Hi there! I’m Louie and I’m only 14 weeks old. My humans found me as a stray and fostered me, but they fell in love & decided to keep me 🥰. I love to play chase with my brothers and sister and run around in my tunnels. 😸💕
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Rub my belly 😍

Свадьба удалась. Сегодня примерно в 17:40 на Малиновского перевернулся ВАЗ 2114. Как понятно по видео это один из авто свадебного кортежа.

Hahaha poor kitty’s 👻👻👻


Quem viu o vídeo que eu abri o meu presente de #diadascrianças ? Daqui pouco as 19h sai a segunda parte lá no meu canal!!! #lol #lolsurprise #biglolsurprise #amei #canaljuliasilva