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Vintage is trending and for good reason! Fast fashion has got us buying more stuff, wearing it less and throwing it out faster than ever before! Fast fashion garments aren't built to last, so many of the pieces we throw away don't get a second chance: at best, they are recycled ... worst case scenario - dumped in the landfill. Millions and millions of tones of textile waste are created every year. North America sends approximately 10 tones of textile waste to the landfill - 95% of that waste could be reused or recycled. Meanwhile, more and more new garments are created each year around the world. The number of new garments produced annually now exceeds 100 billion. That is DOUBLE the amount produced in 2000. We need to slow down before we suffocate from our own consumerism. Here are 3 slow fashion alternatives to fast fashion: Choose quality over quantity. Think cost per wear. A $10 t-shirt that lasts a year costs as much as a $30 t-shirt that will last three years or more. Tip: Lean towards sustainable companies that are transparent about their whole manufacturing process - from sourcing to labour to waste management. Choose style over trend. Investment pieces like quality basics (jeans, t-shirts, dress shirts) and a handful of loved statement pieces will stay in our closets longer and will be worn more often (with more pleasure) than trendy-today-gone-tomorrow throwaway garments. Choose vintage or upcycled clothing over new. You are saving a garment from potentially hitting the landfill AND lessening the demand for new garments to be made. Quick Green Tip: Don't want your old, worn down sock to hit the landfill but don't know what else to do with it? Drop it into a clothing bin. Yes. You can do that. All donated clothing is sorted: the good hit the shelf, the bad get recycled. Now you know! // Wearing our Lavender Boucle Jacket FITS US 6 // PRISTINE CONDITION // READY TO WEAR & SHIPS WORLDWIDE FIND IT ON ORLOVA.COM 💜

Chris has been on a pizza making kick, and I’m not complaining (and making sure to keep running😂) what’s your favorite thing to make? I’d rather bake than cook, but I do love all things carbs with tomato sauce 🥫🍝🍅🇮🇹

Mood Every time I’m about to get food! 💛 #foodie #mtlmoments #dinnerwithaview

Mais uma desse look na vibes princesa selvagem. 🐆 Essa bolsinha virou meu xodó, ela pode ser usada de 3 maneiras: bolsa de mão, tiracolo ou pochete. Bolsa e vestido: @zara

Our Parma dinnerware set was spotted in this @homeatthree arrangement! We love this decorative buffet cabinet area. 🌿 \\ Notre ensemble de vaisselle Parma repéré chez @homeatthree! On adore ce coin buffet décoratif. 🌿 . . . #stokesstyle #sostokes #dinnerwareset #decoration #simplething #persuepretty #mybeigelife

Снимаю и фотографирую нон-стоп, записываю в заметки всё интересное. Стараюсь улавливать свои ощущения в путешествии по этой щедрой земле. Сложно, потому что эмоции через край. А пока возвращаюсь из Батуми в Тбилиси, цитирую слова любимого Пастернака: ⠀⠀⠀ «Мы были в Грузии. Помножим Нужду на нежность, ад на рай, Теплицу льдам возьмем подножьем, И мы получим этот край.»

✨Rep Post✨ Oh look!! Another photo of my favorite sleeve from @createdbyraemn 🙌🏻! I love this Fantastic Beasts print since it comes from my favorite bookish world AND it’s got that vintage, old vibe going on. • • Not a Harry Potter fan?? Rae has over 200 items in her shop (including animal prints, classic black and whites, coffee cups, CHICKENS!) and really has something everyone. • • Head to her shop (link in my LinkTree) and make sure to use BARR10 at checkout. Don’t forget, Rae offers ✨FREE US SHIPPING✨ on orders over $35!! • • QOTD: Tell me what your New York Ghost headline would say: A Flying (object sitting nearest to you) Spotted in (name of the setting of your current read). (name of your favorite bookish character) Called in for Questioning. • • #tinylovemay19 (Fictional Place You Could Call Home) Anyone else want to live in the wizarding world?? • • #bookstamumsmay19 (Pretty Book Spines): These Grisha books are some of my favorites! I love that foil look. • • #bookishcoven (Cruel Characters): The Darkling is my favorite kind of cruel! He tricked me into thinking he was going to be good and broke my heart. 😭 • • #fantasticbeasts #crimesofgrindelwald #harrypotter #jkrowling #wizardingworld #newspaper #grishaverse #grishatrilogy #booksleeve #booktrilogy #ireadya #yabooks #yabookstagram #yabook #bookish #bookworm #bookhoarder #cozy #beige #mybeigelife

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." 🖤 - Emily Brontë

Good evening, bookies! How long do you think you’d survive in Elfhame? I’d like to think I could keep a low enough profile to not get myself murdered, but I would probably eat something or do something stupid like that. 😅 . . Reminds you of a song #allthebooksmay19 — Dog Days Are Over always reminds me of Jude. . . #butfirstcoffee #booksofig #pursuepretty #booksbooksbooks #yabooks #aquietstyle #flatlaystyle #alwaysreading #booknerds #slowandsimpledays #simplethingsmadebeautiful #hyggelife #cozy #booksandcoffee #ilovebooks #becauseofreading #bookstagram #readersofig #mybeigelife #makeitblissful #bibliophiles #thecruelprince #thewickesking

25 🌼

Someone in this family is a pillow hog... 🐷

Free day today. Full day tomorrow. I kinda want to stay but also I am excited to go film. So I’m a bit conflicted however I hope we do our best make the most of it and get to enjoy it as well.

