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Can someone tell my mom and aunt @akhudson I hate my new raincoat and this is soo embarrassing 🙄 🐾🦴

This seems like a good fit 🐾 what do you think?

🎶 I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun...Feeling like a someone🎶 🐾

Gettin ready for a little dood nap... I think that’s how this thing works 😴

aPAWently I’m not allowed to chew on the floorboards, furniture, clothes, or people... what kinda pawty weekend is this? 🙄 #apawed #goldenhour

Is it time for Happy Hour yet or what? 🐾🥂

Hey Doods! I had a long ✈️ today... even made a stop in the big 🍎! But finally made it to brickell and I’m pooped 😴... can’t wait to meet all my new furrends soon!

Hey furrends! Ollie here 🐾 I’m 6 weeks old and my mom says I’m fluffy not fat 🥰

Happy Valentine’s Day❤️ . . . 🎁Abstract Mini Goldendoodles . . ❤️Gemma x Cosmo . . 🍎4 weeks old