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“it's my girl” ❤️ #camilamendes #riverdale #veronicalodge #varchie #kjmila

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"Jobs photoshoot pengantin adat minangkabau (Sumatera Barat)" Photo by @wansyaphotografi Editing by @wansyaphotografi Pekanbaru riau Indonesia Bersama tim SEIKO PROJECT Silahkan hubungi kami di bawah ini Whatsapp 081374481531 #like4like #likeforlike #likefollow #followoffcialme #wansyaphotografi #likephotography #weddingparty #photowedding #momentwedding #pengantin #minangkabau #adat #sumaterabarat



🎀SENDE BÜYÜMEK İSTİYORSAN🎀 YAPMAN GEREKEN ÖNCELİKLE 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ✔@tulayin_sunumlari Sayfasını takibe almak.. 💕Bize Katilmak isterseniz adminlere dm den yazabilirsiniz... 👇🏻👇🏻 🌿@tulayin_sunumlari 🌿@yeni_farmasi Aşağıda isimleri takibe alın..Sizde Kazanin! @esmerin_videolari @yagmurgurumiii__ @elisimarketimm @lamore_food @etamin.perisi.leyla @tugra_toys @tesetturce_moda @iki_bebisli_mutfak @esmerin_penceresinden @1_anne_blogu @feyzali.tarifler @kbraspn @uygun_giyimin.adresi @aslinin_elisleri_44 @melikenin.orguleri @meryeminorgueviii @kizimin_patikleri @tasarimharikasiatolyesi @gul_kokulu_pastalar @kahvekokulugunlugum #takip#followback#like4likes#liketime #kesfet#likefollow#likelike#takipet #likes#instagram#follow#geritakip#takip#followback#like4likes#liketime #kesfet#likefollow#likelike#takipet #likes#instagram#follow#geritakip

Baby. 😻



Hope you are having a great day 💕💕 I have 2 things to tell you, one is that social media is full of negativity and bad influence , it's not new but it's important to know this well , so we can make positive posts and stories , help and support other people and be the best we can 😍 take in consideration that negativity sharing way faster and harder than positivity so we should think 5 times before sharing something that isn't so positive, make Demi proud , that everybody will see she is our idol 😍 @ddlovato 💕💕💕 second is related to my project - I suggest you to " install " in your mind a " program" get used to ask yourself few questions and understand better the way you behave and react to things that happening . Those questions are 1) what happened ? Explain in few words what Happened , 2) how do you feel this ? In your body physical feelings (sensations) and emotional feelings ) 3) how did you reacted ? Do you think it was good or you can react better next time ? That's it , it's even better to ask yourself the questions before you react and choose better reaction, stop reacting automatically. Example - 1) a friend gave you ice cream 2) you felt really nice , you were happy that someone cares for you and makes you happy , it made you feel warm inside , surprised and excited ... 3) you thanked and reacted nicely .. that's simple idea but it's even more useful to check it in unpleasant experience and learn from them, become better . Get used to it, I'll talk about it also in my project today 💕💕💕 love you

🐾❤️ Мышонок Микки 🖤🐭

ᵀᵒᵈᵃʸ ⁱˢ ᶠᵘˡˡ ᵐᵒᵒⁿ, ˢᵒ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ᵐᵃᵏᵉ ᵐᵉ ᶜᵘʳˢᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵇⁱᵗᶜʰ🔮🌑

Yıllar yıllar 🎈❤️

Project day 19- "Life has many ways of testing a person's will. Either by having nothing happen at all or by everything happen all at once " - Paulo Coelho 💕 also with our practice , it will never be the same way , somtiems your mind will be peaceful and you'll be concentrated with few thoughts that won't grab too much attention. Sometimes your mind will be like a mess!! Many different thoughts one by one with no connection between, no concentration at all ... But yet you have a goal - get your mind back every time, to stay with the uncomfortable feelings . Not give up , not thing yourself as a failure if you feel irritated , it's part of the way , btw I took the quote from Demi's journal of staying strong , this quote probably impressed Demi as well !😍💕 Today keep with the body scan , and one new thing - try to take longer activity like washing dishes after meal or eating a full meal , playing and instrument and try to focus only on the activity , get your mind back to it and focus the feelings and the present moment , you don't have to do it everyday but try at least once or twice to feel how it's like 💕💕 good luck a lot @ddlovato

There are 3 questions you can ask yourself to know what you really want and what you should invest more time doing , those questions came from the East of Asia and probably changed a bit over the years but they are still powerful ! 💕💕 1)If you knew you will never fail, and everything you do will be successful- what would you do or be ? 2) if you had 100M dollars what would you do or be ? 3) if you knew you got only 6 months left to live , what would you do or be ? 💕💕 Try to answer them , you can even write the answers here or on a paper and save it 💕, when you feel you need motivation and to be more clear about your purpose and what you want to achieve , check it again💕💕 @ddlovato

