monday afternoon pick-me-up pre airport ✈️. (actually it’s decaf but i like to tell myself i’m drinking caffeine). i’ve been flying and traveling since i was little and i never really experienced any sort of anxiety over it. for some reason everything feels more surreal since i’ve been pregnant and i have a lot more anxiety getting on to a plane (even though driving is much more dangerous). i’ve been using this mantra lately, “i am safe. i am strong. i am calm. i am the master of my mind” to try and help calm my mind. it might be worth a try if you have any travel anxieties too! 💕#mondaymantra #brusselandsproutwanders
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Emilly Araújo é fotografada junto com o suposto affair Jota Amancio no Café Society em São Paulo !

'Til death do us part 💕 | 📷: @laurenscotti

I ate a big meal then tried to take birthday pictures, then got mad because I looked bloated and started pouting SKSKKS, my mom was like "come on let's try and take some more, come on". Lol. I was being a baby. I'm jus sort of happy that my period didn't come on yet, because my period tracker said it should've been here the fourth and I was mad and didn't want it to ruin my birthday but it's not here so ha. But today I have been cramping and in pain idk if that's from food or what. Also, I've been looking lighter in these later months which is a no no. I wanted to tan outside because I am in Florida, but it be too hot. And I contemplate going to tanning booths but I always had a fear that some white workers would lock my black ass in the machine and watch me burn alive. Do tanning booths even have locks in there ? Idk. I guess I'll just have to deal with it lmfao.

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