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4 Hours Ago

Loving my womb/ healing my womb 🌼 (perhaps the ramblings of a mad woman) 🌼 Loving my womb means so many things to me! It translates into so many necessary steps. 🤔 My children are an extension of my womb. Their well being and balance plays a heavy role in my wombs’ health. 👭👫👬 Drawing in celestial energy by accepting the energy given to my crown by loving myself enough to massage my scalp with the shower water... that is womb healing. 🚿 The biggest thing, so far, is loving myself. This is so hard for reasons so many that it is so difficult to pinpoint them at their depth and leaves me feeling determined and blind at where to start. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Being like a child, who simply allows themselves to experience their selves. Their bodies more and their thoughts less. Perhaps that is my starting point in this area. 💕 My womb is my belly. The belly where my food is stored to absorb nutrients while traveling thru my digestive tract. Or is it? Is it traveling freely? Absorbing properly? 👎 Loving myself and healing my womb includes loving/healing all of my body. (Including those little extended versions of me, the EPs, the little creations...) it entails cleansing and releasing physical and emotional attachments within myself and guiding the littles in doing the same for themselves. 👣 Time to wake up the chakras. The concept of womb healing has opened my heart and mind to understanding what my higher self demands of me. 👁 So honored to have been set on this path. 🙌 #rawgahdwombhealingchallenge #wombhealing #madness #simplycomplicated #loveyourself #rawnchygurl


5 Hours Ago


Demi ft. Lovatics🤩 - Here are some videos of Demi’s best crowd moments :) these are so cute and she looks so happy when the crowd sings along💝 - #demi #demilovato #demivids #demilovatovideos #lovatic #lovatics #demilovatovideo #lovato #ddlovato #tmylm #tellmeyouloveme #confident #simplycomplicated #weloveyoudemi #sns #sorrynotsorry 💗


7 Hours Ago

Demi and Henry in Malibu!! Awhhh she looks so happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊 @luisfonsi @diannadelagarza #prayforselena @ddlovato #ddlovato #demi #lovato #demilovato #lovatic #lovatics #tmylm #tmylmtour #staystrong #keepfightingdemi #demilovatofan #lovaticfamily #lovaticforever @selenagomez #simplycomplicated #echamelaculpa @maddelagarza #boss @xtina #demilovatovideos


9 Hours Ago

Demi Lovato with the finger🔐😭💜#simplycomplicated #fallinline #demiisperfect #lovaticsforever #sorrynotsorry ——she so cute💗💍‼️


9 Hours Ago

Sorry not sorry💜music viedo🔐😭💜#simplycomplicated #fallinline #demiisperfect #lovaticsforever #sorrynotsorry


10 Hours Ago

I tried to watch it earlier and couldn't go through with it. I've just stuck it back on and I'm trying so hard not to cry my eyes out at her perfect self. I just wanted to hear her voice #simplycomplicated


12 Hours Ago

some people are being so over dramatic about demi’s life. some people are freaking out cause they think people shouldn’t be posting paparazzi pictures and others are saying it’s ok because she looks happy in them. it’s just crazy how into these situations people really get. also some people really need to calm down about the whole henry thing. it’s demi’s life so let her live it. we are not in charge of her and it’s not our job to try to control who she hangs out with. you might think henry is a bad influence on her, but just remember the whole story about diana not liking him was a rumor and we don’t know if it’s actually true. one of the processes of getting sober is figuring out who supports her and who doesn’t and she kinda has to figure that out on her own. so maybe henry is a good person and if he isn’t she’ll figure that out on her own and we’ll support her through it. Everyone really just needs to calm down and be support of demi no matter what and people need to stop thinking they can control her life. You’re allowed to have your opinion on things that happen in demi’s life but just remember, you’re a lovatic and that means you have to support her and let her live her life. It’s just kind of crazy how into her personal life people get and how they think their opinion is going to effect what she does


13 Hours Ago

everyone’s being weird about these pictures like some people are saying that we shouldn’t be posting them because of her privacy and stuff and other people are saying it’s ok but she doesn’t seem mad or upset in any of these so idek🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m just posting them to say im so happy that she’s happy and these pictures are absolutely adorable