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My favorites. 💕🥂🥂👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #nursesisters #datenight #ladiesnightout

FREUNDSCHAFT IST WIE MAGIE.💭 DIE GUTEN ZEITEN NOCH BESSER MACHT UND SCHLECHTE ZEITEN VERGESSEN LÄSST ❤️ #freundefürimmer #friendshipgoals #zusammenhalt #happy #disney #spaß #fotoshoot📸 #gemeinsamsindwirstark #nurselife #nursesisters 🌺

🇲🇽HAPPY FATHERS DAY FOR ALL OF OUR HISPANIC DADS THAT NEVER SMILE.🤙🏽😅 . 🇲🇽”My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing hardworking dad, mentor, coach, husband, friend and had a Hardcore Hispanic Military Mind-Set always disciplinando con el cinturón o su famosa chancla para tener respeto todo tiempo.”🤭 . 🇲🇽I'm here with the Main Boss (Jefe) of the Hispanic Mendoza Familia who always kept his son in check ✔️ like a pair of Nikes since I was an infant...lol . 🇲🇽I remember in this post a few years ago chatting up about how come I never had an option of being grounded? instead of getting disciplined by his chancla, telephone wire, small tree branches, fly swatter, etc. please name a few others that I left out in the comment section below😅. . 🇲🇽Hispanic Fathers never smile as you can see by swiping left. lol, He's actually displaying an act of ambivalence by laughing, crying, smiling inside, upset and excited at the same time here in this OG Pic with my Pops! Lol But he’s always been my best friend, my father, and my boss. When I do something that is exciting and he approves, it feels three times as good as you can imagine. Especially our Hispanic pops!!! . 🇲🇽Happy Father’s Day pops and we always stay repping your Pancho Villa Mustache and Beards for all the NurseBrothers out there. You can still be a Registered Nurse & Rock your Beard👨🏻✊😷💉💊💪🏼🚑🏥. . 1. 🇲🇽You know you’re Hispanic when your pops disciplines you with his belt or your mom chasing you with a (chancleta). . 2.🇲🇽You know you’re Hispanic when Vicks VapoRub cures everything. . 3. 🇲🇽You know you’re Hispanic when we’re 🗣yelling, but actually speaking a normal volume. #nursemendoza #nursefamilia #mendozafam #nursing #murse #rockyourstethoscope #nursegang #nursegrind #nursebrothers #nursesisters #icu #msicu #cvicu #tele #pacu #or #er #medsurg #peds #cardiac #rockingbeards #nursewithbeards #fatherandson


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I am so happy and proud of my sister who is graduating this weekend! First a BA in Music from Walla Walla University and now a BSN from Loma Linda University! What’s next!?! You’ve worked so hard and I love you SO much. 💕 #proudsister #bestsisterever #nursesisters

ONE MONTH from today I will be reunited with my girls and so many others from our team for the FIRST TIME IN REAL LIFE at our annual conference in Indianapolis! ✨ . . . When I joined this community I didn’t need motivation to workout - I needed motivation to LEVEL UP my life from the inside out. I was doing all the right things and yet I couldn’t run from this feeling of needing something MORE, except I couldn’t figure out what it was I was missing...until I found this community. . . This community is what has inspired me to confront my insecurities and fear of what other people think. This community is what helped me swallow my pride and take ownership for how I was showing up in my relationship with my now husband. This community is what holds me accountable to show up for myself consistently even through the hard times. This community is what inspires me to dream bigger and push through the fear and never give up. . . These girls? One of them is a full time ICU Nurse Leader and NP student works 60 hour work weeks. The other is a full time radio personality who just bought a house and is in the middle of moving in with her boyfriend for the first time. And even on their hardest, longest, darkest days...I still see them showing up for themselves. These are the kind of women who I want in my corner. These are the kind of women who LIGHT MY SOUL on fire and I will continue to show up for everyday to not only help them achieve their goals but my own. . . . THIS Monday I will be running a 24 hour sneak peek into this coach lifestyle and how YOU can join our incredible tribe. I’ll be sharing what you can expect in my new coach mentorship and from me as your mentor, and how if you’re willing to show up, work on yourself, and work hard every day - YOU can create a lifestyle you freaking LOVE.💗 Go follow my page @teamsweatylovelylife or drop your email below without the .com and I’ll send you more info!✌🏻

Dinner with these amazing group of girlfriends ❤️💕😘 #girlsnight #nursesisters #dinnerdate

