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Berna Özen

15 Seconds Ago

Finally glad to see some sunshine, but my goodness is it cold out! Might just have to go hunt down one of these fur wraps to keep warm! Who has been dreaming of this cold weather to finally hit though?❄️ Stay warm friends!! • Photo: bonthebus #radlovestories #loveandwildhearts #liveauthentic #portraitsociety #thatsdarling #postthepeople #folkportraits #wanderingphotographer #photobugcomminity #belovedstories #heyheyhellomay #messyhairandcameraflares #anotherwildstory #goldenhourlove #noogamade #likealocal #vwbus #photobus #vanagon #chattanoogaphotographer #chattanoogawedding #vwphotobus #photobooth #theknot #bonthebus #bonniethebus radlovestories beautifulkindoflove elopementlove love.likeyours noogamade noogagram


30 Seconds Ago


you’ve got a friend in me 🐶❤️

The cold, gloomy weather has me dreaming of being back in the warm, sunny villages of Provence. -M xx #provence #france

Not an ordinary beige living room 👀✨ We love @bradytolbert’s living room because of the layers and richness created by the various tones, textures and volumes. Get inspirations to enrich your space on Minzuu.com, or simply start by tapping the image! #interiordesign #livingroomdecor

So much fun celebrating this babe, Tulum style.💍 ¡Hasta luego, Mexico! 🇲🇽 #ghostridetulum

After! ➡️ for before! All we need to do is add trim, touch up paint and add something to the left wall where an additional door was originally. Love it! @asapdadbod did such a good job!

L’amour, 2.0 ❤️🤴🏻


2 Minutes Ago

Adventure w/ peanut buttah cup🌲🌳🍁🍂⛰🏔🗻🏞💚💙 #liveauthentic

Somebody is a whole FOUR months old today + the proud owner of two brand new teeth 🐭

Joey Milano

2 Minutes Ago

{ They say good will come to those who wait Don't think too big, just know your place People don't belong in clouds or space It's just an empty quest for ego's sake He said I am reaching for the sky 'Cause I have to see how high it goes While others, they won't even try I'll be reaching for the sky Do the stars shine brighter there? Can you really walk on air? If other men have touched the moon Then Saturn's rings could be mine soon He said I am reaching for the sky 'Cause I have to know how high it goes While others, they won't even try I'll be reaching for the sky } || “Reaching for the Sky, Part 1” — My January Anthem by the ever so talented @hanson 💛 I am a dreamer. A lofty one. My dreams rarely touch down to reality. They don’t come with assembly instructions. I’ve often wondered how much easier things could be if I just aspired to be “normal” or played by the rules. Yet after the loss of a dream, it can be near impossible to reach for the sky when all you feel capable of reaching for is the next day. As I shivered in wonder at the super wolf blood moon lunar eclipse [try saying that 10x! 💁🏻‍♀️], I heard the warmth of a still small voice reminding me that it’s okay to dream again. || See all this wonder + magic? I created this. And yet, I still thought it incomplete without you. I wanted you + all your wild dreams to marvel at the beauty in this world. To shine boldly, even in the shadows. || So while I’m thawing out after last nights sub-zero photoshoot with the moon, I’ll be here reclaiming my confidence to dream in the midst of grief. 🌒✨🥶 . . BTS — I don’t have a fancy telephoto to get an uber close shot yet, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from practicing my nighttime photography! And if you look closely in the second photo - that halo vignette is not from the moon, it’s the ice starting to form on my lens 😳🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks @b_have for the steadying assist!

Me : Hey! Tell me if there's a vehicle behind me.

Jan Salazar

2 Minutes Ago

I felt pretty invisible in a heavy populated location. I found comfort in that.

So glad to be carrying Coddle Creek Farms peanut butters! Yummy! Drop a 🥜🥜🥜 if you've tried their peanut butter! #statesville #statesvillenc #iredellcounty #northcarolina #southerncharmers #southerncharmerscountrystore #yummy #sogood #peanut #peanutbutter #mooresville #mooresvillenc . . #repostsave @coddlecreekfarms with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Have you tried our new White Chocolate Peanut Butter? It's the perfect summer fix. Look for the pink stripe! 👀 • • • • • • • • • #eatlocal #eatraw #eatorganic #clteats #cltfood #coddlecreekfarms #smallbusiness #smallbusinesssaturday #smallbusinesslove #smallbusiness #cltfood #vscocam #vsco #vscogood #liveauthentic #liveraw #organicliving


3 Minutes Ago

Blurry lunar eclipse last night. Tried to capture with my new camera, but the battery died as I was setting up the shot!


