@badgalriri ya doin amazing sweetie
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pagi semalam saya ditemukan dengan 3 sosok yang bertanggungjawap menginspirasikan saya sewaktu saya sekolah rendah lagi. 3 ni lah antara mereka2 yang bertanggungjawap membuatkan saya jatuh cinta kepada music percaya akan takdir saya untuk meneruskan perjuangan. tanpa dieorang ni saya rasa saya xda keberanian untuk teruskan. kalau memori indah dari zaman sekolah saya dijadikan dalam bentuk fizikal, inilah dia. the OGs above all OGs. OAG, SPUTUM, & NICE STUPID PLAYGROUND. terima kasih ktk orang. Thankyou @rocktoberfestborneo .. thankyou so much :'( . sumpah one of the best day in my life. #rtbf2017 #rocktoberfest2017 #oag #sputum #nicestupidplayground #fanboymodeon

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@wairimu_._ iyanla fix my life...i think

Whats the name of the original show??


2018-11-13 21:27:22

okay but do you see the way she turns around LMAO

2018-11-13 20:00:38

@itssbiggredd It does not mean the same to you because you're not black. Get the fuck out of here. You ignorant, uncultured, unintelligent swine. This is why shit happens, because people don't know what they fuck they're talking about, yet they always have a damn opinion. Go get educated, and then come back. If you're going to speak on a subject. Bye ✌🏾

She is the most masculine woman I've ever seen in my life omg 😂-- When you masterbate and your mom comes in- "NOT on MY watch!!!"

2018-11-12 11:00:45

@itssbiggredd no one said what they said was okay either. thats the pettiest shit ive ever heard "well they were racist first!!!!!!!!" seriously? how fucking childish is that? thats no excuse for you to use the word at all.

@you.got.muncied * no one

@itssbiggredd well, say it all you want, but when you use racial slurs you potentially put finding a job or getting into a good school at risk because both one wants to be associated with racist. Your number of followers speaks for itself

@itssbiggredd girl someone gonna beat ur ass. i know u making all that shit up no black person in their right mind is gonna apologize after u call them a nigger. and u definitely should not be proud of having said nigger for years ur literally disgusting 🤢

2018-11-11 20:32:16

@bamb00belle I will 🤣🤣🤣I have for years when they're in the wrong and they shut up real fast and apologize for being racist. Learn from it.

@itssbiggredd ok watch what’ll happen keep saying it

2018-11-11 20:30:52

@you.got.muncied trying to justify something you can't lmaoooo I still say what I want. IDC

2018-11-11 20:29:49

@bamb00belle I still say what I want. Idgaf sis.

@itssbiggredd nah, black people just use it bc it gives them power over a word that has denied them so much. They have a right to say that word bc everybody else has used it to hate on them so they should be allowed to turn it into a positive thing, when white ppl use it it's like having some straight person walk over to a gay person and try to affectionately call them faggot, it just makes everyone uncomfortable and theres too much history behind it. And I always saw calling a white person "cracker" equivalent to calling a black person "chocolate" it's just stupid and only sensitive people care

@itssbiggredd ok hoe keep saying that word then watch how someone will soon expose u and you’ll be able to hold no jobs you’ll be kicked out of schools ur whole life can go in the garbage for using that word sis. do you know why? because it’s UNACCEPTABLE. “cracker” will never have that effect on anyone. do you know why? because it doesn’t hold the same weight.

2018-11-11 20:21:14

@bamb00belle that doesn't matter. Everybody were slaves. It's a word. There are many racist names for every race. Why can we call white people racist things, but not any race? You're being racist towards white people and it's not right. You don't get to dictate who can say what. No double standards. Both words are okay or none is okay. I'll say what I want. I don't care.

@itssbiggredd cracker and nigger are not of the same weight. nigger has centuries on centuries of pain and enslavement and injustice behind it. cracker doesn’t have the depth. they are not the same. don’t call people niggers baby

2018-11-11 20:17:43

@you.got.muncied so what? That's irrelevant. You get special treatment just because you're black? And in the mean time get to bully white people when we're being called racist or slurs thrown at us? No. You don't want equal anything. You want reparations or to be above. That's not fair.