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Infulential Pattern


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Little drops of magic 💧💧💧💧💧😍💧💧💧💧💧


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“A roadrunner! Running on the road!” All three of us whipped our heads to follow the bird as it ran in front of the van and leapt over a berm. Then we hit a bump. “Um. We just ran over a snake,” said Bradley. Apparently the roadrunner was trying to escape a huge snake that was hot on its tail. We saved the roadrunner. Meep meep! We continued up a dirt track looking for a specific longboard wave. Our GPS wasn’t accurate. We had no cell service. There are no signs for anything. We were relying on one hand drawn map and sheer luck. We eventually pulled up to a spot that we thought was it. Except instead of a mellow longboard wave, we were looking at double and triple overheads. It was too late to keep driving so we set up camp and had the place to ourselves for the night. The next morning, a few more cars pulled in here and there. Some folks paddled out while we ate our breakfast and watched them surf 12-15 footers. Eventually a local came by and we asked him the name of the break. Turns out this wasn’t a break at all. People saw us camping out there and drove in assuming we were at a legit spot.“ You got here first. Name it,” said the local guy. We were somewhere between the two established breaks. Together with the first 2 guys to surf the wave that day, we christened it Betweens. • • • #corporatedropouts #workhardplayharder #travel #surftrip #livesimply #instatravel #adventure #travelgram #wonderlust #wanderful #vanlife #vancation #mexpedition #mexico #roadtrip #optoutside #vanlifers #campvibes #projectvanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #keepitwild #sheexplores #adventureculture #thegreatoutdoors #thisisvanlifeing #vanlifemagazine #vanlifediaries #livebravely

Who's hitting a camping spot this weekend? ••• #thirstyexplorer ••• @portbrewing 'Nelson The Greeter' IPA


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I’m good at making friends... with animals. - 9•5•17 - 📸: my sister that doesn’t have Instagram


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I’d like to say that taking this photo took a high level of skill...but in reality it was just the good luck of pressing the shutter at the right time! Happy Friday 😁🐬


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"Leave enough room for mystery" - @realrobbell ✨


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📷 by @dipsauce #cabinstory | Tag a Friend


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When mother nature gives you bubble baths, you suds up! #seizethestoke #surfing #surflife #waves #getoutstayout #flow #chasethesun #californialiving #beachlife #adventureculture liveauthentic


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Grazie alla collaborazione di @silviastrips le #cinqueterre - #followtheorangebottle


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Ahhhh, yes. Friday feels all around. 🙌🏽✨ Here’s @jace_schaecher & @lillianjean5 out for a rip on our MTB trails. Get your bike ready for the weekend. #solitudemountain #skiutah #mtb


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Yesterday mornings adventure before work included climbing one of the via ferrata routes at Amangiri. Thanks to my HR team comrades and to Kyle for being an excellent guide.


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