Você vai se apaixonar pelo nosso bolinho de tilápia! crocante por fora e macio por dentro, fica perfeito com nosso molho especial e um bom Drink!😋🐠🍹 #vemproespetos #tudomuitogostoso #belohorizonte
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Sorry for the lame censorship but instagram deleted my last photo.. But they can't silence my voice so here's the text again. SAY IT LOUDER!!! 🔈🔈 ••• We've been taught that women's sexuality only exist for others than ourselves and people are often surprised when women treat masturbation as a normal, everyday activity. Why is the same act for women so dirty but perfectly natural for men? From a young age, girls are taught that “touching yourself” is gross and dirty. “Good” girls don’t masturbate. Society teaches us to shame women who have lots of sex, to believe women should have sex with men when they don’t want to but he does, and that men masturbate in response to their own desire, whereas women do to evoke others’ desires. Due to this perception most porn is geared toward heterosexual men, featuring women who are clearly not enjoying themselves. But time is changing and there's more and more porn that puts women’s pleasure in front and center. And more women goes behind the camera rather than just in front of it 🌺 ••• Masturbating is a way to love all parts of ourselves, even those parts that society tells us we shouldn’t. For once, let’s let women be people who just are doing their thing – whatever thing that may be. ✨ ••• Underwear from @nomadshempwear 🔥🌺

Game day, time to put all this weight to good use😂😂 - Looking to build lean muscle mass? Click the link in my bio - Snapchat👻👉 jamesk8888

<Dakgalbi with Cheese> Dip it in cheese and you'll fall in love - ▪ INGREDIENTS: 500g chicken legs(only meat), 6 cabbage leaves, 5 perilla leaves, 1 sweet potato, 15 teokbokki rice cake, 1 package udon noodle, 1 onion, 300g mozzarella, 250ml milk, 1 chili, 100ml water sauce) 3tbsp. soy sauce, 2tbsp. sugar, 1tbsp. minced garlic, 3tbsp. gochujang, 2tbsp. chili powder, 2tbsp. mirin, 1tbsp. curry powder - ▪ DIRECTIONS: 1. Soak chicken in milk to eliminate smell for 20 minutes. 2. Mix all sauce ingredients. 3. Marinate the chicken with the sauce. 4. Oil the preheated pan. Cook the outside of the chicken, then add water, vegetables. 5. When vegetables wilt, add rice cake. 6. When adding rice cake, divide the cooked chicken in half. Add and melt cheese in the middle. . . . #food #foodie #recipes #recipe #foodstagram #instafood #cookat #foodies #delicious #daily #video #foodporn #instagood #foodgasm #chef #tasty #yummy #foodpic #recipeoftheday #follow #dakgalbi #chicken #cheese #spicy #hot #galbi #koreanfood #pizza #cooking #lfl

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