Friends, I’ve had a terrible adventure! I sneaked down the hatch of the crawl space under the house while the Hoomans were loading in some bottles. I lost my way and had to spend the whole night in the cold and dark under the house! Hoomans realised early in the morning and had to come and save me. I am dusty, cold, and my eyes are quite sore. Not the Caturday I had in mind! #curiositykilledthecat #achoo #caturday
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Oh dear! Good to know you are safe now ❤️

@synchronised_catting oh gosh so lucky

2019-01-13 02:25:08

@synchronised_catting fantastic to hear 😽

@madame_za_za_the_burmese 💖

@4burmeseboys Just a good clean and rest, they’re all fine today, thank you!

2019-01-12 17:49:14

@synchronised_catting oh no. Do you need eye drops?

@madame_za_za_the_burmese eyes all better 😸

@bella.with.willow we’re allowed on The Bed tonight 😸😸

@ishkabashir best done on a team, it was very lonely on my own 😿

@lilaclunaandleo I blame the Hoomans entirely 😿

@derahsa It was so dark 😿😿

@we.are.siamese.instacats That’s why we need 9 lives! 😹😹

Good thing we don’t learn from mistakes though 😸

Derah Saward Arav
2019-01-12 13:32:28

Poor kitty! Jess has spent a couple of nights in the garage but it sounds less traumatic than under the house. Darned hoomans.

Kati R.
2019-01-12 07:49:08

@synchronised_catting LOL!

Sounds like the kind of exciting adventure we’d like to have. We’ve taken notes and will refer to them when the next opportunity presents itself 😻😻

Oh no! How terrible. Lots of TLC from the hoomans needed 😻

Oh bless! Hope you feel better soon 💜

@katisquilting I have learned that you cannot reply on Hoomans! 😾

Kati R.
2019-01-12 04:48:54

@synchronised_catting poor kitty! I hope you learned your lesson and will not do it ever again!