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Stop trying to change yourself in order to be accepted by others. Focus on loving yourself - EXACTLY how you are, even if you want to change something about yourself. . You can want to change and elevate your life while still loving exactly who you are today. Don’t change yourself out of hatred, do it because you love yourself and you want to live your best and healthiest life - no matter what that means for you!

Monday Night= Team Call Night! ❤️ I truly love sitting and learning from top leaders and from new leaders! I got BIG goals and cannot wait to start crushing them! #teamburnittoearnit

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How i survived nursing school ... MacBook ✔️ MDF stethoscope ✔️ chi town shot glass (thanks Hans!)✔️ 😂🤣 #essentials #nursingstudentproblems #nurseinprogress #macbook #mdfinstruments #nursingproblems #bossbabe #katespade #nurselife #latenights #sleepwalking #studytips

It is without further ado that @thekatieduke and I present to you The Concept To Creation Planner!⁣ ⁣ This 16-month undated all around life planner will help you effectively keep track of your short & long- goals, responsibilities, & deadlines. Not to mention it will assist you in drawing out your vision for your life, guide you in some needed self reflection, and even provide you with some action- oriented motivation!⁣ ⁣ It doesn’t matter if you are seeking to create the personal life you want, create the professional life you want, or build the brand that you want..... The Concept To Creation Planner will help you customize the plan that works for YOU!⁣ ⁣ Planner is available starting NOW through July 31st at a discounted rate. Simply click the link in my bio to grab yours NOW!⁣ Simply click link in my bio! ⁣ P. S. All pre-sale planners will be shipped in August 2019 & head over to @theconcepttocreation to continue to follow the journey 💛

s t u d y t o s a v e l i v e s This week I will be busy with studying for two tests! I have an exam on diabetes and then I have my Endocrine final this Thursday. To manage my time, I create a study schedule with small breaks in between. I spend 40 minutes studying and then I take a 15 minute break. I like to eat healthy snacks to fuel my brain. For example, I like to eat dark chocolate and walnuts together. Also eating almond butter with an apple tastes yummy. I like to have a whiteboard and rewrite my notes so I can retain the information. I am a kinesthetic learner, so this works really well for me. Happy studying! 📸: found from Pinterest

NO more sore muscles. Everyday I down my go go juice before I workout. Besides the fact that it’s all natural, it gives my that jolt that I need to get me through my workout. It pumps me up to dance around and crush it. After my workout though I take my chocolate post workout. I never noticed how much it helps until I go without it! After weight lifting in my program this helps so much so tomorrow my muscles don’t hurt as much. Thank gosh tomorrow I’ll be able to walk after leg day!! . Workout number ✌️done #teamburnittoearnit

Sometimes I have to remind myself that before I got to this point in my nursing program I prayed and begged God for this!!!! It ain’t easy but I want it so bad!!! So those days that don’t feel like studying (like today) I try to think back to how hungry I was to get where God has placed me!!!!! #iwillbeanurse !!!!!👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️#keeponkeepingon #sixmoremonthstogo #nursingschoolproblems #nursingstudentproblems #medsurgeaintnojoke

Not messing around and starting my studying because I was this👌🏼 close to getting a 4.0 second semester. I WILL get one third. • • • #medsurg #medsurgnurse #medsurgnursing #nursingschool #nursingstudent #nursingstudentlife #nursingstudentproblems #studygram #trocairecollege #postit

It is easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing and what they have over you. We forget that everyone has their season...so wait for yours patiently. I promise it won’t pass without you being able to enjoy it ✨

I am in full on vacation mode! Not looking forward to module 4 starting back up in July. This mod will include pediatrics, obstetrics and psych. At least I’m almost done! . . . . . #nursingstudent #nurseinprogress #rninprogress #lvnstudent #nursingstudentproblems #nursesofig #nursesofinstagram #rnstudent #futurenurse #studentnurse #nurselife #nurseprobs #nurseofinstagram