Lincoln’s 2 Month Doctor check up and shots 😭😷 he had the best helpers to get him through👩‍❤️‍👩 Linc is 2 FT tall (80%) & weighs 12 lbs (50%) #lincolnjohn #twomonths #nursesisters

Kenta is the sweetest pup there ever was. He walked right into our photo, sat down, and posed perfectly. 🐶💙 We had an amazing turnout for Allison’s graduation party on Sunday! Thank you to everyone who contributed and who came out to celebrate! #nicunurse #nursesisters #picunurse #bernesemountaindogs #graduation2019🎓


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Look who came to visit auntie and her cousins!!! Our new little boo bear ❤️❤️

Here we go @king.akang❣️🙌🏼😝 #nursesisters #vacation #travel


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Hey soul sisters 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️. #nursesisters #blessed

I am BEYOND blessed to call this beautiful girl one of my bestest friends! Thanks for the most incredible weekend and being a huge part of my life! Love you lady 👯‍♀️#nursesisters#blessed#besties#idahome#shesupnext

Today and everyday, I choose PROGRESS over perfection.💗 . . . I had a moment yesterday. This picture on the left popped up on my memories in my phone and the “mean girll that I have worked every day at shutting down for the last 27 months creeped back into my head and told me I’m not good enough. . . You see we all have different journeys. I didn’t join this community because I lacked motivation to workout or because I needed to lose weight. I needed to GAIN confidence in myself. I needed to GAIN lean muscle and be okay with weight gain and end my obsession with the scale. I needed to give myself permission to fuel my body with the proper portions it needs to stay healthy and get stronger. . . This morning I woke up and I poured into my soul and body like I have for the last two years. I read my affirmations and this one popped out at me because I think it’s so easy for us to compare ourselves, even if that person is yourself. But you can’t compare your chapter 10 to your chapter 5, or your chapter 0 to someone else’s chapter 20. I am STRONGER than I was last year. I live life fully and happily and without restriction. Does that mean I’m always going to have cellulite and rolls? Yup. But it also means that I am accomplishing what I set out to do... . . To love my body in all its forms through all the phases of my life.🙏🏻 . . . We only have this ONE body and this ONE life. Don’t let that mean girl hold you back from loving yourself exactly where you’re at. This journey isn’t easy, and I am NOT perfect and there are days like yesterday when I struggle to find the positive - but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank the universe for this gift. It’s saved me in more ways than I can count, and everyday, I am just a little bit stronger because of it.

Some women FEAR the fire, others simply BECOME it.🔥 . . . This is so much more than what you see. . . With every progress photo, my hope is that you will see not only the physical transformation, but the total lifestyle shift. . . Since that photo on the left was taken I have: Ran a marathon and two half marathons. Got engaged to the man of my dreams. Started on my holistic health and wellness journey (for real). Found my true passion within my own journey and sharing that with other women. Started as a health coach and my journey as an entrepreneur. Quit my per diem ICU nursing position. Lost my first fur baby. Planned a wedding in less than a year. Married the man of my dreams. Paid off my 10K of credit card debt. Hosted my first retreat for my team. Quit my Full Time PACU position. Went full time with my coaching business. Began the house hunting process. Welcomed another fur baby. Preparing for a summer full of traveling and change. . . This isn’t a before and after...this is a “look how far I’ve come” progress photo - and I’m just getting started.💃🏼 . . . You ready to join me yet sister?

No Sunday Scaries here...✌🏻 . . . At least not for THIS girl.🙋🏼‍♀️ . . Honestly, I used to dread “Sunday’s”. Especially once I started nursing. I would make like Sadie and stay in bed alllll day if I could and binge watch The Office or Grey’s Anatomy and eat alllll the comfort food just to make myself feel better and pretend like “Monday” wasn’t going to come. . . I felt so alone in my struggles with my body image, my weight, my health, and my career. That feeling of feeling stuck and feeling like I needed to hold it all together for everyone else kept me spinning in circles for a long time, until I realized if I wanted to stop feeling stuck, I needed to be the one to start taking the steps and making the moves to get unstuck. . . It wasn’t easy, in fact it was terrifying, but stepping outside my comfort zone two years ago and joining this team and community was the best thing I ever did for my health, my relationship, and my future. . . I believe there are TWO types of people in this world: 1. Those who feel stuck in some area of their life and would rather complain about it than step outside their comfort zone and take action OR 2. Those who feel stuck and are more afraid of staying stuck than they are to get uncomfortable and grow forward. . . . The great thing, sister? You can ALWAYS choose differently.💗

