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Siapa sini #gengturunberat atau #gengnaikberat ? 😅😅 . Cik Min #gengbassekolah je 😁 . Ada beberapa soalan yg Cik Min terima tentang berat badan ni. Konsep asas nak turunkan berat badan ni sama je tak kira menyusu atau tak.. Kalori Defisit. . Logiknya ialah aktiviti menyusu perlukan tenaga tinggi...jadi kena pastikan calorie intake kita pon tinggi supaya ada tenaga cukup bila pam atau menyusu. Kalau kalori kurang nanti badan lesu, nak menyusu pon tak larat 😩 . Sebab tu kita tgk ramai ibu menyusu badannya boleh slim, berat turun sebab ada kalori defisit..bila berhenti menyusu, badan mula naik sebab takde aktiviti yg membakar kalori tinggi spt breastfeeding atau bersenam :) 🏋‍♀🤸‍♀🚴‍♀🏊‍♀ . Tapi.....☝ Ada juga yg mengadu berat badan naik walaupon tgh menyusu. Ada beberapa faktor penyumbang, antaranya ialah HORMON. InsyaAllah di post yg lain kita boleh kupas lagi tentang hal ni dan cara2 nak pastikan berat badan turun, tanpa menjejaskan bekalan susu 😊, kalau ada yg nak tau lah kan 😜. . So, Mommy geng naik ke geng turun? 😁😉 . #tipsbcmamabrownies #parenthood #malaysianmoms #motherhood #mymums #mumsatworkmy #mommalove #parenting #momsofinstagram #kidsofinstagram #momlifeisthebestlife #mommyhood #mommylife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #joyfulmamas #stayathomemom #workingmom #dailyparenting #momhub #momproblems #mompreneur #bossmom #benefitsofwater #lovethyself #bcmamabrownies #lactationcookiesmalaysia #milkboostermalaysia

Life is full of so many blessings! Love my girls 💕💗 #crimsonandclover #mygirls #mommalove

"Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” –Lisa Weed I would do absolutely anything for this crew which includes things I don't like doing just for the good of our family and to put smiles on their faces. Losing weight was partially for my family and starting this wellness biz too. Like I said, I'll make the commitment and do what it takes❤️ #myfamilymyteam #crossfamily #famof4

My two favorite girls that made this special day possible!!!! What would I do without them. #mommalove #sistersister 💗💕

Because it’s Monday and we’re still in the honeymoon phase of summer break and it’s warm and sunny, but not yet muggy but mostly it’s just because it’s ice cream! 🍦#mondaymood #icecream #sprinklesorjimmies #schoolsoutforsummer #mommalove

Mom's foot is my favs pillow! What's yous favorites pillow? . . . . #goldenretrieversofinstagram #goldenretriever #goldens #goldensofinstagram #pillow #mommalove

We'll look at that bump 😍 #39weekspregnant walking as much as I can...can't wait to meet ya baby boy!! No matter what it is that you do, get up an move everyday! How'd you move your body today?!⤵️

This weekend we celebrated Adalina’s first birthday 💖

💠IN the Frame ❤(MA sha Allah) "MY MOM AND MY BETI.." . 💠The one who gave "ME BIRTH" and the other one to whom "I GAVE BIRTH.." . 💠The one who is my "MOM" and the other who made me "MOM.." . 💠The one without whom I cannot even imagine to "LIVE" and the other one for whom I want to "LIVE.." . 💠The one who is my biggest "SUPPORT.." and the other one who will be my "HELPER.." . 💠The one who has my "HEART" and the other who has my "SOUL" . 💠The one who explains "LIFE" and the other who completes my "LIVING" . 🌟THESE TWO ARE MY EYES which brightens everything.. MA SHA ALLAH 🌟 . 💠ANKHON KI THANDAK, DIL KA SUKOON, CHEHRE KI RAUNAQH, DIL KA CHAINE.. 💠 . 💠"Pata nahi Dil kera to bus likh Dala.."❤ . #bloggersgrp #hijabstyle #hijablookbook #hijabers #hijabtutorial #hijabfashion #hijabista #hijabbloggerhyd #hyderabadihijabiblogger #hyderabad #hyderabadbloggers #hyderabadblogger #mom #momslife #motivationquotes #motivational #momslove #mommalove #daughterlove #momanddaughter #parentslove #mommy #mom #fatimazblog

