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Just in case you have any doubt @poetic_style

You won Sis!You did!Keep leveling up in every way @poetic_style

Anna Maria Maiolino, Entrevidas, 1981. A literal manifestation of the expression “to walk on eggshells.”

Yup, they're crazy. But I'm pretty happy that they're MY crazies. ❤. . This week (okay, month... well, maybe more.... you get the point...) in parenting has been HARD. I feel like *someone* is always on the edge of a major meltdown at all times. #meltdownmode (It's non-age specific. People of all ages are having meltdowns over here.) It's EXHAUSTING. #exhaustedmama . . But I guess that's why pics like this are so important: to remind you of those good, silly, giggly moments. That despite what's going on this second, it's worth it for moments like this. #totallyworthit❤️

dead t0 us

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RIP TO WALKING ON EGGSHELLS this is for those who make you feel like you can’t say anything right and like your feet are made of lead.

Yes!!Rise Baby Rise!


Right now, the hardest part for me is seeing that he was being "normal" for a while...and just when I started to actually feel better about myself, I watched him purposely break me down again. . Without even a hint of remorse.

Do u guys get what I’m saying or what

Amen @seasonedwomen


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Amazing to see so many of the drawings for her animations: including some unrealised projects. #marialassnig #walkingoneggshells #animation #unrealisedprojects

You are worth more than gold!! @self_esteem_rehab

Yes yes!! @thecrimsonkiss

It’s ok to feel betrayed.If you have been lied to and taken advantage of.Its ok to vent and let it out.It helps with healing!! Swipe @thecrimsonkiss

i Peepd it

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#walkingoneggshells not just a saying but a ‘real thing’ after finally walking away from my 12 year relationship last year I was oblivious to a lot of things and that’s why #healing 🙏🏾 is so important but praying for #karlieredd ppl joke about her not keeping a man but I’ve always liked her and she doesn’t need to settle to appease the naysayers 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it’s evident when you’re exposed to #toxicrelationships your #spirit is down so please if this you...take steps to #freeyourself and learn the patterns of #narcissistic people...they normally move fast as did #karlie’s #fiance then you find yourself walking on eggshells anywho follow @ipeepdit and peep previous post for the #betawards #recap with #lhhatl #live #trending #now 🎟

I don’t tip-toe on eggshells. I stomp on them! Be real, honest, raw. I want to know everything you want to share. The beautiful, good, bad and ugly. No masks needed here with me. The world is already full of so many critics and so much judgement. Here you are safe with me 💕 #youbeyou#illbeme#livereal#lovereal#feelfree#flow#noeggshellzone#walkingoneggshells#inspired#strengthtraining#strengtheningheart#strengtheningmind#strongsoul#buildingmyself#growalways#learn#share#care#yyc#yycwoman#yycmom#lovelife - - - - - *If you feel you are walking on eggshells with anyone you might find the book -Stop Waking on Eggshells- helpful. Walking on eggshells in any kind of relationship could be an indication you are in a toxic relationship. Knowledge is power #psychology

Understand this!


Good morning!! @self_esteem_rehab

Tracy Crighton

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I never 'asked for permission' but waiting for the right moment to tell him I was going out somewhere was so stressful. Sometimes he would give me permission anyway. Usually he'd ask me to bring him something on my way home and state a time he needed it by. Total wanker! #repost #narcissisticabuse #emotionalabusesurvivor#domesticviolenceawareness #grooming #coercivecontrol #npd #bully #sociopath #walkingoneggshells #traumabond #controlfreak #narcissist #aspd

When we decide to try small things which pushes us out of our comfort zone, life gets more exciting and interesting. Overcoming obstacles, even small ones , are the new start. Try to do something today that is out of your comfort zone. #comfortzone #obstacles #overcomeobstacles #overcomer #fight #push #goforit #justdoit #lululemon #hope #hopes #dailyhope #antidepressants #antidepression #walkingoneggshells #hiking #hiking_my_life #jumper #personaltrainerusa #yogainstructorlife #pcosweightloss #endometriosisawareness #travel #seetheworld #startliving #valueyourself

Welcome to Narc nation where anybody is better than no supply!

Mostly Narcs!!


We are silent. Still. Centered When we move, express, it is natural and true. When we smile, it is genuine. When we are angry, it is genuine. . Because our energy is reserved for what is natural and true, we possess an ocean of genuine expression and creativity; With special tidal waves ready For laughter and play... Especially at ourselves...otherselves Life. We are serious. We are silly. We are seriously silly. . -Kamau Abayomi . #silentwarriorspirit #divinecomedy #seriouslysilly #pettiness #pettymemes #pettypeople #triggeredmemes #triggeredmeme #offended #easilyoffended #walkingoneggshells #selfimportant #politicallycorrect #pcpolice #youarenotincontrol

🗝My life used to be a platform of eggshells.🗝 .. I was married once before - to a person I had met when I was 15; I formed a very codependent relationship with him at such an extremely young age that by the time we were in our early 20s, everything about my life was a mess. .. I couldn’t say or do anything without being under constant scrutiny; if I am being honest, I wasn’t giving him much space for grace, either, because there was so much toxicity between us that we acted autonomously most of the time. .. The truth is, that platform of eggshells was built on the backbone of every lie we ever told one another - every horrible name we called each other - every time we pushed each other or physically fought against one another- until it became a giant pile of broken remnants. Broken remnants of something we used to think was love. .. But it was far from it. We learned the hard way that eggshells have no place in your love life - after being together for 11 years of our youth and almost 4 years of marriage, I divorced him. Our relationship was way beyond irreconcilable differences - it was as if we were living on separate planets and speaking different languages. We simply couldn’t connect at all anymore. .. Growing up, I watched how much my mother walked on the same platform of eggshells around my dad. Of course, I didn’t know at the time that I was being set up to repeat the folly. .. If this is you, stop walking and take a look at all of the proverbial eggshells beneath your feet. Ask yourself if this is really how you imagined love being expressed for the rest of your life - if this is really worth settling for - if this is really love at all. .. What I know about love now is this: it creates a solid foundation of trust and confidence beneath the feet of its compatriots - not a fragile mountain of shifting and breaking egg shells. .. You are worth more than broken remnants of something that used to encompass life and love - you are worth forgiveness, grace, understanding, and compassion.

Just in case the narc thought it was ok to stop by again

This is what happens when you defend the narc.They will end up messing even your own life.They honestly do not care who the hurt as long as they get what the want.

So true!!

So me!

They won’t get it and at the beginning you wont even get it for a while @narcissist.sociopath.awarenes2

Not today and never ever narc!! @jmstormquotes

Straight Talk lol 😂 🤣😅😅!!But we hardly Appreciate friends like this

This should be fun.Lets go @symphony.of.love

People and drama are the substance of choice for the codependent and people and drama are the medicine for the childhood trauma. . . And then you become addicted to people and drama just like an addict does to a drug. In other words, you have to have it. Meaning you must get your fix of enabling. It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility once you realize it. . . If you are codependent, you can know that you also have childhood trauma. . . . . . . . . . #advancedbitches #lifecoachingforwomen #toxicrelationships #narcissisticabuse #lifecoachforwomen #counseling #counselingpsychology #childhoodtrauma #alanon #codependent #codependency #codependentnomore #codependencyrecovery #enablers #enabling #adultchildrenofalcoholics #aa #oa #na #bpd #walkingoneggshells #bulimiarecovery #bingeeatingdisorderrecovery #bingeeatingrecovery #soberaf #soberliving



Lol 😂 like am good Love enjoy.Never again,I suffered too much @singlesswag thanks for this post