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My sweet Carter is seven months today! And while it feels bittersweet how quickly the months are flying by - I’m also filled with so much joy watching him learn & seeing his little personality develop. I’m telling you, this little guy is as sweet as they come! 💛

Paps and I decide to homeschool Bunso this coming school year while I pursue further studies. Suddenly, I learned that I have health concerns to face. . In a time like this, I never question God, "Why me?" I just tell him to make me stronger and see the silver lining in what's happening to me right now. . Lord, Thy will be done. All I can do is to surrender my all to You and believe that this too shall pass. . I can and I will win this battle! . . . . #allaroundpinaymama #aapmmusings #faith #believe . 📷 WingsWebDesign.eu

My father has worked so hard over the last two decades planting a small orchard and maintaining it. When we visited this weekend, it was in full bloom and Magnolia Belle soaked up every minute picking flowers and climbing the trees. This series will forever be one of my favorites.

Jensen Gomez at South Indie’s, “John Mayer Night” last Saturday! @iamjensengomez . 📸: @mac.jucom (more photos on our facebook page)

Paps and I decide to homeschool Bunso this coming school year while I pursue further studies. Suddenly, I learned that I have health concerns to face. . In a time like this, I never question God, "Why me?" I just tell him to make me stronger and see the silver lining in what's happening to me right now. . Lord, Thy will be done. All I can do is to surrender my all to You and believe that this too shall pass. . . . . . #allaroundpinaymama #aapmmusings #faith #believe . 📷 Redbubble

Nothing absolutely nothing means more to me than honesty.

Sleepy baby cat 😻

Paps and I decide to homeschool Bunso this coming school year while I pursue further studies. Suddenly, I learned that I have health concerns to face. . In a time like this, I never question God, "Why me?" I just tell him to make me stronger and see the silver lining in what's happening to me right now. . Lord, Thy will be done. All I can do is to surrender my all to You and believe that this too shall pass. . . . . . #allaroundpinaymama #aapmmusings #faith #believe . 📷 Pinterest

Strolling into Monday 🐎

I love my crew! 🖤🖤🖤

I was a boy mom for so long, I had all 3 of my boys close, but there’s a 4 year gap between my 3 boy and 1st girl. So these 3 amigos just steal my heart. 💙💙💙 . When your kids get older you get to see the fruits of your labor. Having older kids is pretty magical. This has been the most fun motherhood stage for me. I SWOON over these boys! 🥰👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻🥰 . You know when you have one of the awe moments with your kids that kind of takes you outside of your body because you just dont want it to end or you want to remember this time when you get older? I have moments like that a lot In this stage of my motherhood journey. 🙏🏼😘 . With all the things that make motherhood hard, overwhelming, and sometimes unbearable ---these are the moments that keep me in the right perspective and knowing that this truly is my calling in life.🙋🏻‍♀️💯 . This stage in life is a juggling act for sure, yet having older kids to help has been a great experience. My 2 oldest especially are my little baby sitters while moms doing doTERRA or Chiropractic biz stuff. ✅ 👦🏻 . This stage in life is so so so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I remember when my boys were babies and thinking I couldn’t picture them young boys, now it’s here. And time is flying. They will be teenagers before I know it. 😭 . Hang in there mamas with really little ones, it does get better. 💙🐻🐻🐻💙 . . . . . . #momlife #motherhood #thisstageinmylife #keppingitreal #3boys #dudemom #boymom #himtoo #gentlemen #raisingkindkids #mamabird #mamaste #mamasboys

I haven’t been posting much but all I can say is this deployment is flying by and my friends have been incredible. I finally was able to pick up my best friend after a 6 month deployment and I have my best friend living with me. Life is great; and deployment is flying. So soon and I’ll be in my best friends arms @blessedlifecivilianhusband Also: pick up these glasses on @sojosglasses For 15% off with the code “EMILIESO” ••• #lblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #livecolorfully #theblogissue #itsthelittlethings #thatsdarling #liveauthentic #liveunscripted #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #bloggervibes #peoplescreative #darlingmovement #livethelittlethings #holdthemoments #feelfreefeed #nothingisordinary #livecolourfully #thesparklediaries #thehappynow #petitejoys #photosinbetween #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #problogging