Thaipusam Festival 2019 Sri Thendayuthapani Temple Tank Road Singapore 21 January 2019

I’m considering relaunching a label/set from the ‘ol Millennioils archive! Which label do you miss? Vote in the comments✍🏼

A new year starts for me today! Happy birthday to Rybry Tales ✨ For two magical years now I've been sharing my art with you — and I want to thank you all for the love and support ❤️ I feel like this years together with Rybry Tales and all of you had given me a big growth as person and as artist. I'm spreading festive vibes and so excited to see what the next year brings! 🐾 #happybirthday #rybry_hats #amanitamuscaria #amanita #mushroomhat #flyagaric #faerie #inspiredbynature_ #moodygrams #fairyforest #magicworld #fantasyart #atmosphere #liveauthentic #artwear #mushroomart #folkart #livefolk #liveforest #illustration #sketch #whimsical #woodlandanimals #firefly

I’ve never been so thankful for no school and and a snow day. 🙌🏻 🙏🏻 ❄️ I didn’t want to go anywhere this morning so I could get projects finished. The guest room is coming along and I am on the hunt for lamps today and tomorrow. Thinking something a little warmer and task like instead of the traditional drum. Also debating whether I need/want supporting throws behind my beautiful kilim pillow. What’s your vote?! Solid throws behind or can it stand on its own? 🤷‍♀️☺️

Snowstorms in Iceland. Captured by @jasoncharleshill. #collectivelycreate

Jan Salazar

4 Minutes Ago

The buzz of Chinatown was pleasantly overwhelming. 🇨🇳

Someone is turning one!! #happybirthday #wildone

Blood Moon and Orion The “super wolf” blood moon last night was a lot of fun to watch and photograph. A group of us went out for this event and ended up driving into Rosseau, Ontario to setup in a parking lot by the lake. The skies were clear, the air was a crisp -30c without the wind chill but it was “totality” worth it. We kept jumping back and forth into our vehicles to keep warm while watching and photographing the lunar eclipse. I am happy to say I got some of my best lunar eclipse photographs and tried out several different techniques using multiple trackers and cameras. For this image I shot several bracketed exposures in order to get proper exposure of both the moon and some of the surrounding deep space objects. I hope you all had a good night, filled with clear skies to witness this lunar eclipse too. Sony a7s (full spectrum mod) - Optolong adapter + Optolong UV/IR cut filter - Canon 17-40mm f/4 - ISO 800 - Skywatcher Star Adventurer (tracker) - 5 exposure bracket ©2019 - Wesley Liikane - Cowboy with a Camera


4 Minutes Ago

...Wie schon wieder Montag? Wie ihr wollt schon wieder ins Büro? Kommt lasst uns doch noch ein wenig hier im Wald bleiben. - Ganz sicher hat Jamie sich heute früh so etwas ähnliches gedacht 😊 #petsdelight #liveauthentic #hundeglück #hundeliebhaber #wildatheart #hundewelt #adorableanimals #bestwoof #thatface #servicedog #blacktri #gassigehen #animalportraits #lebenmithund #hundeliebe #dogtraining #thecanineway #blacktriaussie #livelifeoffleash #mutts #assistencedog #australianshepherd #wintermoods #sheepdog #doggram #pfotenliebe #jimmygulliver

This week I will be sharing simple ways to structure your life. 💃 Less is more, and you have to know what to focus on that will make a big difference 3 months from now or 1 year from now. . ✍️ One way that I have simplified my life is through a morning ritual. . 💪 A morning ritual enables you to focus on something that enhances your wellness. ✊ Without a morning ritual, you wake up frazzled and get to work disoriented, disillusioned and disgruntled. 😵 My goal is to help you fall in love with your life and this is the best way to initiate self-discipline. ⚔️ When you schedule a routine, you self-direct, and this habit overtime gives you clarity, and peace of mind. 🦸‍♀️ Have you grabbed my complimentary wellness guide? . 💅 It will show you some examples of morning rituals that will enhance your life in so many ways. Be a warrior not a worrier. . ☝🏽 Post an emoji down below, and I will send you the link. Do you have a morning ritual? Share below.


3 Minutes Ago

Chez @merciparis , la devise pourrait être, "là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté, luxe calme et volupté"... Et en fait, ce qui me séduit, ce sont ces petites compositions bucoliques, qui donnent envie de s'asseoir à côté, pour y déguster un thé à la rose, et se sentir un peu chez soi.. 🌿🌸 * * * #merciparis #parisfrance #parisiloveyou #flowerpot #lovelyflowers #houseplanthome #darlingweekend #green #poesievitale #livejoyfully #liveauthentic #interiorshop #prettylittletrips #pursuepretty #theartofslowing #getinspired #theslowdowncollective #quietness #flowerstyle #green #neverstopdreaming

who caught a glimpse of the super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse last night?⚡️🌔 a special moment in history that encourages us to recharge and look deep within ourselves for personal reflection. the moon holds so much energy for us all, the moon unites us and reminds us that we are all one 💓 last night we left our crystals out to charge up in the magical light! we also let our rose quartz and jade rollers out to charge as well! beautifully charged and intentional beauty ritual anyone? 🌟 pic: @thecolourfuldot 💫