Had a girl ask me today if I wanted to do a 30 day cleanse...I was like “no thanks sister - I don’t do them cleanses. I do a lifestyle.”✌🏻🍷😘 #rosesoiree

One of my greatest “payouts” from Papa God, my previous workmates turned genuine friends. Readily available when times get rough and hard to face. Welcome home Bossing @celeste.go.9! We miss you sa pinaabtik na videocall @tinpedz and @joyoralde5. #anasteelegroup #nursesisters

Me too, sister.✌🏻 . . . Feel like you don’t know where the last 5 months went because life has just been SO hectic? Me too. About to enter a new season of life and feeling overwhelmed and maybe a little terrified? Me too. Trying to save for a house, finish paying off debt, and afford all the things? Me too. Traveling a TON the next couple months? Me too. Have weddings, showers, concerts, and events to attend? Me too. Trying to navigate the growing pains of running a business, being a nurse, overcoming anxiety, or just being a good wife/girlfriend/fiancé? Yeah, ME TOO. . . You’re not alone in the craziness sister, but here’s the thing - if it isn’t one of those ☝🏻 things I mentioned, it will ALWAYS be something else. . . . So thankful for this community of mine. Not only to lift me up when I’m feeling down, but to remind me daily that I am the one in control of my life and how I approach this season I’m in. . . . Day 4/32 of my lifting program is in the books and my Best Life Bootcamp squad starts Monday - Link in bio.💕

Happy Wednesday! 💕 I’m 3 days strong so far with my personal #5amclub challenge in effort to take back my morning routine. I won’t lie, the first two days were pretty rough, but last night was probably the best night's sleep we've had since we've gotten Sadie and today I'm feeling SO much better! . . . I hear from ladies all the time how they struggle with consistency and motivation with their health and personal goals. Honestly, that was one of the biggest reasons WHY I joined this community in the first place was because I struggled with the same, especially with my ever changing nurse schedule. When I first started trying to make this lifestyle shift I was trying to do everything on the fly which left me feeling exhausted and defeated most days. One of the best things I ever did was take my coach’s advice and read #themiraclemorning and implement a morning routine of my own, and for a good year and a half that morning routine became my rock. . . However, with all the changes these last couple months I've found myself struggling a bit once again with my own consistency. So here's what's been helping me: . . 1) OWNING MY STRUGGLE - putting it out there to my bootcamp ladies and to you all holds me more accountable to take some action 💪🏻(accountability and a good support system is KEY) 2) Leaning into personal development pertaining to this season of my life, goals + time management 👏🏻(@the5amclubofficial has been a game changer) 2) NOT SNOOZING and immediately getting out of bed when my alarm goes off 🤸🏼‍♀️(the HARDEST part in my opinion) 3) Chugging at least 24 oz of water first thing ++ my #liquidmagic 💧⚡️(when I'm dehydrated I feel way more tired and groggy, and coffee on an empty stomach is No Bueno for me) 4) Just saying NO to "one more episode" at night and getting my butt in bed before 10pm 👵🏻(thank the lawd GOT is over) 5) Giving myself some GRACE, celebrating little victories, and committing to daily progress 🙏🏻(not everyday is going to be perfect, and that is OK) . . Anddd if ALL else fails, you can always get yourself a Sadie girl...🐾😘😝 . . . Who else is trying to take back their mornings? I’d love to hear!👇🏻


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We may be “Sisters” but we are far from nuns! 😇🙏🏼💃🏼🥂😬 #photobooth fun at #abbotsfordconvent #nursesisters #definingbeautythroughbreastcancer #breastcancerfundraiser #breastcancercare #breastcancersupport #breastcancerawareness

Congratulations to my amazing sister ❤❤❤ Three sisters ALL NURSES #imsoproudofus #nursesisters

So proud of my sister! She is an amazing mother, wife, sister and now she can add NURSE to the list!! #nursesisters #nurselife #hartnellcollege

To the girl who is skipping meals and eating the same foods over and over because she’s terrified of gaining weight. . . To the girl who constantly compares herself to every single woman wondering what they are doing differently. . . To the girl who can’t look in the mirror without picking out every flaw and imperfection. . . To the girl who feels stuck - doing the same things over and over wishing for different results. . . I feel you, because I WAS you.💗 . . And you know what? It feels r e a l l y good to finally feel this good.🙏🏻 #itstartswithyes