They see me strollin’..

If you follow @foragedhome, you’ve seen this photo before, but I just love all the different subtle colors and textures in it. Just a simple shot of our kitchen, but still makes me happy. 🙂 #foragedhome


this light silk jacket is perfect for weather in the high 60s annd that’s about it. 😅

This is a dangerous city. 💸

Kitchen, playroom, boy’s room, living room, reading nook, and guest room are all unpacked. Not saying they look good, but the stuff is all there...

Take time to make your soul happy ✨💛


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3 Hours Ago

7 days until Italy 💫

“pretend like you just saw a dog”

Studio essentials... coffee✔ journal ✔ sketch book ✔ mark making tool ✔ #studiotour⠀

I try and look away from the camera because I can’t ever stop making weird faces or talking. 😅😅😅😅

There’s a new post up today and it’s a hefty one! ✨The Essential Blogging Tools (That Cost You Next To Nothing)✨ and which are almost all free! I cover everything from apps to edit photos to scheduling tools to help you stay on track. These are all of my favorite tools to use so it was really fun putting this together. Hope you enjoy it too! Link in bio. 👀

Senior year is almost here x

vintage accessories with short shorts 👌🏽 #styledbyflorencia http://liketk.it/2BIcP #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Who wants to join my blazer squad? Tell me how many blazers you own! I’ve counted 10 blazers in my wardrobe...

𝓫𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓽𝓸 𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓽𝔂 —— it was an amazing 10 days, visiting my moms hometown in which I hadn’t been to since I was 8years old! I was introduced to family I had no idea I had and met amazing new friends I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Now it’s time to get back to the grind and back to reality. —— #qotd ✨ when was the last time you visited your parents roots and where are they from?!

Katie Cung aka the outfit repeater 🤦🏻‍♀️


thoughts on the GoT finale? did anyone like it much? cus haha....I didn’t. if you couldn’t already tell. I’ve still enjoyed this season but I did not think it was anywhere near the quality of previous ones :/ — 📷 – from a visit to the beach at the weekend. it was a very pretty scene when we arrived; hazy - you could actually see the mist drifting along the seashore ☁️🌊

OK je suis allée à l'épicerie hier et la madame à la caisse m'a demandé si j'avais la carte membre du magasin avec moi. J'ai comme failli pleurer!!! Après 3 semaines ici, j'ai enfin pu tant l'air d'une touriste (victoire) 👋🏼😛 J'ai pas été capable de lui répondre une phrase en espagnole, je me suis contenté de dire no mais j'ai le sourire étampé dans la face depuis. Je vais être obligée de rester ici plus longtemps ça de l'air! 🥰😂

She took a 3.5 hour nap while I lay next her in my bed to listening to podcasts on my earphones. Best day ever.

I keep wanting to wear more colours and change a thing or two about my style but I always end up choosing black 🙈 anyone else? #mybeigelife #whywhiteworks

O' hello crispy veggie tacos of my dreams! 🌮 Ty @hellofresh. Swipe to see Ottoline the pup give her paws of approval. & Hello yumm w code DreamyWalk80 to get $80 off ur 1st month. link in bio. #hellofreshpartner

via @miss_esz 🌙 - fw @soniaphy

D e g as 🕊

Comme quoi "j'envoie ça dans l'univers" s'appliquait très bien pour moi ce matin. Merci, l'univers. 🌿❤️ Je l'ai trouvé, ben ouiiiiii. En plus à 50% parce qu'elle était laite un peu. Happy mama plant. ✨ C'est quoi toi, ton moment positif de ta journée? 💛 . . . #plantsofinstagram #plantes #home #passionplantes #plantspace #homeplants #mardigris #simplethings #mybeigelife

90's fashion is in full force right now from Leopord print, high waisted jeans and blazers! This thrifted outfit from @talizethrift is my own take on the trend. Who else is excited about the 90's being back?! #sponsored ° ° ° ° #beautifulmatters #lackofcoloraus #photosinbetween #postitfortheaesthetic #livethelittlethings #nothingordinary #simplefashion #simplicity #lestyleàlafrançaise #talizetreasures #thriftedstyle #thriftfinds #mybeigelife #theparisguru #currentlywearing #detailsoftheday #leopardprint #90sfashion #sustainable

Vintage Céline butterscotch leather heeled loafers available online now 🍨

Corners of home 🌵🌿

How my dreamy corner looks like 🏺

When you’re a stay home mom the first thing people ask is “what do you do all day?” And i think what they are meaning to say is “you must be so busy all day.”