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I am committing to myself for 100 workouts! . Today I did a FREE sample workout for this NEW program launching next month and I actually had FUN!!! I CANNOT wait to start this!! Are YOU gonna do it with me?! #teamburnittoearnit

This is a friendly reminder that you will get a limited time on this earth. Today is a good day to do something great. Stay Motivated 💪🏼 Wearing Ceil Blue Butter-Soft Scrubs Rounded V-Neck 5 pocket top and Butter-Soft jogger pants with cargo pockets by UA 💙 📸 @ jedalbert . . . . . #nurse #nursing #nursingstudent #studentnurselife #bsn #rn #nursingschool #nursingstudentproblems #nurse #nursinglife #healthcare #medicine #womeninmedicine #staymotivated #motivation #nursesinspirenurses #motivationmonday #workhard #passion #buttersoftscrubs #littmanstethescope #adayinscrubs #uascrubs #uniformadvantage #uniformadvantagescrubs #uabuttersoftscrubs #babesinscrubs #babesinscrubsdoitbetter #thebabesbrand #womeninscrubs

Had my first patient pass away on me during a code blue 🔷 last week and I had to remind myself, “if it were easy, everyone would do it...” But it’s not so that makes me one of the #chosenfew✊🏽. Despite the outcome, I gave my all and that’s what matters most ♥️. #nursingstudentlife #nursingstudentproblems #nevereasy #keeppushing #therewardiscoming #blacknursesrock #scrublife #codebluechronicles #staythecourse #blacknurses #nurselife #codeblue

Controversial post. ———————————————————————— ‘Why should I care?’ . . . ‘I don’t have the time because of __.’ ‘ I don’t care to be stronger’, ‘I’m happy with how I look’ . ‘Fitness & wellness isn’t my problem’ . ‘I don’t care’. ———————————————————————— . Don’t. You don’t have to. . . But then don’t complain about paying taxes for a healthcare system that’s oversaturated and ‘ineffective’. You’ve now contributed to the issue. . . Don’t complain when your patient doesn’t listen to your education. You weren’t leading by example. . . Don’t complain about the ‘lack of respect’ you may receive as a professional nurse. Are you embodying your knowledge? . . Don’t complain about poor staffing ratios. You’re a possible contributor to the large influx of admissions. . . Don’t complain about the increasing levels of mental health disorders. . . Don’t complain about how your knees and back hurt after consecutive 12 hour days. . . Don’t complain when your patient is readmitted with complications 3 times. It’s likely they have underlying chronic conditions that could have been prevented w/ living a more active lifestyle. . . Don’t complain when you have to wait with your child in the emerg for 18 hours, because it’s so full. . . . . . When you put your health on the back burner, you put yourself at risk of being a PART of the PROBLEM we all advocate so hard to fix. . . So by all means. Don’t care. But also, don’t complain 😉. . Fitness & wellness is more than ‘looking and feeling’ good. It’s about being an advocate for preventative, sustainable change in our healthcare systems and in people’s lives. . . How important is your health, to you? What are you doing about it? 👇🏽 . . Have a beautiful day xo Misha . . Nursesasleaders.org . . #motivationmonday

☆ What Have You Done This Month to Advance Your Nursing Career ☆⠀ ⠀ Did you create a study plan to prepare for the NCLEX or certification exam?⠀ ⠀ Did you accept a new position that challenges your current nursing skills?⠀ ⠀ #nursingcareermanagement #nclexprep #rn #lpn #nurses #nursessupporttheiryoung #nurseeducator #nursingstudentproblems #nursingstudent

Make sure you SHOP with @nurseessentials in our Vendor’s Lounge at the Nurse Power Brunch: Essence Weekend Edition in NOLA on July 6, 2019⠀ --------------⠀ This is the hottest place to be at #essencefest ! Join us for a full brunch, networking, special guests, red carpet experience, and a panel discussion to help you tap into your power! 💫

