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Make you feel lucky Make you wanna love me Baby, when you with me Got no worries #beyonce#jayz#blueivy#blueivycarter#queenbey#bey#beyhive#beyoncé#beyoncegiselleknowlescarter#beyoncegiselleknowles#kingbey#bgk

Period 👑

You'd steal the food right out my mouth and I'd watch you eat it and I still don't know why ,why I love you so muUUuuUch

Happy birthday to this beautiful talented wonderful strong powerful woman, my queen number 2 @saintrecords I love you ❤️💕💞 ————————————————————— -#beyonce #beyonceknowles #bey #queenbee #beyoncefan #queenbey #blueivy #rumicarter #sircarter #jayz #jayzandbeyonce #shawncarter #lemonade #colors #beyhive #beyhives #solange #beyoncegiselleknowles #beyoncegiselle #beyoncecarter #blueivycarter #knowles #otr2 #formation#thecarters#purplebeyonce#solangeknowles

this song makes you wanna fall in love with somebody🥰

Professor Knowles - Chapter Six 👩🏽‍🏫“...is it okay to call you Bey?" I asked her for permission. I was so sick of calling her Professor Knowles. We need to be more personable. So, I want to start calling her by her nickname. "You can call me Bey when it's just us, okay?" She permitted. I could totally understand that. "Okay! So what did you do for your birthday?" I asked out of curiosity. "I had a birthday dinner with some friends... nothing too crazy!" She said nonchalantly. "What did you wear?" I smirked to myself. "Um, a nice dress..." She said in a why-are-you-asking-me-that tone. "You still have it on? I wanna see how you be dressing outside of campus!" Bey looks good in anything she wears, but I fantasize about her in other clothing. "Boy bye!" I could hear Bey smack her lips together. "For real Bey, send me a picture! I'll send you one." I offered. "I took it off already, but I'll send something. Don't send me nothing nasty please!" She pleaded. "You got your head in the gutter!" I said. "Stop it Jay before I change my mind..." She chuckles. We continued our conversation while the two of us were in the process of sending our photo to one another. Bey sent her photo first. I got the ding from my iPhone to inform me that the photo was delivered. I quickly opened up the message and my lord, I wasn't ready... "Damn, you looked amazing!" I licked my lips in pleasure while evaluating her natural beauty. There's no denying this woman is flawless. "Thank you Jay! Now you send me yours!" Bey commanded. "I'm sending it now." I assured her. I decided to go with a picture I took a few days ago. I don't take many pictures anyway. "Did you get it?" I asked after I hit send. "Mhmmmm. You look good Jay! Who were you about to fuck up though?" She tries to clown me. "Hahaha, you got mad jokes, huh? Im still from the hood!" I reminded her. You can never take the hood out of me. "Alright, I see you gangsta!" She says in her Texan accent which turned me on. “Mhm, you finna love this gansta, So when are we going on our first date?" I blurted. "Oh God. I can't even think about that right now... can we just talk first?" Bey sighs. To read full chapter, click link in bio🥰

The Lion King sound track will be released July 11th! 😍🦁


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Something keeps calling me I feel the burdens on me Something keeps calling me This is so heavy for me #beyonce#jayz#blueivy#blueivycarter#queenbey#bey#beyhive#beyoncé#beyoncegiselleknowlescarter#beyoncegiselleknowles#kingbey#bgk

Congrats to Beyoncé for winning the "Best Female R&B/Pop Artist" at the 2019 BET Awards ⭐️💜

Some new Lion King posters including IMAX, Dolby & Brazilian posters. 🦁😍


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(Bu post Cihan admin tarafindan hazirlanmistir!) I can’t believe he made it, this is what we’re thankful for❤️ For our Non-Turkish followers, this is a historical day for our country. Mr. Ekrem İmamoglu is re-elected as Mayor of İstanbul again. We believed it, we made it❤️✌🏻 E Bey ve Jay baska birini destekleyemezdi degil mi?? (Bu post Cihan admin tarafindan hazirlanmistir, bizzat benim!) • • • #ekremimamoğlu #ekremimamoglu #herseycokguzelolacak #herşeyçokgüzelolacak #apeshit #beyhive #beyoncé #louvremuseum #mayorofistanbul #beyoncegiselleknowles #jayzandbeyonce #jayz #firstladydilekimamoglu #dilekimamoglu #imamoglufamily #cumhuriyethalkpartisi #istanbulbelediyebaşkanı

In honor of the Dangerously in Love 16 year album anniversary, here's Beyonce with the international #sundayserenade. 🎤

#hiphophistory: On this day, 16 years ago, @Beyonce released her debut album, Dangerously in love. Debuting at no. 1 on the US billboard 200 chart, the album sold 317,000 copies in its first week and has since sold over 11,000,000 copies worldwide.


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I miss you, like everyday Wanna be with you, but you're away Said I miss you, missing you insane But if I got with you, could it feel the same? #beyonce#jayz#blueivy#blueivycarter#queenbey#bey#beyhive#beyoncé#beyoncegiselleknowlescarter#beyoncegiselleknowles#kingbey#bgk

Well done to The Carters for winning “Top R&B/Hip Hop Song” for “Apes**t” at the 2019 @ascap Rhythm &Soul Music Awards! 🐝🎉

The visuals


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You are my raindrops, I am the seed With you and God, who's my sunlight I'm blooming, grown so beautifully #beyonce#jayz#blueivy#blueivycarter#queenbey#bey#beyhive#beyoncé#beyoncegiselleknowlescarter#beyoncegiselleknowles#kingbey#bgk#solange#solangeknowles

her background vocals here

I love it how she claps and then goes off

jéss 🍒

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mine 🖤

need another collab


The Summer of 1988, "Okay, Beyoncé, Jamie and Mackenzie, you are next. STEP UP!" Beyoncé's dance teacher, Ms. Darlette yelled to the seven year old girls. Ms. Darlette is the owner of Kids in Dance Academy in Houston, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Knowles enrolled Beyoncé in her dance class the year prior as an extracurricular activity. Little Bey was a shy girl who kept to herself, but she had a gift of dancing. Soon, Ms. Darlene would discover that Beyoncé could sing as well. She would be very influential in increasing Beyoncé's exposure in Houston through pageants and dance competitions. Today, they were rehearsing a dance to a Whitney Houston song. Often, Ms. Darlette would split the group of young girls in threes and have them dance. She made sure each girl had the choreography memorized. "Y'all ready?" Ms. Darlette asked the girls while walking towards the sound system to start the music. The girls all shook their head yes, ready to dance. Beyoncé was in the middle of the floor as usual. She had on a pink top and pink shorts and her pink tights. Her curly hair was slicked back into a tight bun. Ms. Darlette pressed play and the girls immediately began moving. It was something that happened to Beyoncé that caused her to transform into the most confident little diva when it came time to perform. It was extremely visible to the kids and parents that Beyoncé was special. The way she was able to move with rhythm and grace, popping her little booty surprised many. They envied her ability to steal the spotlight without even trying. Little Bey constantly dealt with bullying from her peers because she was different. "Annnnd, boom! Well done ladies. Alright, go stretch it out!" Ms. Darlette commanded. The triplet walked away from the middle of the floor to the corner, doing their normal stretch routine at the end of each practice. "You think you're special!" The little girl Jamie spat at Beyoncé'. "What?" Beyonce turned to Jamie confused at her statement. "Are you dumb? She said you think you're special. Your not special!" Mackenzie chimed in. "I don't think I'm special. I just like dancing!" Beyoncé responded so innocently. 👇🏽