Nurse Heather in the Med Room. Nursing in the late 1970s. The days of med tickets and trays but still the 3 checks and 5 + rights of administration. Learn correct procedure well to avoid med errors! Patients had a cubby or compartment by room number for their non stock meds and there were some blister packs —not unlike portable med carts today. Scanning meds and patients is the only big difference. Osler School of Nursing cap with double black stripe denoting full graduate and RN. See lapel pin, nurse graduate gold pin. The cool gold matching mini cap pin is not in view. Note all white uniform and no nail polish. Canadian educated RN recruited from Toronto to work in LA. Charge Nurse on a 45 bed Med Surg floor, Nightshift, and still smiling! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #canadianrn #rn #registerednurse #nurse #nurseweek2019 #mednurse #nightnurse #nurselifern #nursecap #oslernurse #canadiannursesrock #humbercollegenursingstudents #oslercampus#whiteuniform #nursesofinstagram #nursesunite #nurse💉 #nurse💉💊 #nurseonduty #nurses #nursestory #nursesdontsleep #nursesonduty #nurseblogger #nursesisters #nursesdontplaycards #dontmesswithnurses

Our parents are blessed to have TWO Registered Nurses and One Lawyer.....Yes my sister is OFFICIALLY a Registered Nurse, passed her state boards 75 questions and NOW it’s time to enjoy harvest. ~The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest! Well Done Sis! I love you😘 💕 #terrysgirls #youbetta👩🏾‍⚕️#beautybrains #securethebag👑 #nursesisters #registerednurses #weon💨#godisawesome🙌🏾

✨ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN✨ . . One month till this guy and I will be in Nova Scotia celebrating my 30th and our first year as husband and wife. . . From the moment I got together with Nate I could see our future, but it became really clear really quickly that our life together was going to be a hard one unless we were willing to make some sacrifices. There were many times that first year I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it, with the demands of his job and mine, it felt like that future I wanted so badly with this man wasn’t going to be possible. . . I thank the universe everyday for this community and the coaching opportunity for coming into my life and giving me a way out of that hole we were in. For helping me pay off my debt, for helping me be able to afford to leave my full time position, and to be able to afford to travel and enjoy this chapter together. . . I am so grateful for this life we are building and this man for supporting my vision and dream, even if he didn’t believe at first. HE and our future family are WHY I work so hard and want to be the best I can be, always, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing him just how right he was to support me. . . This last year we have come so far, but I feel like we’re just getting started.💕

This is NOT just a fitness page. . . Before I started my coaching business I was so nervous to share my journey or admit that I wasnt happy with myself or my career, because I was stuck in the “I care what other people think” mindset. . . For years, I tried to ignore it and pursued new positions and buried myself in relationships, wine and Netflix. But even that couldn't cover up how I felt. So, I started this separate account in hopes to maybe connect with other women who were struggling and looking to find their way out. Thankfully, I DID find those women because of this community, and you know what I realized? Literally EVERYONE, even the ones you think have it all together, worry about what other people think of them. . . When I keep this perspective, I don't feel the need to compare myself so much. But the last couple months I've felt myself shrinking, falling back into that comparison trap...and it's taken me awhile to figure it out, but I think I've finally realized WHY: . . I have felt ashamed of MY STORY. . . Ashamed because I love being a nurse, but I am so frustrated with the nursing culture and the healthcare system. That my true passion is in PREVENTING the things I see come into the hospital. In EMPOWERING nurses to value their own health above all else, so that maybe future nurses won't have to experience burnout like I did. . . It's only through being honest that I find CLARITY and the courage to take action. . . If I let other people’s story determine my content, worth, if I’m “a good nurse", I wouldn’t have some of my best friends ever, I wouldn’t have a profitable BUSINESS and I wouldn’t get messages from strangers in need or opportunities to help others who feel the same as me. . . Fitness is not my whole life, but I do LOVE fitness & sharing about it because my daily routine teaches me to PUSH MY LIMITS, believe in myself, SHOW UP and take action like the strong woman I know I am. . . So don’t. Don’t do what I did and let your Instagram account, friends/family, past roles, or career keep you inside a box or make you feel ashamed of who you are. Say what you want to say. Spread your joy, and OWN what lights you up. Your story MATTERS.💗