Sometimes it's easy to start feeling resentful as a mom. I mean; are we every truly 'off duty?' Always being needed can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Personally it made me feel so anxious and annoyed. I got to this point where I just knew something had to shift. Thinking like this was causing so much chaos in my inner world. I was constantly pointing fingers toward others: ✨They had it easer. ✨Must be nice to go to work and not have to be at home with screaming kids. ✨Yeah but -you- get to go to the bathroom and shower alone.. ✨I just want to sleep through the night!!!! And these things may seem minor, but fuck was I resentful towards others. So how do you "fix" this feeling? -- I started asking for help.-- I started being honest that I couldn't do motherhood all on my own. PS. For the record, I do have an awesome husband who helps as much as he can, but work takes him away a LOT. Being involved in 2 business, raising small humans, growing a third human, cooking, cleaning... All the things.... It felt like a lot. I felt maxed out. And I knew that hiding it wasn't doing anything for me or my family. Step 1: I started allowing myself to feel okay with leaving the kids and being alone to do things here and there. Usually with grandparents. As a former control freak mama... This was my stepping stone.😉 Step 2: I hired someone for housekeeping. Something so small, yet immensely helpful and relieved a lot of stress. Step 3: Daycare/Babysitting. CONSISTENT helping hands. Every week. Oh the freedom.. I could go on and on about this one. Having designated time carved out has been a saving grace for myself, my children, my work... Everyone. Sometimes it just feels good to be me, alone and in my element again. Oh and Step 4... I worked with a coach to help me overcome some serious beliefs that kept me from voicing my needs as a mama. I started healing my inner world. I started filling my cup again and making my mindset and well being the number one priority. Mama's it's time to stop feeling guilty for needing time to refuel and recharge. Feeling maxed out and running on empty feels shitty. And I get it - sometimes admitting it feels scary AF. 👇🏼cont

Missing my baby today. He had his first day at the sitter. Both mom and dad are working now. Yesterday he fell alseep on mommas chest 3 times and would wake up anytime I put him down needless to say I spent most of my day with my boy asleep on me and I didn't mind one bit. 💞 I mean look at those cheeks. 😍 . This is where I want to be. I am so thankful I found an oppurtunity that will change my life and bring me home to my baby full time. What would your day look like if you could make your own schedule?

I can't be the only one who needs a new maid 😂 TAG your friends who may also need one 😂 #maidservice #housewifelife

Mom selfies! 💜 Wearing royal purple, holding her rosary, and looking at photos of 2 of her grand kids. 💜 #thisis88 #happybirthdaymom #treasuredmoments #carmelbythesea #mommalove

Purification y’all. 100% my favorite all time oil. It’s great for killing smells and yuck in the air, it’s great for antibacterial goodness and just found out it’s a great last minute replacement for deodorant should you accidentally forget to put any on 🤷‍♀️ Life happens, it’s all about how you adapt lol.

Ran across this picture of me over the weekend. Man did I love those red jammies!!! Happy Monday

Happy Monday! Start with a positive mindset and go crush the day! I'm starting my day with daily devotions, professional development, and a nice third trimester workout! Don't forget to take care of yourself first thing to sparkle all day!