I LOVE chasing waterfalls 💦

Just amazing how nature is up here!! Monts Valins 2019 at dusk


5 Minutes Ago

Oggi è stata ripostata questa foto e mi ha fatto riflettere... Il 2018 è stato l’anno in cui ho deciso di vedermi per quella che sono. Per una vita intera ho pensato di non essere all’altezza e di non essere bella. Nel 2017 ho deciso di non credere più queste cose di me. E nel 2018 ne ho avuta la conferma in tanti sensi. Tra il 2017 e il 2018 ho iniziato un percorso per arrivare a raggiungere certi obiettivi non solo di carriera o altro ma anche a livello fisico mi sono messa in gioco parecchio. E posso iniziare questo nuovo anno con la consapevolezza di voler volare più in alto possibile e di aver già raggiunto alcuni goals! Ora up to the next ones! ⚡️🚀 #notdoneyet #selfcare #breakthrough

Give me all the texture all the time 👏🏻

"Deve haver mais coisas do que esse pequeno mundo em que eu me movimento. Algo grande, amplo, sem limites. Deve haver mais do que a constante alternância de dor e alegria, felicidade e infelicidade, luz e escuridão, algo duradouro, permanente, eterno. Deve haver mais do que minha existência isolada, única, como ser vulnerável e mortal. Algo inteiro, sustentável, que englobe tudo. Deve haver algo assim como um grande contexto, no qual minha pequena vida está inserida" - Lorenz Marti

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Doesn't really matter, either way it lies there and rots... Jokes. Happy Monday everyone 🙃🌲⛰


14 Minutes Ago

Now that’s the kind of energy I’m trying to bring with me all week! #catchavibe


54 Minutes Ago

heart of stone 🖤

All my favorite colors in one photo 💙

where I go to clear my mind and set my goals.


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Wowza! Did everyone check out the Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse last night?!? 🌘🌖(That was a mouthful!) What an amazing celestial treat that was, which we don’t experience again for two more years. To celebrate the fabulous moon we went to the Witches Market at @buzzmillcoffee hosted by the @austinwitchescircle and snagged this gorgeous quartz and labradorite necklace handcrafted by @moonfeatherdang 😍 How did you celebrate Mother Earths gift to us?

🅽🅞🅡🅣🅷 🅲🅰︎🅡🅞🅻🅸🅝🅰︎ is home to the Wilson Creek Wild & Scenic River, an absolute treasure trove of entertainment for fly fisherman, whitewater paddlers, photographers, hikers, etc. The waterway has humble beginnings at Grandfather Mountain and matured into this massive and rugged river, check it out! 📍 . . . . . . . #travelgram #wanderlust #northcarolina #travelblogger #yeahthatgreenville #queencity #nashville #thatsdarling #dwell #mountains #goals #welcomehome #travelchannel #liveauthentic #vacation #stress #adventure #mountainlife #skiing #hiking #northcarolina #mountainhouse #mountainvacation @scenicnorthcarolina @tnc_nc @appalachian_explorers @visitnc @explore_northcarolina @blueridgenature @only.in.north.carolina @discover_carolinas @gocarolinas @booneview @artofvisulas @blueridgeparkwaydaily @romanticasheville @adventureasheville @adventureenthusiasts @blueridgeoutdoors @blueridgemoments @northcarolinaoutdoors_ @naturalnorthcarolina @ashevilletrails @nc.outdoors.explore @discover_north_carolina @exploreboone @open828 @828isgreat @southernlivingmag @igers_southeast


1969-12-31 16:00:00

🄵🄸🆁🆂🅃 🄸🄼🅿︎🆁🄴🆂🆂🄸🅾︎🄽🆂 entering our neighborhood situated atop the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort with direct access! Check out the link in our bio or engage with us here on Instagram! . . . . . . #travelgram #wanderlust #northcarolina #travelblogger #yeahthatgreenville #queencity #nashville #thatsdarling #dwell #mountains #goals #welcomehome #travelchannel #liveauthentic #vacation #stress #adventure #mountainlife #skiing #hiking #northcarolina #mountainhouse #mountainvacation

🄷🄰🅿︎🅿︎🆈 🄵🆁🄸🄳🄰🆈 are you brave enough to paddle the chilly waters of the Wilson Creek Wild & Scenic River❓ Adding to the long list of local attractions and activities around the Summit Lodge. Come stay with us - adventure awaits 🕶 . . . . . . . . #travelgram #wanderlust #northcarolina #travelblogger #yeahthatgreenville #queencity #nashville #thatsdarling #dwell #mountains #goals #welcomehome #travelchannel #liveauthentic #vacation #stress #adventure #mountainlife #skiing #hiking #northcarolina #mountainhouse #mountainvacation