So here’s tiny sneak peek of some of what’s to come here on my girl @sloopemc ✨✨ It’s cosmic & a tad ethereal and it’ll be here on Friday & Saturday at our Pop-Ups. CAN’T WAIT ☺️ It’s gonna be so good to have you round. . We’ll have locally made kombucha tasters from @thebuchasdog & a few local artists will be exhibiting their pieces all around the lower & upper level... and don’t forget @boundarybrewing taprooms all Friday eve & @rootandbranchcoffee will be open from 8.30pm🙌🏻 We’re all getting stuck in, just the way we like it & you are all so welcome. . A2 Portview. FRIDAY 5-9.30pm SATURDAY 10am-midday. 🙌🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Каждый год с приближением лета я понимаю, как сильно люблю осень и зиму. ⠀⠀ Лето и весну люблю только за вечерние прогулки. ⠀⠀ А вот атмосферу зимы и самоощущение осенью я передать через текст не смогу. ⠀⠀ Слишком особенно. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Какое ваше любимое время года?

Always touching my hair

My husband took our boys with him to a client today, so I'm deep cleaning the house this morning. It's my least favorite thing to do, but fortunately I looove the smell of döTERRA's OnGuard cleaner, so that helps a little. . Are you cleaning with products that are harsh and harmful, not only to you and your family but the environment too? Why not start using household supplies that are safe and non-toxic? I can help you make the switch! Let's get you started! DM me for more info. 🧡


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having the ability to see something that I find beautiful each day may be what I admire most in myself.

Способы продвижения в Instagram Может кто-то помнит я писала о том, как начать вести свой блог. Допустим вы всё из этого списка сделали И ваш блог готов к раскрутке Первый Способ-это реклама у блоггеров. Сейчас даже есть блоггеры которые продают таблицы с приходом от других блоггеров (например @komissirina Как интересный факт в свой блог я вложила 150 рублей, но они ушли в пустоту и с рекламы ко мне никто не пришёл, было очень обидно , притом у этого блоггера было +20к подписчиков. Поэтому со своей стороны, я стараюсь сделать всё возможное, чтобы моя реклама сработала и вам всё понравилось 2 Способ (Как по мне самый рабочий)-это активный постинг в Инстаграм В 2019 году алгоритмы Инстаграм сильно изменились , поэтому он продвигает активных пользователей 3 Способ- хештеги Да, они до сих пор работают😅 Очень важно использовать хэштеги по теме блога, поста или фото. А также не стоит добавлять более 20 хэштегов, т.к можно попасть в теневой бан😳 Это далеко не все способы #сохранявкай , чтобы не потерять Если вам понравился этот пост, то напишите мне об этом в комментариях и я выложу 2 часть💞 #retrovibes #style #vintage70s #retrooutfit #90sstyle #ретро #cozyvibes #винтаж #retro #postitfortheaesthetics #стиль #vintage #americanstyle #mybeigelife #взаимнаяподписка #взаимныелайки #взаимныеподписки #лайк #лайктайм #лайкивзаимно #блог #blog #обработка #рекламавинстаграм #pr #раскруткаинстаграм

Куда деть руки на фото❓ Листайте карусель🌝 1 Способ: возьмите стаканчик в руки и попробуйте красиво обыграть 2 Способ: поправляйте волосы 3 Способ: можно придумать интересные позы с руками на верху 4 Способ: я называю его «модельным» (Как раз я его применила на своей фотке) заключается в расположении рук на поясе 5 Способ:можно поднести руки к камере Очень долго делала этот пост , надеюсь, что оцените🙈 #сохранявкай , чтобы не потерять #retrovibes #style #vintage70s #retrooutfit #90sstyle #ретро #cozyvibes #винтаж #retro #postitfortheaesthetics #стиль #vintage #americanstyle #mybeigelife #взаимнаяподписка #взаимныелайки #взаимныеподписки #лайк #лайктайм #лайкивзаимно #блог #blog #обработка #рекламавинстаграм #pr #раскруткаинстаграм

Как все успевать? Главное не переоценивать себя и не планировать слишком много дел Я все-таки придерживаюсь такого мнения, что удобнее бумажного дневника ничего нет Кст, недавно я рассказывала, как я оформляю планер для Instagram (смотрите актуальное Обычно я оформляю дневник на 7 дней, это позволяет сэкономить время среди недели А заполняю вечером Важно не только составить список дел с вечера, но и в течение дня работать с ним Думаю это всё #retrovibes #style #vintage70s #retrooutfit #90sstyle #ретро #cozyvibes #винтаж #retro #postitfortheaesthetics #стиль #vintage #americanstyle #mybeigelife #взаимнаяподписка #взаимныелайки #взаимныеподписки #лайк #лайктайм #лайкивзаимно #блог #blog #обработка #рекламавинстаграм #pr #раскруткаинстаграм


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i couldn’t whisper when you needed it shouted


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remember me love


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weathered beauty


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white & gold


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new & used


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we’ll see the bright baby eyes of a chickadee


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