Smile😍 be yourself😃 #mommalove #inyourmemories

I hope this cheers up your week😍Happy Monday 🎈 @kidsdarlingdress

Never hate your husband during your pregnancy.😂 - yung pacurve na hinliliit sa paa, head-to-toe literal, kamukhang kamukha.👶💙 ay wow. . . . #everydaywithzi #mommalife #mommalove #mommysworld #babyboy #parenthood #momlife #babyzi

Summer nights can be magical, if you let them be. 💕🙌🏻 . . Late evening drives. Chasing down beautiful sunsets. Listening to the kids sing along to @taylorswift and @imaginedragons the radio (Thanks, @mix94.5 ), watching them point to and find shapes in the clouds, and hearing them try to count the lightning bugs that pass us by...true #childhoodmagic ! 🔮 And then, watching them drift off to sleep in their car seats ...safe, happy and peaceful. My momma heart is full tonight. Tonight’s drive was by far my most favorite memory of the summer, yet! . . #centralillinois #lateeveningdrive #countryroads #countryroadstakemehome #sunsetseason #midwestsunsets #lightningbugs #nightdrives🚘 #listentotheradio #momliferules #motherhoodmoments #littleloves #summertime #summervibes☀️ #cloudshapes #cartrips #carseatsafety #champaignillinois #champaign #mommabear #mommalove

Vero Dayana

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Happy birthday 🎈🎊🎂🎉 to the best momma in the world ! ❤️ #iloveyou #mommalove

So many people have asked me about our little guy and I wanted to give an update. We are super proud of him and all of his hard work this last month and a half. If you have been following Gavin had pretty severe delays in speech and gross motor development. After a month of PT/Speech and the fluid no longer being on his ears. He has started walking and talking. He walks everywhere we go (which before he would crawl or want to be carried) and is saying 10-15 new words a week! Both of his therapists have been impressed by his progress and we are so very proud. When he started walking his feet were turned out (it looked like he walked in fifth position), and he had weak ankles, knees, and hips. This photo was over the weekend and you can see the improvement just from his stance. (He also got a big boy haircut 😭) Thank you for loving and supporting our little guy, we are so proud of him (we know it hasn’t been easy on him but he is a trooper) Love him to the moon and back 💙 Wade Stevens

Teresa Hermann has cheerleading in her blood! From the ages of 8-18, her main extracurricular activity was cheering others on to victory and success! She has reinvented herself many times throughout her life as, waitress, nanny, massage therapist, mother, teacher, foster care agency manager, reflexologist, and coach… always utilizing her innate gifts and core values of seeing the best in people and helping them believe in themselves . Teresa feels she was born to serve, to counsel, to teach, to lead, and to empower others to heal their own minds, bodies and spirits. After 35 years studying and incorporating health & wellness strategies, she models for others what she preaches! . Teresa discovered the power of the Aroma Freedom Technique in 2017, when, in one session, she overcame an intense fear of carpenter ants, which had plagued her for eight years! That transformational experience was enough to convince her to pursue AFT as a new career path! Since then she has overcome many fears, developed her intuition, is less reactive, more confident and is having fun stepping into her power! . As a Mentor, Certified Practitioner and seasoned Instructor she spends all her time helping others free themselves, so they too, can create a life where nothing holds them back! Besides having a private Aroma Freedom practice with individuals and groups, Teresa loves teaching Aroma Freedom weekend intensive certification courses IN PERSON, giving her students personal attention in an intimate setting. She lives and works in beautiful Charlottesville, VA and, when invited, will travel to certify small groups. . Teresa Hermann www.teresa-hermann.com https://www.facebook.com/TeresaHermannAFT/

Forgot to share these yesterday #mommalove #skintoskin 💁‍♀️😴

My Queen , #mommalove 💚💚


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You’ll always get a strange feeling when you leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love, but you’ll miss the person you are at this exact time and place, because you’ll never be this way ever again 🇩🇴♥︎♕ . . . #vacay #fun #love #colour #sweet #lifeofasinglemom #mommasprideandjoy #mommalove #momo #lifeisbutadream

Repeat after me ladies.... “I am not what happened to me. I am who I choose to become.” (Carl Jung) .. .. .. I did a thing this morning and shared in my stories. It’s not a huge thing overall, but it was a positive thing for me because it was just the first step in a new direction, with a fresh perspective. 🖤 Yesterday is gone girl. It’s done and whatever your story, whatever your struggle, it doesn’t own you. .. .. .. Today is a brand new day and who you choose to become can set a whole new course. Like the trails on the mountain behind me, go blaze yours!!