Here's a picture depicting a human brain with severe bacterial meningitis. Bacterial Meningitis: Bacterial meningitis is a bacterial infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord). •Effects and symptoms: Permanent disabilities (such as brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities), nausea, headach and fever can result from the infection. Bacterial meningitis is very serious and can be a deadly disease. Death can occur in as little as a few hours. Most people recover from meningitis. •Causes: There are several types of bacteria that can cause meningitis. They include the following bacteria; * Streptococcus pneumoniae * Group B Streptococcus * Neisseria meningitidis * Haemophilus influenzae * Listeria monocytogenes •Treatment: Doctors treat bacterial meningitis with a number of antibiotics. ie; A class of antibiotics called cephalosporins, especially Claforan (cefotaxime) and Rocephin (ceftriaxone). Various penicillin-type antibiotics, aminoglycoside drugs such as gentamicin etc are also used. 📷•Medicogram• repost @medicogram #letslearn #meningitis #disease #healthcare #brain #surgery #trendingnow #neurology #neuro #neurosurgery #bacteria #microbiology #clinicals #pathology #medicogram#nursingstudentproblems #medschoolproblems #premedstudent #physicaltherapystudent #studentnurselife #gynae #funnynurse #nursesday #nursesproblems #powerhousenurses #nursesonduty #nurseinprogress #nursingschoolproblems #paschool #nurseblogger


24 Hours Ago

Walking into my LAST week on day shift orientation like 😯 . It’s seriously mind boggling and straight up scary that I am so close to being on my own. This is my last week on day shift and then I orient two extra weeks on night shift. To say orientation flew by is an understatement! Some days I feel confident and ready to be alone and other days I couldn’t even tell you the room number of my third baby. . I oriented and attended high risk deliveries today and it was definitely my favorite day so far. I loved how organized the deliveries were! My nurse communicated SO well with families and the rest of the team during stressful situations. High risk is definitely something I aspire to work towards within my first year. But right now, I’m focused on staying afloat with a 2-3 ICU baby assignment. (Lowkey love love love OR scrubs)

✨ Looking for 10 LADIES! ✨⠀ ⠀ Is this YOU?! Have you ever found something in your life that makes you feel more sane? Like legit makes you feel like you’re THRIVING instead of surviving?! I HAVE 🙋🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ For me it’s FITNESS! Staying active. Moving my body every day. Taking time FOR ME every day. It’s life giving for me even on my craziest days!⠀ ⠀ I realize NOW more than ever how important it is to harness those small seemingly insignificant things that actually energize and liven me daily. Those things that clear my mind and make me a more energetic and focused future medical student. Those things that help me push through when things are tough in life. Those things that help me find my inner strength.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When I got to thinking about how much legit JOY moving daily brings me, I KNEW what my next theme for my accountability group was going to be! A tribute—to empowering more women to view taking care of themselves as a form of sanity not vanity and rather something that helps them THRIVE in their journey. 💜⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We are having so much fun and getting such rad results in the first week of this program we decided to open it up for ROUND 2!!! June is coming to a close and y’all we have a HUGE SALE going on through the end of the month! You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you’re not already chatting with me about getting started, then it’s time we rally together as women, mamas, girlfriends, wives, single ladies, and more to find JOY in the journey and cherish how you can start thriving by taking care of you!⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I submit that fitness should not be focused solely on the outside appearance and results it can bring, but rather on the internal transformation, sanity and joy to be had! Who doesn’t want to find more JOY in everyday moments?! Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re THRIVING, instead of just surviving?? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Join me for my FIGHT TO THRIVE accountability group this month. You’ll get samples of my famous GO GO JUICE (aka my pre-workout) when you sign up and I can’t WAIT to get you set up with a program and plan that works for you in whatever season of life you’re in.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Message me to get more details

