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Mah goodness, dem whiskers! 😻

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Today's agenda: apply filters and rule the day! . . . #hyderabad #hyderabadi #funny #desi #girl #memes #comedy #vine #vines #followme #travel #jahilbilquis


yummmyyyy!!! nih buat temen-temen yg lg mager buat keluar rumah dan pengen cemal cemil, ada jajanan khas bandung yaitu seblak dan baso aci. terdapat juga bbrp varian. cus yuk order 👉👉 @opieun_kekinian_bandung murah meriah pokona #raospisaneuyy

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Guilt. Mom guilt. Dad guilt. Fitness guilt. Student guilt. Employee guilt. G-U-I-L-T. You hear talk of it everywhere and yeah, for sure every single one of us can come up with at least a dozen of things we are not as good as we’d want to be. I’m not the perfect wife and definitely not the perfect mom. I am not as efficient a student as I would love to be and our house isn’t always as tidy as I would love for it to be. The beautiful thing though is that I’m trying to do my best. And so is EVERYONE else - doing their best with the resources and resorcefulness they have at hand. Instead of focusing on the things you’re not good at or as good as you’d like to be, and feel guilty because of it, can you see the successes in your life, the big and the small? Can you see the difference you are making? The big and especially the small? Because boy, are you making a difference! Open your eyes, see the success moments and record them so you can take a look at them when you feel like a failure. My 3 successes of the day: I wore make up and proper clothes instead of my husband’s old sweats the whole day (and felt pretty feminine 😅). Didn’t get mad when found a huge bag of beans all over the kitchen and living room floor (just picked them up and laughed at my toddler’s curiosity). Did a little hike with my husband and the kids and had fun being silly taking silly pictures. And this lil family of ours is my biggest success by far. WHAT WERE YOUR SUCCESSES TODAY, big and small? ❤️😘 #successesoftheday #guilt ~ Syyllisyyden tunne. Äitisyyllisyys. Isäsyyllisyys. Kuntosyyllisyys. Opiskelusyyllisyys. Työsyyllisyys. SYYLLISYYS. Siitä kuulee puhuttavan niin usein ja joo, varmasti jokainen meistä pystyy saman tien keksimään tusinan asiaa, missä ei ole mielestään hyvä tai niin hyvä kuin haluaisi olla. Mä en ole täydellinen vaimo enkä varsinkaan täydellinen äiti. Mä en ole niin tehokas opiskelija kuin haluaisin olla, eikä meidän koti ole aina niin siisti kuin toivoisin sen olevan. Se nätti juttu kuitenkin on, että mä yritän parhaani. Ihan niinkuin JOKAINEN muukin - jokainen yrittää parhaansa niillä resursseilla ja resurssiuudella, mitä sillä hetkellä omaa. MISSÄ SÄ ONNISTUIT TÄNÄÄN? ❤️

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