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Just Happy I made it to #34.. Just want to thank “God” & continue to bless me & mines 🤞🏽🙏🏾

Allyson St

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Eli is 9yrs old and still is as sassy as he was when he was a puppy 😂🥰 #mommalove #rottweiler #oldman #goodboy #missedyou

Summer in a Bowl. How many ingredients can you identify? If you said corn, carrots, zucchini, peppers, radishes, parsley, cotija, pancetta, rice, and garlic shrimp, then you’re very good at this game. This was a fridge clean that turned into something really delicious that everyone wants on repeat now. Cutting all the veggies into the same small dice made it feel cohesive. And all I needed was the garlicky oil from the shrimp for a sauce. #summerbowl #summerinabowl . . . . . . #whatskarencooking #bombesquad #f52grams @cherrybombe @saveurmag @thefeedfeed @bonappetitmag #eattherainbow #healthybowl #shrimpbowl #veggiebowl #thisismyfood #food #yum #delish #feedfeed #easyrecipe #thefeedfeed #saveur #huffposttaste #homecook #lovetocook @thebakefeed #bake #homebaker #lovetobake #mommalove

Happy Sunday and National Pink Day!!! . Sunday's are my planning day. You know get ready for the week coming up day. I usually do grocery shopping and food prep too. . Lately I have been in a rut with. So tired of feeling like poo, sigh . Several years ago when we ate gluten free, dairy free and no refined sugar I felt fantastic. I all noticed everyone was a lot happier and physically in better shape. (OK, me and hubby were in better shape) . As I am studying for my holistic health practitioner certification it is making miss our eating habits from the past. Time to do some serious self care and take back control of our nutrition habits. (notice I did not use the word diet)

Always have so much gratitude for my home town Galiano! Yesterday was SO much fun at the Saturday Market. Great crowd, amazing music, and oils for everyone! Thank you all that dropped by to visit, bought a diffuser bracelet or made their own custom Galiano Blend, You are making my home business dreams a reality ❤️ There are treasures for all at that market so be sure to visit next time! June is flying bye, there’s still a chance to score 3 free oils with your purchase this month. Say buh-bye to tension, headaches, stress and worry with this offer of Balance, Aromatouch, & Past tense! Visit my website mydoterra.com/rubyelectra >>join & save- to get started with oils today!!! Not sure which oils are best for you? Get in touch for a free 15 minute wellness consult & see how doTERRA essential oils can improve your wellness. I look forward to being your oil educator, mentor, and wellness advocate. ✌️💛 Have a beautiful Sunday Everyone. . . . . . . . . . #rubyelectra #summerlovin #healthiestyou #summersolstice #sunsetsfordays #montague #homegirl #highvibelife #mommalove #beautifulwestcoast #essentialoilmama #electrasessentials #homebusinessmom #communityovercompetition #learningandgrowing #galianoisland #vancouver #june2019 #changingpeopleslives


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This little boy stole my heart day 1 of finding out we were pregnant...now he's 2 years old and just growing up too dang fast. Ugh please slow down my heart can't take it I love you my chunky monk 🐒 #mommalove #myson #myfirstborn #mybabyboy #elijahniklaus #makingbarkleys #beingbarkley #iloveyou

And with the waves pushing and pulling , I learned to act like my head was above water. It was the only way to survive. #letterstomom #cancerisaweed #healingprocess #griefsea #journalingforhealing #journalingtoreachyou #missyoumom #mommalove #bloggingsomedeepdarkscarydepths #pouroutofme #pain #rip #cancer #love #past #present #future