Sunday nights used to be binging Netflix and laying in bed. NOW they consist of snuggling with Manny on the couch and having a huge virtual get together with 78 other boss babes with the similar goals helping and encouraging each other! I’ll take this kinda night over binging anyday! #teamburnittoearnit

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About 1 year ago I had to make a major pivot in my professional & personal life to ensure that I was staying true to Nicole. That pivot required me to do some things very differently. ⁣ ⁣ It was during that pivot that I begin to trade hanging out with my friends as we discuss the latest “tea” for discussing acquisitions & real estate, chasing the coin for chasing intention, meaningless work for intentional work, being busy for protecting time, opportunity searching for soul searching, and living for others to living for Nicole.⁣ ⁣ Moral of the story: if you want different...move different ‼️⁣ #sundayreflection

Thankful to have been a part of this beautiful future nurse’s wedding yesterday 🥂👰🏻🕊#sheforgotthepaperforhervowsbutstillrockeditandmademecry

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fun fact : i love to dance ! . when i recorded this video it was SO out of my comfort zone. i am use to dancing at home when nobody is looking . but when the level up challenge came out , I told myself that it’s time . time to own it . so i practiced at home . but when it was showtime , i panicked and turned around lmao . . it’s okay though! i still did it ! and there’s so much room for improvement . so with that being said ; i have decided to invest in myself, and take dance classes , learn how to pole dance , master salsa , and make bomb ass choreographed videos with friends ! can’t wait !🕺🏻 ✨ . moral of the story : great things never come from comfort zones , and do more of what makes you happy 💖

Never stop being a good person because of bad people ✌️ #teamburnittoearnit

This is probably one of my favs! ⠀ Completely functional but colorful, bright & fun! 😍😍

Rapid heart rate determination . The “big box method” of determining heart rate can be useful in estimating rate quickly to aid in decision making. This method works because standard ECG paper grids use known time variables with given constants of measure . To do this, attempt to find a QRS spike that falls on a bold line. This would ideally be a “big box” measuring 0.2 seconds . Once you’ve got your starting line, count forward on each bold line (to the beginning of the next 0.2 second marker) . Repeat to yourself: 300,150,100....75,60,50. Commit to memory. Repeat these counts until you can effortlessly name them . In the example above, the rate falls between 100-150 bpm. The second QRS falls a little closer to the 150 line than the 100 bpm marker, so you could estimate reasonably between 125 and 150 bpm. The actual heart rate is 127 👍🏻 . This is one of many heart rate calculation methods that provides for a quick and easy educated guess when a decision needs to be made quickly.

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting ❤️ #teamburnittoearnit

You wanna be healthier? FIGHT FOR IT. . You wanna have more time? FIGHT FOR IT. . You wanna have more happiness in your life? FIGHT FOR IT. . Whatever you want out of your life - you have to FIGHT FOR IT! Stop making excuses, stop saying you can’t, and START FIGHTING! You deserve it!!

"Asleep on the job: A professional wake-up call" Patients and their families depend on quality, safe care from alert clinicians who can think quickly and react appropriately in any situation. What happens if that reaction time is diminished by a lack of sleep or a high level of fatigue? Read this important article: ht.ly/KgwE30oY9LX . . . #nursinglife #nursingschool #nursingstudentproblems #nurses #nursingfriendly #nursetobe #nursing #nursesofinstagram #nurseinthemaking💉💊 #nurse #hospital #medicine #medical #rn #registerednurse #nclex #scrublife #registerednurses #nurseleaders #nursesdoitbetter #healthcare #nursingstudent #rnlife #education #nurselife #nursinghumor #np #healthcare #patientcare