I think tonight when he wakes I’m going to try giving him bottles with a small amount of formula. Maybe just maybe if I don’t nurse him he will start sleeping through the night.... I feel guilty because I know he wants the comfort and if he was just waking up once or twice through the night I wouldn’t mind at all but sometimes he doesn’t even make it a full hour before waking up again. He will be 9 months old in 10 days and he sleeps worse than most peoples newborns. All of the boys have been that way until they no longer were nursed at night. Wesley has been my longest nursing journey so I just assumed he would be sleeping better by now but that’s not the case and I feel like I have tried every thing else 😔 I’m so exhausted. I’m hoping to still nurse during the day and even if it’s once in the early morning hours I’m ok with that as well but I can’t continue to see every hour on the clock and function as a human during the day. So hopefully he takes to the bottle at night. If not I think I’m going to have to let him cry which will be a last ditch effort 😣// #breastfeeding #nightweaning #8monthsold #memorizingmotherhood #holdthemoments #letthembelittle #teammotherly #uniteinmotherhood #motherhoodrising #mytinymoments #momlife #boymom #parenthood #momentsinmotherhood #motherhoodinsipired #daily_parenting #instamommy #ig_motherhood #thehappynow #mommyandme #motherhoodsimplified #momlifestyle #littlepiecesofchildhood #parentlife #babiesofinstagram #momlifeisthebestlife #mommylife #motherhoodthroughinstagram


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That sweet little grin is my favorite. Also, how is my baby almost done with kindergarten??😭🌸

Lihatlah senyum bahagia dalam keluarga ini ketika pertama kali mendengar tangisan sang buah hati...😖🚼 bagaimana dengan anda.... ??? Sudah kah anda memberikan kebahagiaan untuk suami ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow: @info_wanita_id @info_wanita_id 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil(privasi terjaga) & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : 📲Whatsapp: 085790936693

Ballet days are the best days 💕 I love that I get to spend this one on one time with Clara. I think it’s so important to make sure you make time for each child individually. I hope to keep doing an activity or outing with each girl every day 🌼

Today’s weather is perfect—65 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, with a cool breeze. ☀️

“Hâte pour ton anniv chéri?!” “Nan, pas envie d’être vieux comme toi !” 🌲 A pre-birthday trip to Tahoe makes getting older a little easier

It is cool to be different and just be who you are and shock people in a good way.... 🤞😊

#feelthebeat . Good morning world! . . . . . @wilderness_culture @thegreatplanet @artofvisuals @stayandwander @wonderlustcollective @natgeotravel @natgeoyourshot @natgeo @womenwhoexplore @she_explores @womenontheroad @wanderafflicted

Jo Chong

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#goodday 🤗

Long weekends. It’s funny how one extra day off can change your whole mindset. Makes you more present. Gives you a break. Dismisses everything that’s irrelevant. Realigns your purpose. Repairs troubled relationships. Sparks a bit more joy. Throws out any schedules. Slows down time. Allows you space to cry. Makes you love your kids so hard. And proves YOU’re doing alright. Funny how one day can make a difference. Just one day.

Mr and Mrs, did you have any games at your wedding? It’s so much fun finding out who snores the loudest, the most embarrassing or who thinks they’re in charge 😜 You have your whole lives to keep getting to know each other. Tap our link to find your perfect wedding ring 💍

Family Selfie Series ✨Joshua Tree We just got back from a whirlwind weekend in San Francisco, and I realized I haven’t shared pics from our spring break trip to Joshua Tree (other than a few of our pro pics by the awesome @galaxieandrews 👏) . So please bear with me as I go through some of my favorites this week! Joshua Tree national park is one of our favorites, we try to visit at least once a year. It’s less than 2 hours away, and the entire park is a basically giant playground for families with fun hikes and boulders to climb. The landscape and vegetation is so different than anything either Jason or I had ever seen growing up in Canada and New England, and totally different from coastal Southern California where we live now. This year, we were excited to return to the desert to celebrate ten years of marriage, and also return to the place we stayed to celebrate our first anniversary with our boys. Architect @robertstonedesign has created a very special space in the desert, and we are honored to be able to stay at the #acidodorado. It was just as we remembered and magical ✨. The mirrored surfaces - walls, ceilings, etc- made it remarkably easy to take family selfies! 😉 #familyvacation #springbreak #robertstonearchitecture #modernarchitecturedesign

Sunday reminder 💞🧘🏻‍♀️ ~ #sundayquotes #empowered #alwayslove

it’s a lists of lists kind of monday 🗒 and we’re balancing taking things slow with getting some last minute work done before our lil granole bowl make his/her appearance. here’s to having a happy week, darling bon vivants!