Oh little one. You were the missing piece—the part we didn’t even know we had to have. Your brother and sister never imagined how much they would need a little sister to love and protect. Your daddy never knew he needed another daddy’s girl. I never knew how I could love someone with my whole heart—the same way I love the two children I grew within my own body. 💞We know how blessed we are to have you. We know that our story isn’t one of the “normal” ones. We know that you are a gift, hand delivered by God; an answer to prayers that started long ago. We will work hard everyday to make you know how very much you are loved. #babygirl #fostertoadopt #familyisbeautiful #ourhappyfamily #sleep #mommalove

With the 👑 #mommalove


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•”And darling i will be loving you ‘till we 70”👶🏽💙 • • • • • 📸 @trevonsmusic @_tracey_taylor_ #mommalove #happiness #nexttowndown #townietuesday #love #babyfever #smile #positive #loving #music #singer #musician #explorepage #viral

Me and my smart, handsome and loving #son🥰❣#ilovehim #verymuch ❤🥰 #mommalove #sonslove #lovemyson💙 #imaproudmommy ❣❤🤗😍🥰

Deployment and school this year really knocked us off our game. But we are finally getting our mornings back which means lots of laughs, chocolate milk, coffee, prayer, bible readings and vitamins. This month we finally got our hands on some Mightypro pro/probiotics and I’m so excited the kids love them.

Just wanted to do something super simple today; going to watch my daughter's dance recital! I didn't wear foundation or powder or bronzer or blush or highlight!! I just primed my eye area with concealer and did my eyeshadow, mascara and lashes and then did lips. My summer makeup, basically. Just eyes and lips. EXCITED TO WATCH MY DAUGHTER DANCE! 💜 #mommalove . ~~~ @morphebrushes 39S ‘Such A Gem’ Artistry Palette. Shades used: • Boujee • Pink Prize • Berry Good • Oh Yasss • Make It Reign • Total Goals ✨💜💖💜✨ ~~~ #makeuplook #simplemakeup #morphe #morphebabe #morphe39s #suchagem #alternative #alt #alternativegirl #altgirl #pinkandpurplemakeup #pinkandpurple #mua #makeupartist #ilovemakeup #makeupismyart #expressyourself #tattooedwomen #girlswithtattoos #tattooedgirls #inkedwomen #inkedgirls #piercings #girlswithpiercings #piercedgirls #piercedwomen #justme #girlswholikegirls


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I can’t begin to explain how much I miss you this is really tuff for me cause this the first bday that your not here to celebrate with us...you taught me so much my whole life u raised 3 amazing sons & u never gave up on us the love u provided was unconditional and made all 3 of us feel safe even during some of our toughest moment to me u always been like my superhero she made sure we wanted for nothing she treated everybody who came through that door with us like her kids she didn’t care who u was Lol it’s crazy how I miss the small stuff we use to do the most like our talks we would have in the living room they would be about life ,relationships, etc etc but I always looked forward to that part my day when I got home u showed me what it looks like wen u don’t give up my whole life and that’s something I will take with me forever Love u forever & HAPPY BDAY🎉🎉🎉🎉S.I.P MAMA LOVE 🗣🗣ALOT OF PPL LIKE TO SAY A WOMEN CANT RAISE A MAN BUT I’M LIVING PROOF STANDING HERE TODAY TO SAY THATS A LIE 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!!!!!! CAN WE GET A STANDING OVATION FOR A AN AMAZING MOM AN AMAZING FRIEND AND AND ALL AROUND AMAZING PERSON #the55legend #happybday #mommalove

Back with momma bear 😘 after a day unpacking the flat (ok... after mum unpacking the flat!) the filter is definitely needed! Haha #goodtobehome #mommalove #shethebest #manchester

