I’m starting to plot out trips for the year and already feeling like there’s not enough time to squeeze in all the mountains, backpacking treks and trail runs. Making it a goal to only get to new places this year rather than returning to favorite spots. The one exception will be this lake because I’ve only been once and it wasn’t enough! What’s high on your list for summer?
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Magical place ☝️- Three fingers Fire Lookout is too one for me ( plus another 10/15 more lookouts wouldn’t hurt )

2019-04-12 19:26:01

Water is so blue 😍😍

Same! I went here twice last summer and can't wait to go back haha

2019-04-11 16:07:20

@staciangeliques Oh of course I would! I want to end a day and wake up with that all in my face! 😍

Wayne Begasse
2019-04-11 12:36:00

Way too many possibilities. But excited to have at least two trips planned with you. Redemption is going to be sweet.

@staciangeliques absolutely!!!

@exploremagazine Absolutely agree!

@gregory_sheehan It’s a tasty soup!

@ja_pow_slash206 He is damn sexy

@angela6571 Haha, you’re right. There are far bigger problems in the world, but I just wanna play outside everyday ☺️

@photojbartlett There’s really not. 😔

Definitely awesome..

So soupy looking.

2019-04-10 20:14:10

@staciangeliques OMG goals lol. 🙌🏻

@komal__sn Yesssss. So worthy of being on the list!

@jwabbott03 This backpack beat out some of our climbs. Good people, good place, good times!

@ajblankenshiponinsta Don’t forget Rattlesnake

@dsbaileyphoto It was on my list for years before I finally got there. You’ve gotta bump it to the top of the list! And Broken Top would be a phenomenal spot to stargaze!! ✨ 😍

@thatpnwgirl Pea Soup :)

@ash_and_one Such a good one! Make sure you camp because there’s no prettier place to pitch a tent 👌🏻