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3/7 of the 7 day #blackandwhitechallenge Nominated by @albert_the_beagle_ I invite my furry friends who are interested to join the challenge.

2/7 of the 7 day #blackandwhitechallenge Nominated by @albert_the_beagle_ I invite my furry friends who are interested to join the challenge.

“It’s Sweet Saturday - I am waiting patiently at the food station for my weekend tuna. 😋” Gus

“It’s Sweet Saturday - I moved from the bed to this box. This is my effort to do some exercise. I shall have a rest in here now. 🤗” Whisper

“Lazyfriday - time to be a lapcat 😉. But only if I can lie on a blanket as well. “Gus

“Lazyfriday - time to be a lapcat 😉”Whisper

“It’s Thursday thoughts - sleep - I can sleep for many hours a day. Sleeping helps me conserve energy between meals. Although I don’t need to hunt for my own food, but it is still quite tiring to walk to my feeding station. Nowadays the feeding station is often empty as my people want me to loose weight. So I spend even more time sleeping and dreaming about food. Person F said that if I was a male cat she would call me Oliver as I am always asking for MORE. Meeeooooow. 😴😋” Whisper

“It’s Thursday thoughts - hunting - I spend many happy hours hiding and stalking prey and I love pouncing and chasing it around. As my pawrents are not able to catch their own prey, I will try to provide them with some. I even bring life ones into the house for them. 🤗🤪🤣”Gus

“It’s Sleepy Wednesday, I will also rest......Quiet please?😴🤫” Gus

“It’s Sleepy Wednesday , I shall stay in bed all day. Please leave me some food close by. I don’t want to have to move too far. 😴😋” Whisper

“Tongue out Tuesday - I can also touch my nose with my tongue 😛” Whisper

“Tongue out Tuesday - ok then. 😛”Gus

“Memory Monday - I was tiny when I first met Ma Ma. I was a stray kitten and the kind people @Battersea looked after me and paired me up with Whisper🤗 Wasn’t I cute? 😆” Gus

“Memory Monday - I was a little bit slimmer when I was a kitten. 🥰 I was given to Battersea by my previous owner with my brother Rico. Person F came to Battersea to look for a kitten and found me. The nice people @Battersea put Gus in the same pen as me. I have been ‘stuck’ with him since🤣.” Whisper

“After weekend feast, Sunday is for sleeping 😴 💤 .” Whisper

“Did you say it’s weekend tuna time? 🙂😋” Gus

“Weekend - it’s time for weekend feast, what are we waiting for? What? Walk Jessie first? Why? We only just had breakfast? NO, that was 2 hours ago. Meoooow!😋😒😕” Whisper and Gus


11 Days 24 Hours Ago

This is my favourite picture of Wiggins and Mo from when they were kittens. It was taken six years ago today so it pops up annually on FB. They’re much the same today. Wiggins, self-assured and aloof. Mo, a foolish goof . . . #catstagram #wigstagram #catsofinstagram #catsoflondon #blackcatsofinstagram #blackcats #blackcatsrule #rescuecats #batterseacats

“ Hi, it’s Friday, waiting patiently for the weekend feast...please hurry up Saturday!🙂” Gus

“Every day is a weekend day as long as I get lots of treats...what’s happened to weekend days? What? Diet? NO...Meeoow ! ☹️”Whisper

“Ma Ma asked me to smile, so I smile! 🙂🙃” Gus

“Not sure why Person B thinks that this is entertaining? 😕😒” Whisper

“Nothing better than playing with my favourite toy. I love this ‘wormie’ very much. Ma Ma always hide it away from me. I always manage to find it and bring it to her in the middle of the night meowing away. But sometimes I don’t think she appreciates how hard I have to look. 🙂🙃” Gus

“Just woke up to Jessie farting next to me 🙀😼😾” Whisper

“Catnip toy...😯🙂 - if I look cute, I might get some treats.” Gus

“Now they’re making me work by putting my food in this contraption and hiding it! 😩 I am a cat, I only sleep and eat, I don’t “hunt” 🤪😤” Whisper