Jordan looking like a complete angel on her wedding day, on Saturday @littlegardensweddings ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ Which is so appropriate since this couple is seriously the sweetest, most caring couple you will ever meet. Their faith is such an intricate part of their lives and they emulate such love and service to all those around them. They had friends and family travel in from all across the world to celebrate their marriage, and they spent the whole reception catching up and greeting each one.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Leo & Jordan it was an absolute honor getting to capture your wedding and I can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon to Vietnam!!!

There are many areas in Everly’s life that I will fall short when it comes to teaching Everly about life... and that is ok, that’s why they say it take a village, you need to have community! We all have different strengths and it’s so important for your kiddos to be surrounded by people who are going love them, encourage them and help them when they need it. Growing up I proved myself by being physically strong, I’m sure there is some underlying reason, maybe on day I will go to a therapist 🤷🏻‍♀️. But I loved jungle gyms, dancing, lifting, doing gymnastics and playing sports. I was always doing something to prove my Strength. I think I figured that if I was physically strong then people wouldn’t see how sensitive I was. As a parent I work really hard to help Everly become both physically and emotionally strong. I am so thankful I grew up when I did. Kids are cruel and times are so different. These days kids can’t get away from all the negativity that comes along with Social media. I am going to do everything in my power to raise Everly to know her worth and to know how special she. Most of all I want to teach her to not take shit from anyone and to help those who can’t stand up for themselves ❤️ . . . . #memoirsofmotherhood #runwildmychild #littleandbrave #liveauthentically #childhoodunplugged #thehappynow #everlysloanamaral #mytinymoments #letthembelittle #igmom #honestlymothering #littlestoriesofmine #lifelivedbeautifully #motherhoodisdarling #thatsdarlingmovement #intentionalparenting #momitforward #mynameismama #stopdropandmom #heaventhrumylens #lifeasmama

Finn has just started asking me, “What’s that mom?” about absolutely everything. And I realize how small his little world is. Today he was asking me about the big clouds outside so I explained that’s where the rain comes from and he was just fascinated. I love his curiosity.

Okay... awkward hesitant laugh... 🤭 If you caught my stories already today you already know where I’m going with this! Haha! I did something today and decided to not care about what others may think as I ran past them along the paths.... and then I’m being brave and posting it here so that others, like me, know they’re not alone 🙈 🙈 I peed my pants while running and just kept on going!So don’t swipe left if you don’t want to, I’m just keeping it real over here ‘cause that’s my style ((sometimes i wish i was creative enough to have a gorgeous feed filled with beautiful and creative content, but that’s just not really me. i like to keep things simple, real and sometimes pretty)) - - And apparently my brother convinced me to run the 10km race in the Sask-Marathon next week 😆 Might be a bit of a gong show seeing as I haven’t been super consistent and am recovering from a hurt back. Todays run felt real good though, besides the peeing 😂, and I’m mostly hopeful about racing next week with my brother. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the long weekend friends!! ✌🏽 ✌🏽 . . . . . . . . . . . #honestlymothering #motherhood #motherrunner #yxerunner #getoutdoors #makeitblissful #thehappynow #unitedmotherhood #motherhoodrising #momlife #exploresask #realtalk #justkeepingitreal #momssupportingmoms

Thank you Jesus for 26 years! I have decided I am beyond thrilled to grow older. Age is a blessing denied to many. In the world we live in today, life can be taken from you so quickly. So don’t cringe when you think about turning a year older (ladies this ones for you) or try and hide your age from social media or the world. You’re alive, and that is a blessing. ✨

Love the sharing plates @eatforeign because I want EVERYTHING on the menu! From the house-made Asian style pickles and Napa cabbage kimchi to the soy garlic caramel brussel sprouts, beef tenderloin forbidden fried rice, and 72 hour (melt in your mouth) sous vide beef short rib ... every bite is beyond delicious! Even though I was completely stuffed ... had to have the hibiscus poached Asian pear with coconut gelato. My belly is SOOO happy. ❤️#myyyc #panasian #goodfood #birthday #birthdaygirl #girlsnight #girlsnightout

Coconuts about tasty snacks 🥥 The only thing that upsets Orlando about these treats, is that I keep stealing them. Seriously- they taste SO good! ✨


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[Parisian vibes] 💭◾️ Ça y est, c’est la reprise d’une nouvelle semaine 💪🏽 Si tu me lis, c’est que tu as de nouveau cette grâce de pouvoir vivre une nouvelle journée et d’en tirer le meilleur pour toi et ton entourage ☺️ On se motive et on n’oublie pas de rester concentré sur l’essentiel 🙌🏽 A part ça, on se réveille un peu courbaturée par ici mais on va essayer de remédier à ça en buvant beaucoup d’eau et en se reboostant au sport 🤔😅 Quoi de prévu pour vous aujourd’hui ?

