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sending my love & prayers to my choreographer, friend and one of my biggest inspirations. @mattsteffanina was recently hurt in an attack and is in recovery. matt, you didn't deserve this and we are all here to support you in every way possible. get better soon, can't wait to dance wit ya again🏹 choreography: @mattsteffanina | dancers: @tatimcquay @lild0hd0h_des | videography: @monseeworld | song: #friends by my favoriteee @justinbieber (plz tag him)❤

. も〜〜可愛くて可愛くて… ずっと見てても飽きない🤤💗🤤💗 . 大好きな家族みんなに集まってもらって2人の合同お誕生日パーティー☺️🎊 (アンナは17日なんだけど、当日は旅行中なので前祝いで💕) . 動画は恥ずかしいと顎が出ちゃうアンナと、一生懸命歌おうとしてるりきと😂❤️ 打ち合わせなしだったから♬Dear〜の部分グダグダなみんな😂 どれも最高😎👍🏻 . . #アンナとりきとの合同お誕生日パーティー🎉 #かわいい#宝物#大好き#幸せ

Age 20: In five years I’m going to own my own house, have a great job and be married. Age 25: You know what? Let’s go back to bed 😴✌🏻 #nakdfashion

Revealing the first shot from the #rougedior photoshoot with @diormakeup that took place at @hotelducapedenroc in May🤗 (that highlighter😍) More 📷 to follow💋💄#ifeelgood #lipstick #diormakeup #dior

👨🏻‍💻الصق اخر شي نسخته . . . . . ضيف هذا الحساب وراح تجيك 20 اضافه 👈 @kk4c @kk4c @w3c5 @w3c5