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Attempted to get photos of Chiggy today, but instead he came out of his hiding place meowing and then stretching his front legs...showing off the “poodle cut” he acquired at his dental from the vet shaving his leg for the catheters.

Max. Contemplating throwing up some zzzz”s in his bed #raggie #ragdoll #ragdollcat #floppycatsofinstagram #floppycat #cat

Introduction adventures with @tayto.the.gsp and Ash and Addie continue. Amy wrote, “Tayto got a whack to the face today.” And in the last photo, Amy said Ash was proud of himself for his whack (as he should be).

Was with my favorite guy today. Love that Caymus! Post a photo of a kitty you love ❤️ and tag us!

Can't believe we have had our bisque-colored Litter Robot 3 for almost 4 years. Earlier this week, asked readers to weigh in about their experience with the LR III. Here's what they wrote: Carole: "I have 5 cats and I've had my litter robot for 2 years and wouldn't trade it for the world. Once, I didn't see the blue light flashing (meaning the tray is full) and it stopped rotating and the cats didn't want to go in because it had some poop in it! They are getting mighty spoiled!" Jade: "We have two litter robots and all of our cats use them regularly. They have been an amazing addition to the house, easy to use and clean and low maintenance. I highly recommend them to others!" Amy: " I really like mine. One thing I am amazed at is how all three of my cat’s took right to it! Definitely the litterbox they prefer by far! It has been well worth the investment and if Inhad space for another one I would buy another robot. My only thing I am not crazy about is between times that I wash it out with the hose is trying to keep the rubber part really wiped down." I know a lot of you have a Litter-Robot I thought I would check in and see how you're liking it. How long have you had it? How long did it take for your kitties to take to it? Would you recommend it to a friend, why or why not? Have you saved money on litter from it? How so? What other benefits have you found? If you're looking for a sale on the Litter Robot III Open Air you won't find one, but you can save $25 off your purchase through our link: (also found in our profile section on IG)

NUNU😈 It’s hunting time!! 😼😼😼 #americanshorthair #americanshorthaircat @americanshorthair_tmx @american_shorthair_black.white #americanshort @american_shorthair_cute #americanshorthairkitten #americanshorthairsofinstagram @american_shorthair_funny

Unmade bed makes for the best nooks.

Had my carpets cleaned yesterday by @zerorezofficial (it’s a franchise business - so the Kansas City one is the one I used). It’s a chemical free carpet cleaning company that uses his alkaline water with steam to clean the carpets. So far, I’m really pleased with the results. The cats were stressed, of course, during the process, but quickly got back to normal. All but my basement carpet is dry now. So I’ll probably put furniture back soon. Feels good to have used something safe for my cats to clean the carpets, so wanted to share.

NUNU😈 Finally, here’s the very 1st post of myself 😸 #americanshorthair #americanshorthaircat @americanshorthair_tmx @american_shorthair_black.white #americanshort @american_shorthair_cute #americanshorthairkitten #americanshorthairsofinstagram @american_shorthair_funny

My cousin sent me this photo of her Ragdoll cats, Huck and Harlow, waiting for her to get ready to go downstairs to feed them this morning.

Happy Friday, Friends!

Just pawfect! 🐱⚡️ #davidmowiecat . . . . . . . . . . . #ragdollcat #pawpatrolparty #pawpatrol #ragdollkitten #ragdollworld #ragdoll @cats_of_instagram @kittens_of_world @kitties_of_lnstagram @ragdoll.lover.ragdoll #floppycats #floppycatsofinstagram #floof #davidmowie

The sort of accent pillows I like.

Chiggy is at the vet for his recheck after his dental.

That look you get when you realize the QueenMum only gave you a sip of milk to trick you into cleaning your face😼 🐾Zelda _______________________________________________________ #triggered #meanmuggin #zelds #zeldafitznix #rgf #pout #howcouldu #therealzeldalinkfitznix #cats #ragdoll #ragdollsofinstagram #ragdollworld #cat_features #picoftheday #catoftheday #catoftoday #thirstythursday #thursday #fluffykitty #kittycat #floppycats #floppycatlove #floppycatsofinstagram

Addie feeling the mid-week vibe.

😂 Love this photo my sister sent me of her giving her Ragdoll cat, Ash, Whole Life Pet Products treats. As many of you know, all the animals in our family love Whole Life single ingredient pet treats, known as "Just One". It's awesome that you can buy one kind of pet treat and give it to both species - feline and canine. You can grab Whole Life Pet treats on Amazon here: (they are also linked in our profile under products we love on Amazon).

Kitten update- apparently he loves to sleep on his back... like a furry little otter. #floppycatsofinstagram #ragdollkittens #maincoonkittens #cutekittens #maincoonragdollmix #fluffyotter #ottersofinstagram

One of these things is not like the other...

ENOCH👼🏻 Meoooow what a liiiiife🦋🦆🐌🌲🐇🍄☁️🌸🐈My hooman servants’re doing their job 😼 @cats_of_instagram #ragdollworld #ragdollcat #ragdollkitty #ragdollcats #ragdollofinstagram #ragdoll_feature #bluebicolorragdoll #ragdollworld

I bought a used Pilates reformer from the studio I go to and Charlie, immediately hoped on and sniffed it out. Chigg was a little slower to accept it but eventually claimed it by marking his pheromones all over the place.

Huck photo shoot. Post a photo of your kitty yawning!

Gus - Ragdoll of the Week (link in story) This is a great story 👍

Ragdoll Cat Charlie enjoys trying to catch, but and drink water.