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• if I learned one thing from my trip to London it’s to “mind the gap” between the train and the platform • 🇬🇧 (unfortunately Ruth still almost fell)


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Getting smarter everyday 👏

🖤Hi, I’m Jenny🖤 . . I thought I’d share some tidbits about me on here in case any of you are mindlessly scrolling and need something to do while you’re cooking... . 1. I’m on my 2nd round of adult braces. My first round was almost 15 years ago, but my first baby wrecked my teeth. After 2 root canals, wisdom tooth removals, and crowns, my retainer no longer fit. I was too cheap to get a new one. 🤦‍♀️ 7 years later, my teeth started shifting back. Not cool. . 2. I’m only in my second year of staying/working from home. I spent 8 years teaching in the public school system with a Masters in Education. Before that, I worked in real estate and advertising. My undergrad degree is in Telecommunications. . 3. I love to build things, but it takes me painful hours of planning before I ever just go for it! I fear cutters remorse-lumber can be expensive! 😳Check my stories for a throwback to when I posted our dining table and bench . 4. My husband and I were engaged after 4 months of dating (4 years of knowing each other), but our engagement lasted 1.5 years (waaay too long IMO!) 7 years later, we had our first child. . 5. I was born in California, my husband in KY, our daughter in TN, and our son in IN. . 6. I love speaking Spanish. I think I can speak it much better than I actually can though! I took 4 years in high school and 3 semesters in college. . 7. A whale watching cruise right now is the only thing on my bucket list. . 8. I don’t like choosing favorites. Like at all. It makes my pits sweat, and our oldest asks for my favorites all. the. time. . 9. Voice texting is my jam! I will take 5 minutes sending and resending (due to operator error) a voice text instead of 30 seconds sending a regular one. . 10. I used to be a sitcom-aholic. Now it’s rare that I’m in front of a tv watching anything (unless it’s This is Us, Fuller House, or whatever show the hubs and I are binge watching at the moment-right now it’s The Good Doctor). . Well, if you stayed this long, thanks for your endurance. I hope you didn’t burn the casserole. . Tell me below-how are we alike or TOTALLY different?!? .


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Perfect day with ones I love ❤️❄️


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Lily Maes extended holiday hours start on DECEMBER 13th! 🙌🏻🎄


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Christmas is around the corner so for your wine loving friends this would be the perfect gift, perhaps paired with some adorable wine glasses! This wine bottle says it all and only retails for $14.99! Or it’s the perfect wine to have for all those holiday parties you’re about to attend or host! 😏🎄Head to @worldmarket to get one! #speakworldmarket #giftthoughtfully


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Current essentials. 🛷


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someone needs to stage a leopard intervention bc my obsession is becoming excessive ;)


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You deserve it! @minna_so #selflove #loveyourself #inspiremyinstagram


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Baby’s first health check up. Our little Potato is growing fast at 10+lbs. He’s more of a small sack of potatoes now. 😂 They also check mama’s mental welfare and I’m happy to report, I’m also doing well mentally and physically. I’m trying my hardest to be more aware of my mental state this time around. When I need help, I ask. When I feel down, I tell someone. This openness has helped me stay on track cultivating a stronger mental attitude this round of postpartum. 💪🏼 #yippie! #mamaandbabypotato


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Sing once again with me Our strange duet My power over you Grows stronger yet 🎶🎵 || I told myself that I would get back into drawing more because I really enjoy it and it’s a great stress-reliever for me. I haven’t had time do draw at all in the past year but I’m going to start making more time for it. It used to be something I’d do almost every single day. Fun fact: my favorite things to draw are scenes from movies and/or people in this pop art/stencil style. Soooo with that said, pls enjoy the last thing I drew in the past 12(ish) months and keep a lookout for more to come ♥️


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Tried out the new lunch menu at @osteriatampa today and can I just say that the Mediterranean Steak Salad is 👏🏼 so 👏🏼 good 👏🏼 and the glass of wine wasn’t bad either 😏 📸: @thisjenngirl


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- I just wanna cuddle Shigaraki. I wanna hold him to my chest and tell him everything will be alright.- • • • • • • • • • • #bnha#tomurashigaraki#myheroacademia#art#watercolor#sketchbook#artgram #creativityfound #communityovercompetition #doitfortheprocess #carveouttimeforart#arte#dsart #dscolor #colorpop #studioscenes #artsanity #inspiremyinstagram #artiste #kunst #mycre


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A small collection of the vintage lot of ornaments I found while antiquing this weekend. Can't wait to hang these lovelies on our tree along with all of our childhood ornaments and the ones we have gifted one another. Christmas is the one time of year that I tend to NOT curate. I believe the decor should be filled with memories and old fashioned goodness (I'm corny that way) with candy canes, large glass ornaments, handmade moments, and pieces that make one nostalgic. Now, I think I'll go sit in my corner chair and pop on some Bing Crosby with a cup of hot, homemade cocoa. ___________// . . . #antique_r_us #vintage #found #antique #vintagechristmas #inspiremyinstagram #vintagechristmasdecorations #exploretocreate #vintagefinds #vintagedecor #vintagehome #mytinyatlas #inspiredbycharm #ssfinds #saintsignora #stsignora #antiqueshop #thatsdarling #shopantiques #shopvintage #propstylist #nothingisordinary #whatkatiefinds #finditstyleit #antiqueshop #antiquariato #myvintageabode #myvintagehome


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12.10 “The One Sayin’ It’s Monday, Welcome To The Process” ••• Cuz Mondays are a process for sure.


