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🎵 I give you my heart-ah-ah-ah-oh⠀ Every corner, every part-ah-ah-ah-oh⠀ You are all that I desire-ah-ah-ah-oh⠀ You're the keeper of my heart⠀ Keeper of my heart ♥️ 🎶 ⠀ ⠀ LSS from last Sunday’s worship playlist? ⠀ We gotchu! Follow “FeastValenzuela” on Spotify to listen to our featured songs for this series!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #worshipwednesday⠀ #feastvalenzuela#thefeast

Be anxious for NOTHING. This scripture had to get me together this week and funny thing is it happen to be apart of the devotional I’m reading. God is such an on time God and he’s so faithful. He’ll definitely catch us when we’re slipping. The best thing about it is he is so gentle and loving . I received this word. It was perfect because I found myself getting a little carried away with certain things in my life and this new Happy Planner release. I had to remember who is in control and who is not. I will not lose my mind over some sticker books lol. God said it himself. Do not be anxious about anything. On that note I’m gonna go have a seat. #testimonytuesday . . . . Side note: I was going to set up a cute pic but I needed to be real and yes my handwriting is chicken scratch. It’s ok God still love me lol . . . . . . #thehappyplanner #happyplanner #happyplannerstickers #happyplannermomlife #momlife #plan #planneraddict #stickers #stickerlayout #plannerbabe #plannerbabes #plannercommunity #plannerlove #plannergirl #meandmybigideas #create365 #planwithme #plannersupplies #livecreatively #planahappylife #planablessedlife #plannerjunkie #plannernerd #mambihappyplanner #worshipwednesday #stickynotes #gratitude #ilovegod

#worshipwednesday incredible song.

Day 29—it’s time for action! Believing is not enough. The Bible says faith without works is dead. So that means, if you’re believing God for a better job, you have to apply for something. You have to work towards what you want. But here’s the thing, we have to trust in the Lord, but even when we are working towards that thing we have to acknowledge God in all our ways so He’ll tell you what steps to take


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THIS is how we worship! Wednesdays @ 7 p.m. (🎥 @7uvzz) #worshipmusic #worshipwednesday


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“Spirit break out / Break our walls down” (🎥 @7uvzz) 🎶 #dtlabnyc #worshipwednesday #church #nyc

Lord, I don’t want them to see me... I need them to see you. ... so STIRRED by this thought from Papa Bill @brevived 🙏🏼

So I’m a day late🤦🏾‍♀️ traveling this past week has had me confusing all of my days and dates lol but I want to wish a happy belated birthday to @candacejunee. Y’all she is simply amazing at what she does. I had the pleasure of meeting her at her conference in Atlanta this past September and OMG she is the sweetest most encouraging person I’ve met in a long time. I was just watching her story just now and she was talking about how much her life has changed over the years and I wanted to say thank you. Because of her obedience to God, my life has completely changed. I’m not afraid to move forward with this blog anymore. Because of her obedience, I was introduced to @crysperkins who has pushed me even further, and now resources are just dropping in my lap. But anyway happy birthday, Candace and I pray God’s blessings over your life

Your faith can be the difference between a generational curse continuing and that same curse being broken. I’m believing God for bigger. BELIEVE BIGGER #repost @catherine_reidloves with @get_repost ・・・ Changing it for my family and for those to come. #purposedriven

It’s Tuesday!! So that means it’s time for the Tuesday Talk! Tune in at 3

The growing pains are REAL !!

#ministryminute from my First Lady

1 DAY TO GO! The vision manifests in the physical tomorrow. You can still secure a seat by sending your name and surname to the email address on the poster. #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople #plantednotburied #gatheringofworshippers #gamechanger

Ela tem uma voz que hipnotiza fácil @millequesia #coralresgate @anayshafigueroacooper @timineyfigueroa @sync_3 @palomapossi @erickanascimentooficial @paulozuckini @yaelhilton1 @davidandtamela @kirkfranklin #vocals #vocalsonly#beyoncé #music #vocalbeast #gospel #song #gospelmusic #gospelsong #gospelartist #kierrasheard #kimburrell #leandriajohnson #jesus #karenclarksheard #church #yaelhilton #giftedmoments #ericacampbell #tinacampbell @imericacampbell @teddyandtina @kierrasheard @karenclarksheard @leandriaj @beyonce #worshipwednesday #worshipwednesdays #jazminesullivan #coverbrasil #newsong #instamusic #beyhive #beyoncej

LAB highlights from last week: 1- Stella Lam sharing her Story of Grace. ⚡️ 2- SooHoo announcing the #givingchallenge. ⚡️ More details and Stories @dtlabnyc (🎥 @7uvzz) #dtlabnyc #worshipwednesday

Day 28—Miracles, signs, and wonders are typically what we look for for evidence of God. However, God doesn’t have to do any of these things, but it is according to your faith these things are done

Day 27—I know I’m a day late on this one but this weekend has been absolutely crazy. We’re almost done y’all! In this story, the blind men simply had to believe and they would be healed. BELIEVE BIGGER. But keep in mind God has to be able to trust you with what you’re believing Him for. The blind men did not do as He said. If God can’t trust you to follow His instructions with the little, how can He trust you with the plenty?

WEEK 3: Back at the bank for another week of Wednesday night worship. Jason will preach part 2 of a 3 part sermon series on love. Pizza will be provided again this week so bring a friend for a great time of fellowship and worship! Reminder: Doors open at 6:30 and the service will start at 7. