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I arn't got time to pretend.

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#repost @money_hugs_kisses Thank you @thehloftspace for having us @money_hugs_kisses a second time around. Always a pleasure! God bless 💋-$xo and sponsor @liquidsclub . . . #money #hugss #kissesss #popupshopnyc #apparrel #lifestyles #culture #businesswoman #business #nycvendors #latinaownedbusiness #nyc #adidas #forever21 #pastry #hersheyskisses #finishline #success #popular #instagood #love #sweet #entreperneur #movement #dadhats🔥🔥🔥 #fashion #hustle #international #popupshop

Ready! Today is the final day of Hloft festival @thehloftspace . A pod cast will be taking place along with a variety of vendors including myself @money_hugs_kisses with our shops set up.So come by and join the festivities. See you all soon!💋 . . . . #money #hugss #kissesss #popupshopnyc #apparrel #lifestyles #culture #businesswoman #business #nycvendors #latinaownedbusiness #nyc #adidas #forever21 #pastry #hersheyskisses #finishline #success #popular #instagood #love #sweet #entreperneur #movement #dadhats🔥🔥🔥 #fashion #hustle #international #popupshop

Ready! Today is the final day of Hloft festival @thehloftspace . A pod cast will be taking place along with a variety of vendors including myself @money_hugs_kisses with our shops set up! . So come by and join the festivities. See you all soon! 💋 . . #money #hugss #kissesss #popular #apparrel #lifestyles #culture #businesswoman #business #blackbusinessnetwork #latinaownedbusiness #nyc #adidas #forever21 #pastry #hersheyskisses #finishline #success #popular #instagood #love #sweet #entreperneur #movement #dadhats🔥🔥🔥 #fashion #hustle #international #casual

Deevy Javier

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Si no trabajas para cumplir tus sueños tendrás que trabajar para cumplir los sueños de otra persona. Feliz de pertenecer a esta compañia y a este maravilloso equipo! . . . . . . #family #entreperneur #youngentrepreneur #team #leadership #overcoming #goals #myfavoriteteam #places #champions #travelers #trip #lifestyle #happy #motivation #personaldevelopment

You have one life Don't live for others Be who you are Face the world with pride💜

How comfortable is lieing in that sofa and covered by a silky smooth sheets and reading your favourite magazine & falling asleep? . You will never wanna leave that comfort. But comfort is killing your success. . When your comfortable at your current job which you don't like & following same daytoday routine your missing majority of your life. . Success can never happen when there is comfort. . Challenge yourself today to do something which your not comfortable and make it as habit. . Come out of your comfort zone and follow your PASSION. -THE PURPLE BIRD . To find your passion and earn thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

Working 4 my dreams!

Not everybody can find their passion at young age. There are lot successful people who found their passion later in their life. 🔹️J.K.ROWLING found her passion to write Harry Potter at her age 30. 🔹️JULIA CHILD found her passion to cook at her age 50 🔹️JEFF BOSE found Amazon at 30 🔹️VERA WANG a Figure skater found her passion for Fashion at 40 . For passion age is just a number. . Be ready your PASSION IS ON THE WAY. -THE PURPLE BIRD . To find your passion and thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

Grow in all areas of your life.

When you hear the word GENIUS the frist name come to your mind is ALBERT EINSTEIN. . Being curious is being open minded & accepting new ideas, drives the learning & feeds the passion. . To be curious about something you need to have interest . And that interest come from PASSION you have for that. . Be passionately curious. . -THE PURPLE BIRD To learn more about passion and earn thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

Standing alone doesn't me your alone, it means your stronger and you believe for what you stands for. When you fly high people might not be able to keep up with the height. It's better to stand alone than surrounded by people who can't value. . You might have started it alone. You might have your own opinion. You might want to reach new heights. You might fought that storm alone. You might survived alone. . It's fine to be alone. Remember eagles fly high and alone. . -THE PURPLE BIRD To find your passion and earn thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

The statitics says 50% of startup fail within 5 years, 66% fail within 10years and only 25% survive after 15 year. This is due to lack of interest and motivation. Both business and relationship depends on love and interest you have for it. As years goes if you loose interest on your business then there will be less productivity. When there is no interest there will be no innovation. When there is no motivation there will be no marketing. You find a girl with whom you wanna spend your lifetime with. And the same way find a work you love do to. Only passion can help you find it. -THE PURPLE BIRD To find your passion and earn thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

When nobody else celebrate you, Learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliment you, Then compliment yourself. When nobody else cheers you, Then be your own cheerleader. It's not upto other people to keep you engouraged. It's upto you. Encouragement come from inside. Believe your doing the best. Passionate people are always good in self motivation. They are the best cheerleaders. -THE PURPLE BIRD To learn about what,why&how of passion and earn thro' it follow @thepurplebirdtalk