Felicidades chicas!! Si se puede! #repost @brendda.xo with @get_repost ・・・ Being able to obtain my BSN 🎓alongside my big sister has been one of the most special moments in my life thus far. We cried together, studied together, stressed together but in the end we conquered it together. ✊🏼🖤 Seeing our parents struggle and still work hard for us to continue our education has been our #1 motivation. So, this is for you Momma y Apa. Nos pusimos las pilas!! #nursesisters #bsn #newgradnurses #wedidit #latinasinmedicine #firstgenerationgraduates

#njnregram with @brendda.xo ! We want to send congratulations to you and your sister for graduating with your BSN! How dope is that 🙌🏾• • Being able to obtain my BSN 🎓alongside my big sister has been one of the most special moments in my life thus far. We cried together, studied together, stressed together but in the end we conquered it together. ✊🏼🖤 Seeing our parents struggle and still work hard for us to continue our education has been our #1 motivation. So, this is for you Momma y Apa. Nos pusimos las pilas!! #nursesisters #bsn #newgradnurses #wedidit #latinasinmedicine #firstgenerationgraduates

Brenda C

2019-05-20 21:40:50

Being able to obtain my BSN 🎓alongside my big sister has been one of the most special moments in my life thus far. We cried together, studied together, stressed together but in the end we conquered it together. ✊🏼🖤 Seeing our parents struggle and still work hard for us to continue our education has been our #1 motivation. So, this is for you Momma y Apa. Nos pusimos las pilas!! #nursesisters #bsn #newgradnurses #wedidit #latinasinmedicine #firstgenerationgraduates

#seriesofsisters#nomatterwhathappensinlife#sisterslove #sisters #sistersforlife #sistersgoal #supportandlove #nursesisters #sistah#sisterbff#bestfriendforlife #sistersbestfriendsforever good thing about having a sisters is having a bestfriend for life 💕💃🏻😩☺️😊😘😘🥰🥰💊💉😉🚑💨 curly-straight hair 💅👯‍♂️👯‍♀️

Jenny D

2019-05-19 17:03:38

Happy Sunday!!

“Feel the hard & DO IT ANYWAY”💗 . . . Another half is officially in the books with my best friend and I think it’s safe to say we both grew a little stronger today.💪🏻 . . I had this long, really powerful message I wanted share with you all that hit me between mile 10 and 13 while I was listening to @kacia.fitzgerald latest podcast episode but I’m just going to keep it short and sweet - you NEVER know what hardships lie around the corner. . . We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow girlfriend. We never know when this might be our last day, our last chance to do something we wish we had. The last two years, there are so many times I could have bailed on my health and wellness. I could have bailed out on this race like I almost did. I could have bailed when I hit a wall at mile 11, but you know what I have learned that always keeps me going? I am strong and I am capable of hard things, because I have OVERCOME hard things, even when my fear likes to make me think otherwise. . . We may not know what hardships may come tomorrow, we can’t control that. But we CAN control whether or not we choose to give ourselves the best possible fighting chance we got. To find the joy through the hardships ANYWAYS. To value our bodies and our health everyday, not just when we feel it slipping away from us. That’s the kind of story I wanna write. . . . So the next time you find yourself making excuses to avoid the hard stuff, just ask yourself - is this how I want MY story to go?💗

Nurses Gone Wild...our annual weekend trip to the mountains since 2003 ❤️ #nursesgonewild #onretreat #nurseretreat #endviolenceagainstwomen #metoomovement #nursesrock #nursesonbreak #sisterhood #nursesisters

Happy engagement Tammy 💕🍾🎉 #nursesquad #nursesisters

Looking at the next chapter of my life like...🤸🏼‍♀️ . . . Woke up at 5 in the playroom/spare bedroom and did some yoga, meditated, and got some work done. The more times I visit my girlfriends who have kids, the more I feel like moms are literal superhumans - they literally never stop going from the moment their child’s feet hit the floor, until their head hits the pillow. The more I think about it, the more I know motherhood is going to rock my world like whoa, but I also know that was a HUGE reason I started on this journey in the first place. For their sake and mine, I’m going to do my damnedest to keep taking care of ME, so that I can be the best for THEM. . . Morning play time is done and now we are all showering up and heading down to Dartmouth for our race tomorrow! It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to be near the ocean! 🙌🏻 . . . Anyone else running a half this weekend?! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