Project day 16- Yesterday I gave you another exercise, short one that can last only few minutes , to take daily activity and do it but when you are paying attention to the present and everything that happens now , like when you brush your teeth - focus the physical feelings of the activity and do it a bit slower than in general, put attention for everything 💕 your mind will start traveling for many things like your plans for later or things that happened ... But don't be angry and frustrated , just get your mind back to the present ! To everything that happening now . Eventually even the fact you are aware that you think about future things or past instead of what you do now , is a great improvement! It's already 95% of the work , now you just have to take it back ! 💕💕💕💕 Ofc continue with the body scanning , at least 15 minutes , part by part , it's soooo important 💕 @ddlovato

Project day 11-Keep going with the body scanning exercise , in the long run it's so powerful and meaningful ! İf you have a bad feeling keep going with it , let it through and keep focusing on the exercise ! İf a part of your body hurts or you feel something uncomfortable , it's ok it's not a problem in the exercise, it can be even the complete opposite cuz it can help you stay in the right moment and stay in it 💕 if you are scanning through your belly for example and there is pain in your arms or had or leg ... İt's ok , let it stay , don't move your attention to this so much , just let it help you stay in the moment and keep going with the next body part 💕 start from the head go through all your body for 15-20 minutes , if you can focus smaller parts try that , get yourself practiced and get more experience with that , even if still not sure in everything , just keep going and you will understand that better though practicing 💕💕💕 good luck @ddlovato

Project day 10- Yesterday I gave you a new exercise , and it is to scan your body feelings , it may look not the clearest idea so I'll explain a bit more - the goal of this exercise is to make some of your brain systems work way better , to make you focused in the mission of checking your body and seeing what information you can get through your feelings. To allow yourself get back on mission every time you get distracted, on the next days it'll be more understandable what for and what uses we can do with that. Actually that's important for us to be able to check our body and feel it , cuz usually we feel our body only when something is wrong and we are suffering from pain in our legs or arms or headache , we used to throw away all this information about our body in the daily life 💕💕💕 so today you keep with this exercise , checking your body, scanning it from head to toes , don't try to look for something or make yourself feel something , a feeling can be strong like pain or pressure or itchy and can be tiny like a small tickle in you muscles or on your skin. Wait few seconds to notice the feeling and move to the next area... In some areas it's ok not to notice anything , just move on , and stay with the exercise ! Stay even with the bad feelings, good luck 💕💕💕 @ddlovato


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🔱deyer vermediyi insanlari itirmek istemeyen insanlarin zamaninda yaşiyiriq 🔱

Project day 9-The brain is sooo complex and has many systems that contain connections between different areas, in the mindfulness practice we are focused on few systems like - the one who makes the mind focus on one thing we are doing , like if we read or write or focus on one action . Second is the system who should move our attention to another thing that happened , like if we were reading and suddenly was a noise outside and our mind moves from the reading mission to the noise outside. The mindfulness practice will make those systems and more systems to work way better and be stronger , so we can concentrate for longer time in the mission we are busy with and also control more the system who moves our attention so we suffer less from concentration issues , and when our attention got distracted we can easliy get it back to the main thing , to stay concentrated and calmed. 💕💕 The new exercise is to focus on different feelings in our body , start from the head and scan your body ,only big parts like head, face , throat , shoulders , hands , belly , back , legs , feet , toes.... It'll make those system stronger ! Start with 1-2 minutes breaths and continue with 15+ minutes body scan from your head to your toes , wait few seconds till the feelings come. Maybe it'll look strange to you but it's soooo strong in the long run! And remember - always get your mind back to the exercise ! No bad feelings no guilt, that's the issue of the exercise , keep going even when it's not nice and your mind travels a lot , the fact that you sat to practice already means a lot 💕 good luck @ddlovato

Project day 8 - depression is many times a stress that stayed for too long and got bigger and bigger , till the bad feelings , and bad thoughts came and got huge and dangerous ( some says that every depression started like that but sometimes it's hard to notice ) 💕 It means that the brain , especially the right side practiced many times to connect the bad feelings with bad thoughts with more bad things so almost every little thing can trigger this , the mind got itself trained for depression like an athlete is trained for sports competitions! The solution here is to build new connections in the brain , especially left side of the brain to deal with the bad feelings and be focused on better things to break this chain and become more positive 💕💕 the exercises of mindfulness doing it so great but it takes time so you have to practice for some time till you see results in the daily life 💕 keep going today with the breathing , put attention to the cold air in the nose and get your brain back to practice , no shame no angry feelings , just get yourself back on track again and again 💕 tomorrow I'll give you new exercise 💕 good luck