Doing something you love can make all the other parts of life feel good, too. I was recently brought in on a project that has me excited. Doing something I love and working toward a purpose. It’s a lot of work, but I have also noticed it makes everything else feel easier. I’ve been feeling more patient and more able to show up fully in our little moments, like swinging on our porch swing, cuddling on the couch, dancing like ballerinas, or playing catch. Doing what I love brings more love. And I am ever grateful. I hope I can show you, my dearest daughter, that you can chase your dreams and live your life at the same time. Friends- what’s something that does this for you? #passioninwriting #findyourpurpose #presentparenting #feelinggrateful #momanddaughtertime


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Cute right? It's the look of exhaustion. Hayden came into our room around 430am, I told him to go back to his bed as he tried to turn the TV on (it's daylight at that time...) then he proceeds to tell me he puked.... Hayden, Nick and I didn't go to sleep until after 6am sometime. Poor kid had gotten EVERYTHING out of his little belly and was dry heaving after that. :( This has never happened to him before. Hoping he is able to sleep whatever he has off. . I haven't fully looked in his room yet... 😳 But what I did briefly see was puke on the floor. What's a good again remover I could spray before using my little green machine? . Trying to decide to have a second? Remember, when one is sick you still have another you have to get up with 🤦🏼‍♀️ I was hoping to catch up on sleep this weekend, so far.... Not happening 😂 #saturdaymorning #meandmybabygirl #twokids

If banana bread, peanut butter cookies and sour cream coffee cake had a baby... Peanut Butter Banana Crumble Coffee Cake to kick off the weekend. If those flavors are your jam, you’d like this. Also, I’m wishing I’d had a dollop of fresh strawberry jam on top! Do that. Inspired by @introvertbaker. . . . . . . #whatskarencooking #bombesquad #f52grams @cherrybombe #foodandwine @thefeedfeed #thisismyfood #food #yum #delish #feedfeed #easyrecipe #coffeecake #peanutbutter #cake #brunch #breakfastfood #thefeedfeed #saveur #huffposttaste #homecook #lovetocook @thebakefeed #bake #homebaker #lovetobake #mommalove

Here they are! The 3 people that fill every moment of my everyday. Sometimes they fill it with laughter, sometimes fill it with tears, but its always filled with love! #motherhen #mommalove #momof3 #fillitwithlove #fillitwithjoy #momingainteasy #farmkids #busymom #momlife #mommyhood

The amazingness in this photo is 🤯. #mommalove

This woman warrants a space in my IG. It's her 72nd birthday on her 24th, show her some love will you? #motherdaughter #daughterlove #mommalove #mamagroovy

Let’s have a good time!😍 @may.w.y @lebanesestreetstyle.dania

I truly miss u and u told me to my face I will 😢 your the greatest woman to mankind I appreciate values and heart you installed in me 💪🏾💯 your my queen 👑 forever #mommalove #latenightthoughts @ladonna0522 #iloveu


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HEY THERE!! LONG TIME time is passing by so quickly, he's becoming all grown up and those naughty eyes are just adorable, that smile is super contagious and this boy is super loveable 💕 🌟🌟 🌟 #babyboy #bigboy #babylove #sahhayworld #sahhay #growingup #cutehero #cutebaby #cuteness😍 #toddler #toddlerfashion #babymodel #momandsahhay #mommalove #mummylove #myhero #mybaby #kidstyle #kidsfashion #killer #sahhay


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Riding bikes with the boy #mommalove #chicago #lakefront #skyline

mr .cla

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#repostplus @they_call_me_cla_now - - - - - - Mama .CLA out visiting friends in NYC... #wear #mrcla #lifestyle #saycheese #smile #ilovemymom #blackgirlsrock #melaninqueen #mommalove #nyc #worldwide

#mommalove ❤️

#mommalove 🥰🤦🏾‍♂️🤯😌 #slimjezzy #iamheee


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Them :yo lulu you a mommas boy 😂 Me :facts nigga 1 ONLY have 1 🤷‍♂️😂 #mommalove 💙

