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5 Minutes Ago

With all this smoke in the air, it’s feeling a little bit like that time I stayed up at the fire lookout 😞 Seems like for the past few years around this time, the smoke has been so bad that you can hardly see a thing! I’m going to have a rest weekend this weekend (starting now for me!) and hopefully get some plans made for the next trip up into the mountains, whenever that will be! What do you do when getting outside isn’t really an option?


2 Minutes Ago

I’m already getting stoked about cool crisp mornings in the fall🌿 The end of summer is fast approaching, but coming up is my favourite time of the year to be outside. Campfires, cozy sweaters and long hikes without the blazing heat🍂 What is your favourite time of year ? ✨


3 Minutes Ago

↟Kylesku | Scotland↟


3 Minutes Ago

Hey bro 🎸 You’re a legend and you’re gonna go far 🔥


3 Minutes Ago

Take me to the Hop!: Bobby Sock Trees on Tangle Creek, Yellowstone National Park. *********************************************Dead Lodgepole pines near Firehole Lake Drive are strutting their bobby socks, just like the girls at the hop in the 1950’s. These white “socks” occur when the trees soak up the mineral-laden waters of a hydrothermal area. As the water evaporates, the minerals left behind turn the tree white, more concentrated at the base where the water is first absorbed, hence the sock like appearance. This part of Yellowstone is really dynamic with one of our favorite hydrothermal features—Great Fountain Geyser. If you are any where close when this beauty is scheduled to go off—stay, it is worth the wait! If you love Yellowstone—(and you should!), PLEASE take and keep the #yellowstonepledge! (For more info on the Yellowstone pledge: https://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/yellowstonepledge.htm ********************************************* #frozenzen #frozenzenphotography #nationalpark #nationalparkservice #yellowstone #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstonenps #theoutbound #outsidephotographymagazine #findyourpark #geyser #landscapephotography #earth_deluxe #visitwyoming #sonyalpha #lovetheoutdoors #stayandwander #visualsoflife #roamtheplanet #usinterior #59parks #wildernesssociety #yellowstoneforever #discoverwyoming #nationalparkgeek #nationalparkobsessed #nationalparklife #bobbysocktrees #visitusaparks


23 Minutes Ago

. "Take a drug to set you free Strange fruit from a forbidden tree You've got to come down soon... More than a drug is what I need Need a change of scenery Need a new life... Say something, say something anything..." - James ⛰️👣🇬🇷 . . I just finished up hiking, stumbling and falling my way through the longest Gorge in all of Europe - Samaria Gorge, Greece . A slippy and stony 18km in length and with temperatures of 34c it was no easy thing hey... But the best things never are easy and the scenery takes your breath away. So my body is exhausted yet my heart is full 💤💖⛰️ . . Samaria Gorge, Greece - August 2018 . . #travelblogger #roamtheplanet #theworldshotz


2017-10-24 17:42:57

Going up ⬆️


2 Hours Ago

The ragged rocks that lined the tip Northwestern coast of Washington. Its a beauty from afar with waves splashing on it but strolling around these natural formed rocks if not careful would cause you danger. I personally did a little hiked down these rock formations. My previous travel buddy was not fond of my extreme but hey what can I say, I am down to have an great adventure. Cape Flattery is a stop worth seeing if visiting Olympic National Park here in State of Washington. My moody Pacific Northwest Itinetary.


3 Minutes Ago

Vitamin Sea 💧


4 Minutes Ago

We made it! Just kidding, this is just a small mountain before the big one. Kebnekaise is about three times as high as this one 🗻


3 Minutes Ago

Wild horses ? Not really 🤗


5 Minutes Ago

Tell the wolves I won’t be home this year 🌙 I was sure that I wasn't going to have FOMO *Le sigh* I was wrong. I know that you all will BURN IT DOWN FOR ME... Just make sure to leave some dust for next year... 🔥🔥🔥


1 Day 2 Hours Ago

Whevever you are, thats where im meant to be


18 Days 2 Hours Ago

Photography by amazing photographer @jslens_photo 🖤📷 #jslensphoto


8 Minutes Ago

Willis 🤙🏻 - - @yakingwithwillis


6 Minutes Ago

Happy Birthday baby, I love everything about you!🎈🎉💓 @benganbaron


5 Minutes Ago

Something it’s nice to just look and not take the photo.

This giant of the sea has literally brought me back to life Photo by @ainraadik


4 Hours Ago

Photography by talented photographer @jslens_photo 🖤


6 Minutes Ago

Green - my favorite color. Happy Monday, go out there and crush it today! Start the week on a positive note!


6 Minutes Ago

we prefer staying in a finca 💚 or something like that,... instead of hotels... what about you?