Project day 6- Our brain is decided into 2 parts , left and right that making connections between them , in the past most people thought that the left side is the side of the logical side and making conclusions and the right is more the feeling and control the imagination and the emotions more... But recent researches shows that this isn't the right way to look at the brain and actually the brain acts really different , but there are new models who are more accurate that can make a difference between left and right , one of the main models our - The left side is the " come closer " of the brain and the right side is the " get away from " , when we have something good we want it and do things to get closer ( like good food or good feelings ) and when there is something bad like a danger or bad feeling we get away .... People with strong depression has more connections in the right side , cuz their brain is way more trained with get away from many things and be alone ... And people that are more calm and has more connections in the left side ! This practice of mindfulness showed in researches that after only 8 weeks of daily practice there are many new connections in the left side ! So it reduces depression ! 💕💕💕 I ask you today to practice the breaths again ,for 15-20 minutes and when there is a bad feeling coming , bad thought - don't run away , don't fight , let it be , let it get through and " come closer " look at it and practice your left side brain more ! İt'll help a lot in the long run, you can't imagine how much it's helpful ! 💕 @ddlovato

Day 3 of the project - The recommends for this practice are -1) Do your best to be patient , it will take some time till those exercises will make you feel better and reduce stress anxiety and the chance of having a depression episodes ! Be patient for everything that come to your mind and Everytime your brain is traveling with other thoughts , easliy and nicely get it back to breaths or any exercise you do , you didn't fail cuz your mind went to other places , just get it back even 100 times 2) Be open and let free of expectations , yes it should reduce stress and bad feelings and emotional pain but don't expect it to be always when you practice, cuz the practice is the target of the practice ! If you feel relaxed while practicing it's awesome but even if not - it doesn't mean you failed or do something wrong , this is a big deal to stay there even when you having a bad feeling or when the practice makes you anxious ! The practice is similar to other things in life , when you overcome those things while practicing , it'll help you a lot dealing those things in the real life , accept - don't judge , just practice . 💕💕💕 For today - continue the breathing , take 10-15 minutes to focus breathing ( don't force yourself to breath so deep , just be aware and put attention to the breathing) , you can imagine that a fresh air is coming to your nose , that way more fresh than what comes out ( you can even imagine it with a color like blue or white ) . Everytime brain goes , you get it back nicely , feel successful for every time you get it back, you don't have to clear your mind , just to put attention for breaths and not hold and go after every thought 💕 good luck

Project day2 - I really hope some of you already started yesterday to practice focusing the breathing ! This is a strong exercise that we will improve with the time. İt's powerful and can reduce stress , anxiety and get the chances of having strong depression ! İn hundreds of researchs around mindfulness it showed amazing results , after practice of about 8 weeks few minutes a day it will make you so much more positive and healthy mentally ! People who got diagnosed with major ( very strong ) depression and already had 3+ episodes of depression in their life practiced this and the research showed that it reduced the chance of having another episode of depression by 50 % for 2 years !!! 8 weeks making a change that can influence for 2 years and even more ! (Ofc if you continue even after the 8 weeks it'll be even more effective !)💕💕💕💕 The practice for today is like yesterday - 10-15 minutes of focusing breaths , you don't have to breath so deep, just make your mind focused on it - the way your chest and belly are filled with fresh air , you can even try to feel this fresh air inside ! İmportant ! Every time your brain goes away , bring it back without feeling guilty , don't hold those thoughts let them through ! Get your mind back on breaths everytime , even a 100 times in 15 minutes , eventually it'll get easier 💕 good luck a lot , you can ask everything

I start a project today for supporting more lovatics and people who want to reduce stress and pain and anxiety in life , I'll make a post everyday with an exercise of breaths or similar thing to make you relaxed and be focused in present more- the idea behind calls " mindfulness" it means that in order to reduce stress and bad feelings we have to make ourselves focused on what happening now without judging it so fast as good or bad , just living in the moment! This idea is made from the assumption that almost all of our pain and suffering is from the gap between what we want and what we have , because of a bad past that we don't want (but can't change it ) or fears from future ( that we can't fight or stop them ) .... So the solution is not to fall too fast to this trap that our brain making , not letting imaginations and memories control the way we feel and live soooo automatically ! I'll give some information to make it more interesting but the main part are the exercises. 💕 İt'll take between 10-15 minutes a day , at least , if you have even 20-30 or 40 minutes it's even better , and it has to be for few weeks straight , not one day in a week or " sometimes " . Everyday till the change comes ! First - take 10-15 minutes at least to focus breaths! Then breathing is so simple that 99% of the time we don't notice it but if we do ,Its connecting us to the right moments , the present ! So take a clock and make a countdown of 10-15 minutes , close your eyes and focus breaths! Put attention for chest and belly going up and down , fill with air like a balloon and get it out , Everytime a thought comes -let it go don't hold the thought ,come back fast to the breaths and air , again and again even 100 times for 10-15 minutes ! Good luck 💕 (it'll be similar in the next days only with small differences )!😍😍😍

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