Three steps to find passion . 1. EXPERIMENT Try different things which you like to do or attracted to do. Passion is just like relationship, without dating you never know what you like. And last there will one which you wanna have for life time. . 2.EXPERIENCE By experimenting you will have different exposures, put it all together to find a real time work. Your work has to be on demand and something which is a solution for a current exsisting problem. . 3. EXECUTE Atlast put your passion in real time solution and execute your business. Execution is real hard job find a better way to do it. . This a real time solution which is used and verified by us. . To know more about passion and how to earn thro' your passion follow us. -THE PURPLE BIRD

Steve jobs is one of the top American business magnet and investor of this century. He found APPLE lnc.in his parents garage when he was 20 along with his friend. Its was his passion and he loved doing it.Within 10 years its has grown into 2million dollar company with 40,000 employees. . At 30 he was fired from his own company. But he didn't stop there, he started his 2 other company PIXAR and NeXT. He always did what he loved. . He came back to APPLE after 12 years and the rest is history. . He said that sometimes life is gonna hit you hard on your head its gonna be tough but what kept me going was that I loved what I did. . Your work is like your relationship find what you love. And its gonna get better and stronger as the years roll. . Find what you love, if you didn't find it yet keep looking and never settle. . - STEVE JOBS THE PURPLE BIRD

Follow your passion. When you do what you love to do you might be one of those luckiest humans on earth. . Dream bigger there is no limit. . Built your own dreams if you don't then you will be working for someone who is building his dreams. . When you workhard towards your dreams and one day you can say people I live my dream💜 -THE PURPLE BIRD

Three things you need in life to feel alive is . 🚀CHALLENGES Challenge is what gives thrill in your life. . Without any challenge you feel bored and every day feels the same. . 🚀INTRIGUES Intrigues is something that interest you. . Without interest your not gonna do something with enthusiasm and you are not gonna be productive as much. . 🚀MOTIVATION Motivation is what gonna push you forward in your life. . Everybody needs motivation. And its powerful when it comes from within. . All these three are can be given by your PASSION . so why not follow it💜. . -THE PURPLE BIRD

What you believe is what you becoming . If you think your terrible at sales then you will be a probably right. People tend to say bad things to themselves, that they would never tell to others. 1. I'm terrible at speaking to people . 2. I can't close any deals due to lack of my knowledge. 3. It doesn't workout for me. I'm bad at convincing people to buy. These above factors gives you low self esteem. When you repeat these above factors day after day then it will be registered in your subconscious mind. And no matter how good you work you must have good and positive believes. Believe and repeat these below factors 1. I'm good at impressing people thro' my talk. 2. Nobody knows more than me about what I do. 3. I can even sell ice creams to eskimos. This will improve your slef esteem and self confidence. Your sales is gonna rise exponentially. So be optimistic💜 . -THE PURPLE BIRD

It should hard if it is easy then everyone will do it. . Expect the best from you, because everyone is gonna expect the best from you. . Only few can work hard than others to be in top. Let you be that few. . If it's easy to play basketball then everyone will be Kobe Bryant. . If it's easy to be a television personality then everyone will be Oprah. . If it's easy to own a private space company then everyone will be Elon Musk. . These above people work harder than everyone to be where they are. They outwork everyone. It's hard but you can do it.u

You didn't work hard to lose. You work hard to win. Nobody is waking up early to lose. Nobody is working hard to lose. Nobody is practicing hard to lose. Believe in you. Believe in your hard work. I have seen people with so much confidence with zero effort and at the same time people with zero confidence who put so much effort. You have to trust your own work. When you put your blood, sweat, tear to your work then why not be confident about it. When you expect your work to win. Then it il. Don't have any self-dbout. Self-dbout is gonna stop you from doing better. Expect to win 👍. You deserve better💜.

People always misinterpret failure and disaster . Failure is when you put effort as much as you can but you fail at last. But disaster is when you don't even try half of your capacity and you fail . In end you fail in both but in failure you have experience to gain where in disaster you lose everything. What you want be ?

Dreams is not what you see in sleep. Is the thing which doesn't let you sleep. -A.B.J. ABDUL KALAM Rise early and chase dreams . When you raise before everyone and use it productively you can outwork everyone. Be an early bird 🕊 -THE PURPLE BIRD

Enterpernurs doesn't get scared by problems . They try a different ways to slove the problem . And they sell the solution as a product or service. This is what a top successful entrepreneurs do. when you face a problem don't balme others it's escaping from reality . For example VIRGIN AIRWAYS was born when RICHARD BRANSON was faced by such problem.

Everything good happens from inside . Self-realisation leads to self-care & self-love which gives self-improvement. These all happens from within one soul . Nobody can change you until you change from within. Nobody can motivate you until you motivated from within. You are the person to rule you💜 Have control of your life.

