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Those puppy dog eyes get me every time

Milo 🐶

He finally discovered his tail 🐾

Fun in the snow ❄️

Emma kisses😘😘

This is Skoobley. I had the pleasure of sitting him and Riva (and Floss & Northrup - cats, Portia & Jasper - buns, and Briar the Rat) this past week. I learned a lot about turtles. Skoobley has such personality. I never would have imagined that I could emote with a turtle in a tank! He is a big love. . . . #redslider #turtle #torontopetsitting #turtlelove

Such a cutie with that smile 😁

Nap time for little beans 😴😴

Catch me if you can 🤣

Smiling puppy

Time to hit the brakes buddy😂

Suns out, tongues out👅

Just waiting...

Playful little pups 🐾

Little Brownie having so much fun as always!

Play with me!!

Getting some pets 🐾

Doggo down 😂

Missed those puppy dog eyes🐕

Sleepy little Oscar😇😴

These 2 make me laugh😂🐾

Play fights💪🏻