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Jangan sampai sahabat 😥

Anyone else in the mood for ombré soft serve? 🍦

F A F A U S T A R F I S H 🤣 . Dah mcm sotong ku tgk @elizadsharifuddin @thanujaananthan halang GA @farihaarazak GS @imsyazanaa dr jaringkan goal! Hahahah . Game macam ni memang rare sbb team Malaysia pun main asyik gelak jea!! Hahahah tq for the intimate friendly close game just for your fans ya wahai Msian team 🤣🇲🇾💃😘 . Nota: should i do this again? 🤔🤔🤔😎😎 . #farafauzana #fafauallstars #abstraxjingga #inibarulachatime #netballfriendlygame #bilafafaucaripasal #bilafafaumainnetball #bilafafaumanagernetball

Don't know where we're going, but we're on our way with @TastemadeTravel. Our new account transports you to the vacation spots of your dreams, one post at a time. #tastemadetravel #travel #whitepocket #mountains

Enjoying Bodrum at the @4reasonshotelyalikavak a beautiful hotel in Yalikavak 💙 check my IG stories for more! ☼

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