MONDAY MADNESS It's always starts on Monday for many ppl whatever they wanna change . So now Monday is here don't miss this week too Kick start this week with positivity and power Don't be a person who procrastinate every Monday. Start now. It's an opportunity.

When u stand determined nothing else is important. There might not be enough money when u wanna start a business. There might not be enough support from your family and friends at frist, when you wanna follow your passion . There might not be a mentor for you when you come from a small town, where nobody knows nothing about what you do. But you have your strong determination for success . Nobody can take that from you. Who ever you are, what ever place you came from but have strong determination to achieve what u want.

Focusing on the customer is the most important think to make your company/product successful . Many entrepreneurs do wrong by focusing on them more. When you focus on customer you do better job on improving your product to satisfy the consumer needs. Don't focus on your competitor Don't focus on you Don't focus on money Focus on the customer Which can improve your standard,increase your money and win your competitor -THE PURPLE BIRD

Start every day with good and fresh thoughts . Every day has a new opportunity. Stop worrying about yesterday focus on today to make it better. Start with a smile. You can make it better.

Progress in life is continuous learning and moving forward . It will not be justice when you compare yourself with others Compare yourself to who you where yesterday Progress is individual chart Everyone starts at different point Focus on your improvement

Desire is strong . When you have desire to achieve your PASSION no one can stop you. Working towards you'r desire gonna set your soul on fire. Nothing is stronger than soul on fire

Before understanding others understand you Before controlling others control you Before networking outside network inside Know you better than others A man who can conquer his inner self can conquer outside the world 😇

Why do athletes are celebrated ? Why everyone from kids to adults all like watching athletes performing? Why everyone is so excited about athletes? Why many has athletes as their role model? The answer to every above question is simple Be coz athletes live for their PASSION . They put PASSION above everything. Every human being is loneling to live for their passion .Why athletes have all fun let's put all the reasons aside and start follow something which we love PASSION .

INVESTMENT GOOD R BAD? INVESTMENT is good as long as the investor has knowledge about where they gonna invest their money into. Be within your circle of competence . Don't invest on something just because it's in TREND.

Self discipline is the secret tool of success people. Discipline buys you freedom. Let see two scenarios where you wanna catch a flight at 9 am🛫🛫🛫 1. When u wake early and do all your morning routine and get a taxi for airport before an hr for departure . There is a serious traffic because of some reasons. But still you reach your destination because you started early. 2. When you wake up late there is just an hr to departure you eat breakfast in hurry and hail a taxi but suddenly u remember in hurry you forgot your passport so you go back and take it. When you are back on road there is serious traffic . At last you miss your flight. It's all depend on your discipline to rise early . When you are an early rise everything will be smooth you dont want to hurry. But when you wake up late you will be in hurry so you might forgot things which leads to delay of your time. 💡

Top High Income Skills of 2019

High income skill - Any skill you can learn that earn you 6 figures income a year without any college degree . Inspired by - @danlok

People want to achieve success fast but nothing come easy . Stay on one idea and stick to it. If HOWARD SCHULTZ gave up after turned down by banks 242 times, there would be no STARBUCKS .WAIT A LIL LONGER YOU MIGHT FIND YOUR GOLD MINE.


BELIEVE is to have confidence in the existence . Only when you BELIEVE in something you act purposefully 🏋️‍♀️

Overcome PROCRASTINATION . There many proven method to stop procrastination like mel Robbins 5 secs rule . Adopt what's work for you and move forward 👍 to that goal 🥅






Choose who you want to be?

What is mastering your craft means? ITS NOT THE TALENT YOUR BORN WITH BUT IT IS THE TIME U PUT INTO YOUR TALENT🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️🏇💜


Get inspired but don't lose yourself in the path of learning. Having your own opinion🎲 is nothing wrong. Be you. Be special💜

Thoughts becomes action. Don't refine yourself within a small circle . Sky is not even a limit. THINK BIG 💜

There are no excuses when you really want to achieve something. Nothing can stop you when your desire is stronger. Many have achieved better heights when they where in worst situations & less resources than you. If they can then why not you ?💜🤾‍♂️


I'm too tired to workout is an mental excuse . Actual fact : exercise gives you energy 👍🏋️‍♂️🤸‍♀️

Allow your passion to energizes your day💜

Passion is the fuel needed to drive your life in happy path💜


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It’s official ! $xo (Money hugs and kisses) will appear in its next pop up shop Sunday, June 23rd at @thehloftspace Art festival!! I’m beyond blessed and can’t wait to see everyone there. Please join us, shop and have some fun! -💋 @money_hugs_kisses . . . #money #hugss #kissesss #popular #apparrel #lifestyles #culture #businesswoman #business #blackbusinessnetwork #latinaownedbusiness #nyc #adidas #forever21 #pastry #hersheyskisses #finishline #success #popular #instagood #love #sweet #entreperneur #movement #dadhats🔥🔥🔥 #fashion #hustle #international #casual