“The food bowl is empty 😕🙁☹️, Whisper has eaten all MY food AGAIN!”Gus

“I am hungry. I don’t like this diet palava. My new year’s resolution is to eat. 😟😩” Whisper

“Sunday is for sleeping 😴 💤 .” Whisper

“It’s Sunday, where is my Sunday tuna lunch? 😋” Gus

“I know it’s not Christmas anymore but can I have some more Christmas treats please? Meow. It is New Year after all? 🙀😺” Whisper

“Time for my first hunt in 2019. Happy New Year. Happy hunting!” 😼Gus

“I am ready for 2019, a year of lots of cat treats! Happy New Year Eve.” 🤗😋 Whisper

“Where’s the cat treats? I am ready for the party. Happy New Year Eve.” 😊🤗Gus

Joanne Stephens

24 Days 15 Hours Ago

You can tell they are sisters #catslife #socute😍 #batterseacats


28 Days 13 Hours Ago

Apparently it’s been something called Christmas, so there’s more green stuff in the house, and a great big tree in my sleeping spot under the radiator downstairs. But I’ve just had another bowl of turkey so I’m willing to put up with it. - - - #jimmydoeschristmas #christmasjim #jimjam #jimmythetabby #jimmythecat #catmodel #dailycat #catoftheday #catpics #catpictures #catvideos #catmodel #catlife #happycat #spoiltcat #paws #domesticshorthair #domesticcat #domesticcatsofinstagram #domesticshorthairsofinstagram #shorthairsofinstagram #battersea #batterseacats #batterseacatsanddogshome #batterseadogsandcatshome #rescue #adopted #adoptyourfriend #adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavouritebreed

“Merry Christmas 🎄! Meow!” Gus

“Merry Christmas 🎄! Meow!Where is my breakfast!” Whisper

“Where are my presents 🎁? It’s not up here either! Meow” Gus

“Where are my presents 🎁? Meow” Whisper

“If I pin Person F down in the kitchen, she may be tempted to give me some treats 😺😸!” Whisper

“It’s raining outside, let’s play catch inside instead 😺😸.” Gus

“I don’t need to dress up. I am wearing a DJ every day! 😅” Gus

“This is my grooming chair, time for a clean. Please turn away 😌” Whisper

“You can keep the box 📦, it is too small for me. I will just use the lid. 😊” Whisper

“It’s Friday and it’s chill out time at our favourite space 😸😺” Whisper and Gus

“Time for rest 😺” Whisper

“Time for exercise 😸” Gus

“We are still sulking😼😾” Whisper and Gus

Where is Whisper...ah...sleeping again! 😯😔 💤

“I am Augustus the Great - high and mighty 👑” Gus

“Where have you been?!! 😒😖” Whisper and Gus

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Cat time 😺 Our current Battersea foster cat is Harry a super lovely longhair cat! He is shy and like to do things at his own pace but once he gets to know you he will love you and really enjoys “helping” my husband work on the laptop and get cuddles. If you are interested and think you and Harry would get on well please have a look at link in my bio. Please share and like so we can reach as many people as possible. #battersea #batterseacatsanddogshome #batterseacat #batterseadogshome #batterseadogsandcatshome #batterseacats #batterseafoster #fostercat #fostercats #fostercatsofinstagram #fostercatsoflondon #london #brockley #lewisham #peckham #foresthill #greenwich #harryfrombattersea #londonfostercat

“I want this box as well......what Christmas Hamper......I can’t have it? 🙀😿” Whisper

“Mmm, this is a nice box, can I have it please?😸......I don’t know what Christmas Hamper is but I am staying 😼” Gus

Thinking about how fast the weekend went 😒

“I can also be at high places 😸 do I get back down? 🙀” Whisper

“I am Augustus the Great! I am high and mighty! 😸🤴🦁” Gus

“Sleeping on the sofa is best 😴!” Gus

“Friday is for sleeping. 😴” Whisper

“Hi, that was a nice sleep 😴!” Gus

“I am still so tired. 😴” Whisper

“Let me in Jessie, meeoooow! 🙃🙂” Whisper