Alhamdulillah telah terlaksana dengan lancar "PRIVATE MENDIRIKAN DAN MENGELOLA PRAKTIK MANDIRI Batch 2" yang diselenggarakan oleh Akademi Perawat Mandiri (N-Squad) Yang dilaksanakan pada tanggal 21-22 Juni 2019 di Hotel Adipura Makassar *Yang belum sempat ikut Batch 2, jangan khawatir, nantikan keseruannya di Batch ke-3 . . . . . N-SQUAD Profesional, Mandiri, Sejahtera #nursing #nursingschool #nursingstudent #nursingfriendly #nursingwear #nursingdress #nursingschoolproblems #nursingcover #nursinglife #nursingblouse #nursingmom #nursingpillow #nursingjubah #nursingbra #nursingstudents #nursinghome #nursingnecklace #nursingproblems #nursingtop #nursingstudentproblems #nursingmama #nursingschoolprobs #nursinghumor #nursingapron #nursingattire #nursingfriendlyjubah #nursingstudentlife #nursingmoms

50% done 🥰

Tonight’s sunset #teamburnittoearnit

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Golf cart rides and river trips with my men = great afternoon!!! ❤️ #teamburnittoearnit

Workout even on the weekend! This has always been difficult for me🤷🏻‍♀️ I use the weekend as an excuse to be lazy as though I’ve earned it. Well not anymore! I’m loving #piyo and I feel so much better after all the stretching so it is actually a treat to myself to workout on the weekends AND I have literally sat on my ASS for a year in school so to say I’ve gained some weight would be an understatement! 22lbs😳is what I’ve gained😱 I’m taking back control of my habits and I can’t wait to start feeling better. I’m already enjoying better sleep and flexibility overall. My time is NOW! Oh yeah...I also graduate in 6 DAYS🎉🎓🎉🎓🎉🎓 . . . . #mefirst #nursingstudent #lpnstudent #nursingstudentproblems #healthynurse #fitnurse #icandohardthings #over40gettingfit #40ish #fortysomething #momofthree #progressnotperfection #liveyourbestlife #noexcuses #ifnotnowwhen #mylifemyway #livethelifeyouimagined #betterthanyouusedtobe #trusttheprocess #heathersgettinghealthy💙 #getfitandshareit #gethealthy_heather

The weekend is finally here!! 👏🏻 ⠀ I say that as if I have super exciting stuff going on 😂⠀ My weekends are spent studying and prepping for the next week with occasional pool time 😉😉 ⠀ Here’s my weekend to-do list ⠀ ⠀ >finishing up my care plan 💊 ⠀ >study for an exam 📚 ⠀ >plan next week 📒 (we need a happy planner emoji! 😂)⠀ >check in with my fitness group 💪🏻⠀ >hangout with the Mr. and Levi ♥️ ⠀ >meal plan & food prep 🍱⠀ ⠀ What are you up to this weekend? 🙃 who else is a water babe like me? I could live in the pool 🏊‍♀️😍

This is a brilliant way to remember lung sounds courtesy of @medicholics. Credit: @medicholics - follow them for great medical content and learning tips #cuhsonclassof2020 #nursingschool #nursingstudent #residency #nursingstudentproblems #nursingschoolproblems #mcat #nclex #hesi #ati #medsurg #criticalcare #pharm #roadtobsn #lungsounds #auscultation


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you only see what i choose to show you . @magnolia_med started a hashtag called #youseeisee , it allows us to share with you the truth behind the IG posts : . you see tips and advice : i see years of my mother teaching me how to be organized, trial + error throughout nursing school , failing exams , endless studying , and learning how to be vulnerable on this platform . . you see a recent RN grad : i see the toll it took on me physically | mentally | emotionally , lack of motivation to study for the nclex , self-doubt , and questioning ‘what’s next’ . you see positivity and strength : i see years of heartache , grief , reading self improvement books/quotes , meditation , motivational YouTube videos , prayer , and life lessons. you see a ‘hard working’ nursing assistant : i see my sleep cycle shifting from day-shift to night-shift weekly , slow metabolism , 4-5 hrs of sleep , and feeling burn out . . you see curves and beauty : i see my inner critic telling me ‘i am overweight’ , constant healthy food battle due to my lack of resilience , inconsistent gym sessions , and learning to be kind , love + accept myself daily. where i am today did not happen overnight , and as you can see i am still working toward becoming a better me. enjoy YOUR journey , and embrace the detours because they lead to who are destined to be ✨ . 📷 : @kflix