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It's officially turned off cold here which means dry skin, especially while working out in the winter! - Here's how to keep your skin nice and soft through the cold weather in between your workouts. #linkinbio - https://befearlesslyfit.com/dry-winter-skin #fearlesslyfitarmy


2018-09-17 18:49:14

I am truly grateful. Grateful to have the ability to open my eyes each morning. Grateful to have my head resting on clean pillows and to have my body nestled in a warm blanket, resting on an undamaged mattress. Grateful for a home with many windows that let the sunlight pour in. Grateful for my legs that support me enough to let me stand and move to a bathroom where I am blessed with clean and warm water. Grateful that food is at my fingertips and that I have the means to make whatever I desire to eat. Grateful that I have a selection of clothes to adorn my body with and shoes to protect my feet with, whatever the weather. Grateful that I have the opportunity to seek an education which equips and inspires me with knowledge. Grateful to have the courage to relentlessly pursue what I believe will allow me to wake up excited and fall asleep fulfilled. Grateful to have the ability to read and have access to books in order to educate myself on numerous topics, or to simply steal away from reality for a short while by getting lost in another fictional world. Grateful for all past experience and difficulties at present as they have inspired me to be bold in the face of the future. Grateful for my parents and my brother, for an endless amount of reasons. Grateful to have @captcookies7 who support, encourage, and love me. Grateful for God. Grateful to be able to sit here, writing this in safety – feeling even more grateful upon acknowledging that this is only a fraction of what I owe gratitude to. There is so much more. We are blessed. #kayéwrites #spreadpositivity #inspiremyinstagram #wordstoliveby #words #instawrite #writer #writing #positivevibes #positivityiskey #positiveposts #inspiration #dailypositivity #notetoselfandothers #noteforyou #blessed #grateful #forevergratefultrulyblessed 🙏🏻😇💜✨ . ©️ pgmdg.wordpress.com


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When people say decaf is a joke ... ya’ll, some of us are trying to not die 🙄 Caffeine intolerance is no joke 😪


2016-03-13 21:40:08

How could they not thought of these wayyy before? 😍 #phoebexplores #reminiscing #hometown #itsmorefuninthephilippines #inspiremyinstagram #makemoments #greatday #goodvibes #goodtimes #seeksimplicity #visuals #bulacan #bulacanpride . Missin Manong who sells Mani, I always got an extra scoop cos he said Im preeetteeyyy and Ateng Buko Juice and Kuyang who sells dirty ice cream, free scoop for regulars like me and Kuyang Taho who always give me extra vanilla!! And ofcourse @patrickvicmudo's mom Burger Stop called JOLLIMEE (okay, I heard the parish church asked them to move, WHYYYYY!?!) . #visualsoflife #visualambassadors #travelphilippines #globewanderer #travelholic #umbrellaskyproject #umbrellasky #umbrella #provincetown #rural


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Only six Bronze Spreaders left! * These haven’t sold as well as we thought they would, which is always interesting to us. Not often, but occasionally we’ll get in the shop and brainstorm pieces that we really like but come to find they’re not as widely accepted as we thought. When this happens we try and break down our work to better understand our audience and supporters. More often it isn’t about the actual work but how we photograph or price it. Capturing the feel we’re after is hard. The tactile experience by definition requires touch and we haven’t figured out a way to add that to our website experience. We know this relationship to craft is an important and powerful one based on the percentage of repeat customers we are blessed to have. That fact makes us very happy and inspired to continue creating. From a practical standpoint, we look to create functional art for our homes with Japanese inspired southern roots...from a spiritual stand point we hope to bring enjoyment and appreciation to the everyday. As our pecan farm friends would say: In a nut shell: It’s our home to yours. * We added the link to these spreaders in our profile for convenience.


2016-01-02 05:36:41

"Don't stress so much about settling on a path this 2016. The division of time into years is a human invention and fact is, every moment of everyday is an opportunity for resolution and growth. So as the fireworks fly, relax and feel the moment. The rest shall come to you." 💜 . #notetoselfandothers #kayéwrites #inspiremyinstagram #greatday #goodvibes #goodtimes #spreadpositivity #seeksimplicity #makemoments #photosdaily #newyear #newbeginnings #photography #photograph #fireworks #serendipity #happy #keepgoing #writersofig #writersofinstagram ©️pgmdg.wordpress.com