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2018-04-22 17:19:33

An open heart will take you far that beyond your imagination...


8 Days 15 Hours Ago

@villa_aurora_tuscany Head to the link in my bio to find out more 🌏⬆️


2 Minutes Ago

(sitter inne og jobber i dag, så da kan det godt regne litt 👩🏼‍🔬)

One of the most helpful apps I have for shooting exteriors is the Sun Surveyor app . Knowing exactly where the sun will be at certain times of day means I can make sure I get perfectly timed shots . Like this one 👌🏻 - - with @andy_stedman_garden_design


4 Minutes Ago

🎧 Degiheugi - Le temps est bon Appartement goal. Ça a quand même l’air plutôt pas mal.


3 Minutes Ago

@antorazeduardo Property Photographer Málaga


2018-02-12 17:17:25

Everything you see has its unique roots in this universe, the forms may change dynamically but the essence maintained...


2018-02-09 16:27:13

Memory is a way to holding on the things you love, the things you are and the things you never want to lose...


3 Minutes Ago

Avui visitant Besalú


4 Minutes Ago

The @barbican_city_of_london @barbicancentre was looking stunning yesterday morning #architecture #archidaily #archilovers #concrete #instagram #instalike #instagood #brutal #friday #morningmotivation