠀ #jacobsenarquitetura

26 Days 13 Hours Ago

Nikken Sekkei School of Music (2014) by Tohogakuen located in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan. This project was made for a Music School in a typical suburban environment of Tokyo. Through the exploration, an appropriate place for learning of the music distant from the style of a traditional school was created. The need for visual contact among the different users of the space was valued. Classrooms and circulation can be used as musical rehearsal spaces, as well as to maintain acoustic independence. Link in bio to full project. #music #concrete #school #schooldesign #japan #japanese #concreto #concretejungle #concretedesign


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Go Camping with @KAWS 40-meter-long COMPANION, collaborating with @ARR.AllRightsReserved in MT. FUJI. KAWS:HOLIDAY in MT. FUJI, Japan! Date: 7.18 - 7.24 Location: Fumotoppara Camping Ground, Shizuoka, Japan For 7.18 Raffle: #kaws #kawsholiday #allrightsreserved #japan #mtfuji #herschelsupply

We were treated well this night... clear peaks and no wind!

Sights for sore eyes. // photo by @fabiomluz #greatnorthcollective

Omri Ron

6 Days 21 Hours Ago

Happy moments ⭐️

EVENT TONIGHT at the Patagonia Outlet in Reno!!! Come see Shaaron Netherton speak as part of the panel discussion. Details below. Nevada State Legislative Session Wrap-up and Celebration! Please join us for a panel discussion about the recently completed 2019 legislative session. We will have representatives from 4 local environmental non-profits who will discuss our successes and areas of opportunity for the future. Panel Speakers: Meghan Wolf - Patagonia - Moderator Brian Beffort -Executive Director of Sierra Club - Toiyabe Chapter Andy Maggi - Executive Director - Nevada Conservation League Shaaron Netherton - Executive Director - Friends of Nevada Wilderness Patrick Donnelly - Nevada State Director - Center for Biological Diversity This free event starts at 7pm and will have snacks and beverages provided. Patagonia Outlet Reno 130 South Center Street, Reno, Nevada, 89501

. 2014#terunobufujimori 手曲げ銅板で葺いた急傾斜の屋根の上に 近くの山から掘ってきたアカマツ🌲


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. #ハタノワタル 紹介制餃子屋 冫 (にすい) 和紙職人のハタノワタルさんの和紙がふんだんに使われた空間 天井も壁もトイレも和紙 そして餃子もめっちゃおいしい、、


2019-06-16 12:55:01

İstanbul’da sayılı oksijen depolayacağımız mekanlardan biri Göktürk. Yeşili maviyi ve gökyüzünü çok seviyorum. Burada kitabım ailem ben gökyüzü ve doğa ile başbaşa mükemmel vakit geçirdik.Pazar olduğu için çok kalabalıktı.Yinede kendimize herkesten uzakta mükemmel bir yer bulduk.Giriş ücretleri cüzi park için biraz bekledik onun dışındaki her şey gayet güzeldi. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... #doğa #travel#göktürkgöleti#pilot #tkmoments #turrkishfollowers #turkishairlines #avesometurkiye

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Another empty house soon to be torn down. #hyperlocalhood