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The best. The. Best. #becomingthebennetts Nerd alert: 20 image pano @ 150mm, f/2.8


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Hello fam ✌🏼 today I have another awesome shot from my weekend trip with @d3nnis.ka to bavaria 😊 In frame: the one and only @deileni 😁 • • • . .


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Hey smoke, take a hike!


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Gröna Bandet throwback nr15. Views. On the the 8th of September, I will be at @utefest.se in Höga kusten, Sweden doing a talk about this two month journey, sharing my experiences, images and videos. It will be an awesome hangout with outdoor activites and meetups with lots interesting people. Hope to see you there! #hiking #scenery #lappland #sweden #swedishmoments #trekking #getoutdoors #mountains #greatnorthcollective #wildernessculture #lifeofadventure #sverige


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Even though very little went according to plan, I had, well, I had planned for that too. To keep track of all the shots and footage I needed to collect I had made a production table. I’ve found it’s difficult in the moment, when I’m already spent and have so many other tasks to handle, for me to keep a clear head about photography or videography. So the table had a lot of built-in failsafes, “if-then” statements to keep everything from getting derailed. It kept me very efficient and gave me some much needed time for naps between it all. An hour here, 30 minutes there, in the driver’s seat, in the hatch, in the tent, after sunset, before the first watch for meteors, before and after sunrise... the flexibility of the production chart kept me primed and creative. ————— #northwestnature #northwestisbest #thenwadventure #pnwonderland #pnwisbeautiful #pnw_compass #pnwdiscovered #thatpnwlife #pnwcollecti#pnwcollective #pnwparadise #getoutstayout #upperleftusa #northwestcreatives #cascadiaexplored #lifeofadventure #artofvisuals #findyouradventure #optoutside #hikevibes #hikingadventures #greatnorthcollective #adventureculture #mountainsarecalling #pnwcollective #collectivelynorthwest #sonya7riii #sonyalpha #zeiss @subaru_usa #subarucrosstrek


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"What are your adventure plans for the weekend?” ___________ Cred: @flolanni All cred to respective owner. ————— Follow @outdoorbreath for a daily #outdoorbreath of the Wild 🏕⛰ Tag your friends who need to see this! ————— Turn on post notification 📣


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This is one leg of my Olympic National Park roadtrip with a co-photographer. This part is so memorable coz of unfortunate car matter that happen. The experience out-weighed the mishaps though. With thick grey clouds moving low and fast. We were literally driving through clouds. The vast evergreen trees along the all-no-railing-cliff-road we had to drive to one of the view point. It was awe-inspiring to see how nature makes this scenery feel eerie at the same time captivating. Hurricane Ridge is about an hour west of downtown Sequim, Washington. One of the most scenic adventure must stop in Olympic National Park.


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I love the sea


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Life is too short to not enjoy the fuck out of every single day you have here. How’re you spending your 24 hours? 😍 . . 📸: @throughbeingcool22


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This giant of the sea has literally brought me back to life Photo by @ainraadik


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Rumor says the northern lights are back on the sky for the season.


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Almost looks like a barn. 🚜 @ansbachleben #ansbachleben #ansbach #sommersdorf


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we prefer staying in a finca 💚 or something like that,... instead of hotels... what about you?


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Happy Monday folks. Hope you all are jumping into it like @shonapepper11 is. Keep active and keep living!!!!


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California is bonkers.


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I know I have been inactive for a very long time. I found it very difficult to combine finishing my study and motivating myself to create new content. This friday I'll fly to Lofoten with this old man (mi padre 👴). 2 years ago we made this trip to the south coast of Iceland where I touched a camera for the first time. I became interested in taking/editing photo's! I'm pretty sure this trip to Lofoten will motivate me to create again. 🤘


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Domenica con i ragazzi di @tripinyourshoes 👣🇵🇱 - @luigi_chiurchi ❤📸 -