This city never loses its shine ✨🌃


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Guten Morgen ihr lieben, wir haben gestern noch unseren Balkon fertig bekommen. Jetzt geht es auf Arbeit und ich bin schon so gespannt, auf den Schulbrief, welcher diese Woche kommen soll 🤗 Ich wünsche euch einen entspannten Start in die Woche ♥️ . . . . . . . . . #interiorinspiration #decorinspiration #apartmenttherapy #ledlights #uohome #sodomino #decorhome #balcony #abmathome #holztisch #interiorarchitecture #interiorarchitecture #ikealove #liveauthentic #lichterkette #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #ikeahacks #thehappynow #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram #lights #visualsgang #instamagazine #diy #saturdaze #balkonpflanzen #petunien

Discovered this beautiful wall while visiting a new cafe this month. 🌿 I have my favorite coffee shops, my favorite walking routes, my favorite places that I love to frequent, but I try to balance this with routinely seeing new places and trying new things. 💡 New experiences inspire new ideas and can be a catalyst for getting unstuck.

The House on Sathorn was built in 1889 and belonged to Lord Sathorn Rajayukta, a businessman responsible for building the Sathorn Canal. He eventually fell on financial hard times and had to give up the property, from whence it became a luxury resort, the Hotel Royal, during the 1920s. Further on, the hotel declined, and the beautiful house became the home of the Embassy of the Soviet Union, and then the Russian Federation Embassy from 1948-1999. The colonial mansion sat vacant after this, until the W launched into the ambitious project to restore it, shaping it into the House on Sathorn today. . . . . #streetphotographer #hypebeast #lensculture #exploremore #lifestyleblog #thehappynow #storytelling #makemoments #icu_architecture #jj_architecture #creative_architecture #arkiromantix #tv_architectural #archimasters #excellent_structure #arquitecturamx #diagonal_symmetry #lookingup_architecture #bangkokcollection #bangkokcity #bangkokmurah #bangkoklife #bangkokready


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Bad Boy Brekkie + Coffee is what we'll be serving up after your workout at our Bootcamp! . Toasted rye sourdough with two poached free range eggs, grilled adelaide swiss mushrooms, grilled haloumi, wilted spinach, roasted tomatoes, smashed avo and a marinated zucchini . Limited tickets. Link in bio. Can't wait to see you all there!

Semoga yang like bulan ini bisa dapat 2 garis merah., amiinn., . . . . Tidak ada hal yang sia sia jika di lakukan dengan penuh kesabaran, ketekunan dan keyakinan .. apapun itu butuh proses dan waktu ... Dan Tidak ada istilah gagal atau tidak berhasil, yang ada itu menyerah lebih cepat .. Akan tiba di satu titik dimana setiap kesabaran akan berbuah kebahagiaan dan disetiap ketekunan dan keyakinan akan membawa mu ke impian yg di idamkan .. Maka pahamilah ini dengan kebersihan jiwa dan keihklasan hatimu ... Ikut Promilnya insyaallah positif hamil.... amin... Follow: @inspirasihamil @inspirasihamil @inspirasihamil @inspirasihamil 🏥Untuk mendapatkan info kesehatan, medis, Program hamil & hiburan bayi ️✔ contact person : ️ 📲WA: 0857-3119-8403