2019-05-17 18:52:11

#happybirthday LindaNoInstA 😘🍷💃🏽🎂😍 #nursesisters #fun #goodtimes


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KC, did you love yesterday’s weather?! What a reminder that Summer is on the way! Last night we spent the evening at @theshopsofprairievillage Clock Tower Concert. We love this community so much! There’s seriously nothing better than a family walk that ends up in the village on a warm, sunny evening with family friendly activities and music by @twiceonsundaykc . And a nice, chilled glass of wine. 😉 The kids were running wild, we chatted with friends and chased each others’ babies around, the music and the weather were just awesome. It was such a fun evening! Community is so important to us. We love supporting our local neighborhood! One of our personal favorites is a Saturday morning walk to eat fresh-made crepes at @frenchmarketkc or breakfast from @caffetteriacafe. YUM! It truly makes us feel like we are on vacation...in our own neighborhood! How blessed is that!? Not to mention that we are still trying to grasp that we live across the street from one other - like we can see in each other’s living rooms!! And we love it! 😆 . We want to know, what is your favorite weekend tradition? Happy Friday friends! . . Join us June 27th and August 8th for more Clock Tower Concerts! . #kccommunity #turningneighborhoodsintocommunities #nursesisters #onetribekc #shoplocalkc #prairievillage #kcmomblogger #kcmomblog #kcmoms #kcigers #instakc #honestmotherhood #mywishformoms #mommyhood #letthembelittle #honestmommin #thisisparenthood #fitmom #everydayinprairievillage

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2019-05-17 09:43:15

Here’s to this girl! Saw what she wanted and went right on after it, from watching me get my LPN to going for it herself and now graduating with her RN-BSN this weekend. I’m SO proud of you because I know how hard you worked for it! You might be my little sister but you absolutely are an inspiration to me to never stop going for what you want. This weekends for you girl! ❤️❤️ #stillnottwins #reganrns #nursesisters

Las Vegas November, 2018 - International Conference. Reward for hard work! Many years as a Medical Surgical bedside RN, Charge Nurse, Dialysis Nurse, ICU / CCU RN, Infection Control Nurse and Wound care Nurse, and finally university lecturer / professor, senior faculty, mentor, Educator, AACN Certified Clinical Nurse Leader, podium presenter, faculty educator, SIM expert and educator, curriculum designer, program and course writer, senior ucla poster session and ACC Leadership Summit organizer. Lots of projects in various states of development. Whats next? So much to do, so little time! Embrace all that life has to offer and enjoy the journey, try to leave the world a bit better for having you in it. Thanks for following my journey! 😊 #nurseentrepreneur #nursewriter #nurses #nurseeducators #rn #nursemusings #nurselife #nursephotographer #nursefilmaker#meetingsindustry #nurseconference #nursesdontplaycards #nursesisters #nurse💉

Nurse Heather in Hollywood, California (1978). Yes, if you guessed 1978 you are correct! This was at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, California. Medical Surgical floor. I was recruited from Canada, fresh out of nursing school, in the dead of winter. I came down with a couple of classmates for adventure and for some sunshine! After a wonderful month of new grad orientation, I had a week or two orientation to my new job with a veteran nurse, what they would call a preceptor today. He was Denis Sands, a globe-trotting Australian male nurse, 30 years my senior. Then I was left in charge on night shift of a 45 bed floor with one great LVN, and two sometimes flaky Nurse Assistants! My mentor had taught me very well and I learned a lot there—some of my most amusing memories as a rookie nurse from here. I learned a LOT that first year. After a year working night shift, I was promoted to the Center for Critically Ill, and did their critical care course. Lunchtimes were happy times meeting my friends on the patio for BBQ! One of my Canadian pals, Linda, was a Pediatric nurse who went on to NICU. Carol was in Orthopedics. They both ended up returning to Toronto, but I went to Vancouver, BC, for 5 years and then missed the sunshine so came back and ended up marrying and raising my children in lovely Manhattan Beach! Keep following for more on the life and nursing adventures if Nurse Heather. Share with friends! If you are one of my prior students, a former colleague or workmates, please do DM me with an update or say hi! New friends, current students or business collaborators are invited to contact me as well with any questiins ProfWalshRN@gmail.com 🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑❤️🚑 #nurse#nurseentrepreneur #newnurse #hpmc #whitenurseshoes #whitenursinguniform #whitenursehat #nurselife #nurse💉 #nurseonduty #nursenightshift #hollywoodnurses #realnurse #realnursesnow #realnurseoflosangeles#realhollywoodnurse#canadiannurse #nursesisters #nursesdontplaycards #dontmesswithnurses #canadianrn #clinicalnurseeducator #nurseeducator