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Happy Father’s Day dad! Thank you for always and I mean ALWAYS being there for me. I have learned so much from you, and you continue to teach me everyday even though I’m never home lol, but thank you for being my number one fan since day one! I love u💗

Bolang 😜🇳🇱 pict by pap @tonnietonnie dih 😂


looove how summer feels:)))

Conglaturation Kembaraaaannn... Aku ikutan Bahagia Bgt.. 😍😍😍 Selamat Bro Richo.. Lancar2 yaa Sampai Hari Pernikahan.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🇯🇵 Welcome to @realmadrid, @takefusa.kubo! レアル・マドリードへようこそ! #halamadrid

#bts of today’s @pulsespikes shoot 💙 #fauxfur

Happy Fathers Day dad💖 so blessed to have you as my father, golf buddy, and my rock💕 you have always been there for not only me but our entire family! Can't wait to play golf with you all summer long and maybe kick ur butt one day🤪 I love you to the moon and back #bigsalad

Dua Lipa

5 Days 1 Hour Ago

watch out world the @rinalipa takeover is only just beginning. proud of you baby sis angel pie 🦋👼🏻💫

Pranking my mom!!❤️😂 TAG A FRIEND😂

Lily Nova

6 Days 3 Hours Ago

Happy birthday to the absolute apple of my eye, The Gemini, the matcha in my latte and the person who made New York feel like home. Can’t wait to be little woodland creatures who live in a hollowed out tree. Love you to pieces but you already know that. @zoeebarnard

Harta,Tahta,Cinta❤️ Ada yg punya Tahta tapi tak punya cinta😭 Ada yg punya Harta tapi tak punya kedudukan/tahta dan cinta.😭 Ada yg punya Harta,tahta/kedudukan tapi dia tak punya cinta😭 Manakah yg akan kau pilih ?? Punya cinta tapi tak punya harta dan tahta ,emang hidup makan cinta ???? 😱 Punya byk Harta tapi tahta dan cinta ora nduwe ??? Apa enaknya ??? Dunia kering shay.. Meskipun cinta bisa dibeli tp cinta yg suci akan membawa kita dlm kebahagiaan dunia. Wis entahlah ....❤️ Ada yg punya semuanya,hemmm🤔 byk itupun pasti byk pengorbanannya. Apakah engkau mencintaiku wahai si Fulan ??? Apakah kau tau aku sangat mencintaimu wahai si fulan ?? Cinta memang preeettttlah🤣 Gak ada cinta mmg garing duniawi 🤣 Makanya hrs cari cinta sejati jgn setengah2😄 Ya weslah wes malam,ini tulisan halu menjelang bobo’ Aku lagi pisah ranjang sm kumis gaess,dikampung gak mulih2,sbb anaknya msh liburan sekolah msh main🤣 Jadi emaknya galauuu.. Wahai kumis wahai brondongku,mama kangeeen💋 Turuijenan😴

Luis Suarez

4 Days 3 Hours Ago

💪⚽✈️ 🇺🇾 🇺🇾 🇺🇾 #brasilcopaamerica #labanda #soyceleste

Denim and daydreaming ✨ what do you dream about??

Happy Fathers Day! You are the best daddy to our kids!!! We love you so much!

Tremaine Emory

6 Days 22 Hours Ago



Saturday night dilwale ❤ @kajol @iamsrk @kritisanon @varundvn

Sonho de pivete, ir ver uma final da NBA 🏀 Carregando... 📶 @warriors

The future is in good hands. #bhs2019

Canada! 🇨🇦 I had an amazing time and hope you’ll have me back. But just to be certain I’ve taken a hostage. #notarealthreat #butwouldliketocomeback #justcallmesowecanworkthisout

Happy Father’s Day, Lou! Kids, be Patient with your Dads. We’re all struggling... just tryna figure it out.

Jangan lupa nonton PLEYBOY JAMAN NOW DI ANTV Jam 2 siang , Hari ini yah 🙏🏻🙏🏻 dan dari kemarin banyak banget yg nanya di Dm mba astrid pake hijab apa sih kok kelihatannya nyaman dan keren loh, nah aku pke hijab selalu dari @latonahijab , semua foto2 liburan aku , pakenya hijab dari @latonahijab 😘😘