One minute I’m celebrating the amazing 12 years and the blessed year we have. The next I’m sitting in tears and Can’t sleep!!!! Jarison took a fall today doing what he loved, 🏀 basketball in front of our house. But sadly he took a fall, on the pavement, and his teeth took the brunt. Bit his top lip really good, and chipped his top front tooth. I know I didn’t push him, it was a complete accident, but I sit and feel like it’s my fault. I wish I could go back and keep him from getting hurt. I sit with tears forming knowing how much tooth issues can last forever, and I pray it’s not damaging to his gums or other teeth. I pray he sleeps all night. I pray his gums aren’t damaged. I pray the chip won’t be noticeable, and I pray he doesn’t get self conscious about it. I pray weather doesn’t keep me from getting him to dentist to be sure he’s ok. The photo is from hours ago before he went to bed, I wasn’t going to share it but I’m sure I’m not the only parent that sits and wishes they could keep their kids in bubbles. So I want to encourage you, and pray for all of you that sit and wish you could take the pain, take the accidents, take the dangers of being a kid away. Because mom guilt is real, and tonight I feel guilty of not being able to keep him from this accident. So to all parents, hang in there, and do the best you can, kids love you - the hero with ice, bandaids, and hugs.

I have special superhuman powers. My special powers cause all electronic devices to go haywire and not work- including every new phone or computer I purchase. Inevitably all the things that can go wrong... well they go wrong. 😭 It must just be the electromagnetic field created by my awesomeness. So be patient with me as I probably won’t answer texts or calls or even post regularly on Instagram while I spend endless and unnecessary hours at the apple store 😆

No existen atajos a la gloria personal, solo decide cuál es tu rumbo...

It's not about your pant size, or the way you look in a bikini. For goodness sake I haven't shopped for a bikini in 3 years and I don't plan to anytime soon. 👙 I don't have a very good friendship with dressing rooms because they mess with my head and so I avoid them. What's important is how you feel from the inside out! The way you love yourself and talk to yourself on a daily basis. Your size does not define you. You decide what defines you... not society or magazines, or this darn social media! I'm a big component of "functional fitness" which in my terms means you get in shape for LIFE! Sure there are "seasons" like weddings and summer, but I’m talking about your everyday life. I'm talking about walking around block without a struggle, taking the stairs and playing on the playgroud with your kids. As I often say "Movement is life and life is movement." 🤾🏻‍♀️ The key to consistency in your health journey is finding out what works for you. Maybe nutrition should be your focus first and then exercise, or the other way around? What works for one person may or may not work for you. The key is for you to keep searching for what does work to not give up and trust the process. Would you would rather spend your life thinking about how unhealthy you feel, or spend your time and energy getting healthy? I hope I know your answer! As I always say...I will meet you where you are in your personal journey. There is no judgement on my part. My first wish for you is that you get healthy so that you can have an amazig life and enjoy it! Your life will improve when you take the time to take care for YOU! My second wish is that I hear from you soon if you are struggling and need a place to start. I'm doing my best to find a tribe of dedicated ladies to commit to starting their journey by May 29th. We must set a start date and be intentional in our goals. The reasons I've set the date for you is to take make it easier for you to commit. There's no..."I will start on Monday, or Thursday, or after the Birthday party, or Monday again (you get my point). I give you the tools, knowledge, and support so you continue to be successful. I believe in you.

Felt cute in my dickies coveralls, won’t delete later

He always wants to be next to her and she is getting used to the constant affection. Love watching their relationship grow ❤️


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dream girl ♡

Sawlt ™

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Everyone have a SURFtastic Saturday! 🏄 🌊 🏄‍♀️

I often get asked why I wear a "bean" around my neck. For many of you who don't know, I was born with Vesicoureteral Reflux, a condition in which urine back-flows into the kidney(s) causing severe permanent damage if not detected early. Unfortunately that was the case with me when my kidney almost ruptured at the age of 2, requiring several emergency surgeries on my kidney, ureter & bladder. A chunk of my childhood was spent in & out of hospitals, having endless tests run and traveling to see the best specialists in the province. As I've aged my kidney function continued to deteriorate (getting as low as 8% 🙀) resulting in the removal of my right kidney almost 6 years ago (Thanks to the top Urologist in Calgary, he’s my life saver!!) Although my health is not 100% and I still deal with reoccurring stubborn kidney infections that leave me in the hospital for days on end, I'm incredibly grateful for the life I live. I wear this kidney bean for the kidney I lost and as a little reminder to myself to properly care for the kidney I still have (especially since its function is not always ideal😭). March is National Kidney Month & today marks World Kidney Day, so do yourself a favour friends and get your kidneys screened!! If you battle with diabetes, hypertension (like me) or have a family history of kidney failure your screening is FREE, so no excuses! 💚 Never take your health for granted, we only live once!! 🙃