Photo by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) | “We wish to go back to school, we had to leave our home in Syria after it was destroyed in an airstrike, still can remember the sound of the fighter jets in the sky, it was so scary". Nour and Manar, 12-year-old Syrian refugee twins from Deir ez-Zor, whom I portrayed last September 2018 in a camp northwest of the Greek capital where they and their family are living. For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen
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18 Hours Ago

i remember back in high school, my teacher showed us before and after pics of syria and other middle eastern countries of when they were beautiful, and tranquil to what they are now.... its a sad thing to see, places that used to be bustling with business, tourist attractions, and such and now they look like anicent ruins and worn out battlefields... when will the bigotry and warfare end?!?!? when we're all dead and blown to bits ???!

2 Days 12 Hours Ago

Look so cool

Francesco Massa
3 Days 23 Hours Ago

TOP! 👍

4 Days 8 Hours Ago

@pradeepjoshilaa most stupid comment of the century

Mohamed shaheen
4 Days 13 Hours Ago

@msabry3520 nice

@sosooo194 you how must be know more about your religion without denying that there are victims. All the world knows about it

Sara Makhallel
6 Days 1 Hour Ago

@sosooo194 again i don't believe in that day and i know what is it , it is the time where muslim people believe they are gonna faced their god which he decides who will be in the paradise or in the hell. and muslim use to say it as you will see which one of us is in the right way as well say it to non muslim people as they are in the hell because don’t forget you say it before muslim god guide people that wants them so the other people the muslim god doesn’t choose them they are in the hell. it’s a think that i will never and ever related to it and that is exactly how it generates people without humanity and are believing them selves as they are in a correctly way because god besides them and they have the right to ends other people life because of what they are believing

Aris Goulias
6 Days 1 Hour Ago

@banukibik exactly.

Sara Makhallel
6 Days 2 Hours Ago

@sosooo194 same way i told you before you are denying people for the truth

Sara Makhallel
6 Days 3 Hours Ago

@sosooo194 it’s same things that happen over and over when some of the victims talk there must be people deny about that to waste their rights any people from this religion always lie or have been tricked its islam games every moments generate new people didn’t know about old people how islam was treating women it was horrible . actually the most things I don’t like in muslim they always deny and never take other people feeling or story seriously they just run their mouth defends peace religion without any humanity and never look how much this religion has been destroyed the life of people who were escaped it

Sara Makhallel
6 Days 5 Hours Ago

@sosooo194 that is not a proper way of living or healthy to makes someone work and pay for you and women they have a choice to take their clothes off or not unfortunately that’s how usually muslim women look into another women who they are not muslim the world is huge with a lot of countries some of them respect human rights and give for both genders the rights of human being but can you imagine in muslim country there is no human rights so did you know about how much the victims that religion could generates. I’m forced to wear hejab since i was 10 years old and a lot of victims especially girls who they are forced to married at underage and their who was prevented to go school and their is more and more of the worst situation of how they treat women and girls in this religion and I’m telling you again you don’t have the right to look at your self as the right one and others are the ignorant one as well, I’m escaped from islam country that always starts war on women and takes all their rights

@isaacmoonton_ Nothing. These liberals are just running out of excuses.

6 Days 12 Hours Ago

@isaacmoonton_ Are you serious? Look it up and read about it. The Trump Administration turned their backs and refused to help refugees. Draw less cartoons and read more.

6 Days 13 Hours Ago

@gouliasaris Turkey has more than 2 million Syrian refugees... Greece and Turkey are overwhelmed with the refugees nobody cares

Love child

Aris Goulias
6 Days 13 Hours Ago

@banukibik we are the only country that accepts refugees you should do the same,never saw a foreign protest about refugees and boarders, you don't even care (most of you)

Aris Goulias
6 Days 13 Hours Ago

@cayleeanthony no country will be touched by this,this is a plan .