Today’s Special: Adorable with a side of OMG, you’re freakin’ cute . . . #lunchspecial #yegeats #babyofinstagram #babyoftheday #yegbaby #halferbaby #mommalove #loved #babyboy #babylove #onemonthold

Me and my mother's dog. So cute! #mommalove #smalldogs #lovelife

Accept verb ac·cept | \ ik-ˈsept , ak- also ek-\ accepted; accepting; accepts transitive verb 1a: to receive (something offered) willingly accept a gift b: to be able or designed to take or hold (something applied or added) . receive verb /rɪˈsiːv/ receives; received; receiving 1: to get or be given (something) . I’d like you to imagine your hands full. Maybe you even have something nearby that you can grab. Notice – are you able to readily accept or receive anything at this moment? . Now, imagine laying down what your holding then open your palms facing up. Notice – are you able to readily accept or receive anything now? . When we are holding on to things, whether it be control, hurts of the past, expectations, we are not able to receive the blessings in store for us. Maybe you are praying for that big breakthrough in your business or family and you’re holding on to past hurts. You are in no position to receive anything. . Letting go makes space for us to receive. . Meet us in Salt Lake City, July 16th and 17th to experience what an Empowered Life looks like. Kathryn Bolen of Aroma Empowered will be presenting her class "Prepare for Your Promotion" on July 17th at 9:30 a.m. . Buy tickets now for the upcoming Expo. Limited seating for in person at convention. . Not able to attend? No worries you can buy classes on demand. Want all the classes AND extra bonus classes? Buy the Expo Bundle on demand. . https://bit.ly/2ETvVh4 Empowered Life Collective https://www.EmpoweredLifeCollective.com Empowered Life Collective EXPO . July 16th & 17th @HiltonSaltLakeCity (same hotel as Aroma Sharing event at Young Living convention) 3rd Floor . Kathryn Bolen, Aroma Empowered https://aromaempowered.com/ https://www.facebook.com/AromaEmpowered https://www.instagram.com/aromaempowered/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtXNYZFfdcf1SeXH7z4sn3w

Some new designs in the works...

I’d rate last years popcorn box and the spongebob of 2014 as better but hey... it’s still a pretty cool cake made by mum. Happy bday you awesome boy Luca. I’ll love you till the end of time ❤️ #mommalove #bakeforlove #bakeforboys #happybirthday

Going into the weekend feeling strong, focused and with a clear vision on my priorities. 👊👊 Cause girl ... if it's not a "HELL YES!" - it's a no. Straight up. .. .. .. Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else. And often ladies (moms especially 😘) are we not guilty of saying yes to everyone else, and not to ourselves?! Honestly. Our Virtual Bootcamp is reading "Girl, Stop Apologizing" together by Rachel Hollis (SHOUT OUT BABES!!) 💪🏻 and here's what she's teaching us.... everything on our calendars we've ALLOWED to be there. Think about that. If your calendar is jam packed according to someone else's agenda and you have 0 time for the priorities you want to make, girl, that's on you. .. .. .. If you are serious about chasing after some personal goals and dreams, you must stop living, and often slaving, to others agenda. Start creating some boundaries. Ask for help. Get real about what is MOST important because I guarantee everything on your calendar RIGHT NOW is not. Please get this Girl! This is on YOU! 👊👊

Let’s not expect our kids to be perfect or do things correctly all the time. As long as we keep being persistent and give them lots of love and encouragement, in time they will show us what they have learnt and maybe even teach us. 💫 . . But still they won’t be perfect, because who is? . . #motherslove #teachermom #mamabear #mommabear #mommalove #mamalove #mamalife #momof3 #mumof3 #boymom #girlmom #parenting #parentlife #parentingtips #dailyparenting #momlife #mumlife #parentingquotes #motherhood #honestmotherhood #mymotherhood #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #uniteinmotherhood #momssupportingmoms #mumssupportingmums #motherhoodunited #positiveparenting #naturalparenting #childdevelopment