Nursing KAMP

2 Days 10 Hours Ago

Been finishing up my cracking the code on pulmonary book coming out soon!! Follow me or share with that nurse @nursingkamp

A question I’ve been getting lately: Since you graduated why did you start working in Psych/ mental health nursing? You didn’t want to start in the hospital? - Here’s the deal. I wanted to start working as a nurse in the hospital. But God had other plans for me. You see sometimes you want something so bad, but it’s not the right timing or it’s not meant for you right now. I applied for a pysch nursing job and was hired the following day. Many of you don’t know but I used to be a clinical social worker in a therapy facility. I saw many patients with social issues BUT guess what was a big factor in their lives: MENTAL HEALTH. Many of my clients suffered from some kind of mental health disorder. So when the job for psych nursing opened and I got offered the position I accepted. I look forward to starting my nursing career here and seeing where my journey unfolds. - As a nurse 👩🏾‍⚕️ it’s so important to continue to educate yourself especially in the field where you work. I dug through my old nursing school notes for mental health and began to review mental health disorders + signs and symptoms + psych pharmacology drugs (tricyclic antidepressants, Mao inhibitors, mood stabilizers, etc). - Zoom in to see what mental health disorder and drugs I’m reviewing today. Drop your questions about psych/mental health nursing in the comments below. Let me know if you want YouTube videos about my job as a mental health nurse. - All items in the pic can be found in my amazon store. Click the link in my bio and tap “Shop my amazon faves” ➡️ Nursing school/ nursing faves - #nursesofinstagram #summer #blessed #novicenurse #nclex #graduate #nurseinspo #nursingstudent #nursingstudentproblems #nursesweek #nursegraduate #nursegoals #graduation #bsn #nursingschool #nursingfriendly #dnpstudent #fnpstudent #collegelife #nclexprep #blackgirlmagic #bloggerlife #blackgirlsrock #powerhousenurses #registerednurse #youtube #blogger #mentalhealthnurse #ootd #nurselife

Accurate depiction of how my meditative practice has been going lately. Been real hard to quiet my mind and just breathe but here I am, still trying!! 😂🧘🏻‍♀️ #justbreathe #orwhatever #nursingstudentproblems #adultlife #yogagirl #itsavibe

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T Minus 17 days until I get to hang out with my girls!! . I can’t believe we’re so close to our annual coach summit and I am so excited to attend for the first time! I cannot wait to hug my friends, celebrate changing lives, eat yummy food, and laugh so hard our abs hurt. . I’m so thankful that this coaching opportunity came in to my life. I get to spend my free time helping other women find joy through fitness like I have. I have found a community of women focused on lifting each other up and helping lift others. . I never knew I needed this in my life, but I did. Maybe you do too. Let’s chat and see how you can add this coaching opportunity to your life!! Who knows, maybe next year you’ll be attending summit with me ☺️

We know what it's like to have sore achey feet after a long shift. That's why we created amazing, affordable compression socks for healthcare professional. Shop now on Amazon!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #dpt #physicaltherapist #nursingstudentlife #nurseblogger #nurseblog #nursingstudentblogger #prettypractice #womeninmedicine #powerhousenurses #pctlife #cnalife #pct #patientcaretech #nurselife #hospitallife #scrublife #nursing #nurse #rn #futurenurse #nursesofinstagram #nursingassistant #nursingschoolproblems #nursingstudentproblems⠀

Weeks 2 Day 3 DONE! Shoulders on🔥 #teamburnittoearnit

Rate dependent right bundle branch block 📈. . This ECG shows sinus rhythm with development of a right bundle branch conduction delay at higher rates during a chemical stress test using regadenoson (Lexiscan). . The rate in the first image is 65 bpm and increasing. In the second image the rate is 83 bpm and the right bundle is now very evident. Following reversal with Aminophylline, the rate deceased and the QRS returned to its resting narrow appearance. . Note the Bunny ears appearance of the R, R prime in V1. These conduction delays may happen on the left or right his bundles and generally return to baseline with rate decrease. . #cardiacstresslab #cardiology #cardiacnurse #ekg #medical #nursing #nursingschool #nursingstudent #nursingstudentproblems #nursingschoolproblems #nursepractitioner #nclex #paramedic #ucfnursing

Spider veins no more! This patient can say goodbye to those spider veins, thanks to sclerotherapy! Sclerotherapy effectively treats varicose and spider veins. It's often considered the treatment of choice for small varicose veins. . Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the vein. The sclerotherapy solution causes the vein to scar, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins. The collapsed vein is reabsorbed into local tissue and eventually fades. . After sclerotherapy, treated veins tend to fade within a few weeks, although occasionally it may take a month or more to see the full results. In some instances, several sclerotherapy treatments may be needed. Sclerotherapy is usually performed for cosmetic reasons. It can also be used to improve symptoms such as aching, swelling, burning, and night cramps. . . . . 💖Double tap if you like it 🙏 Follow @video.nurses 🙋 Tag your bestie, comment and share . . . Credit @med.guide #nursingschoolproblems #nursinglife #nurselife💊💉 #nursesunite #nursesofinstagram #nursesrule #nursingstudents #nursetobe #nursingproblems #nursing #nurse💉 #nursesbelike #nightnurse #pediatricnurse #nursesrock #nursingschool #nursingstudent #nurseslife #nursingstudentproblems #nursingstudentlife #futurenurses #nurseselfie #nursestory #nursestudent #nursesdoitbetter #ernurse #registerednurses #nursesweek #nightshiftnurse #nursestudents

Saturday morning and I’m in my office working? WHAT IS THIS!? I never liked working on the weekends. By the time Friday at 5 came around I was out of work and not thinking about it all weekend. I was burnt out and needed relaxation. NOW I’m up working on Saturday morning checking in with my team and seeing how everyone is doing! I am also prepping for my July group… I have some fun ideas and this group will be more interactive and fun! Happy Saturday! #teamburnittoearnit

Cheers to the weekend 🥂

Update: I passed my skills checkoff! Hence the pic of me twirling with joy!! I ended up having to put in a foley, which wasn’t bad. It is one of the skills I am very familiar with. I got an A in my GI final! Now I just have to focus on studying for my last endocrine test and then the endo final next week. Just one more week until vacation🥰This month went by fast! Now it’s time to enjoy this weekend😎

have you ever wondered if you had the right words for your patients at all times? While we might not always know what to say, there are CRITICAL topics that require effective #communication within your daily practice as a #registerednurse • Critical communication is needed... -during hourly rounding -for individualized care planning -for pain assessments and reassessments -for medication and side effect education -during discharge teaching -for SAFETY • I’ve developed Sample Scripts for Nurses to assist in communicating with patients for all of the above. • swipe to read my advice to help with your nursing script. • • • #nurseeducator #adn #bsn #msn #dnp #studentnurse #nursingstudent #nursingstudentproblems #nursingstudentprobs #nursingschool #nursingschoolproblems #student #msnstudent #bsnstudent #futurenurse #futurern #cna #nurseassistant #patientcaretech #nursingeducation #boardcertified #bc #rnbc

Happy First Day if Summer!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 Here in Ohio we’ve had a bunch of rain so it doesn’t feel very summery lol Let me know where you’re from and what Mother Nature is giving ya! 😊

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It’s Friday night... tiki me out! 🍹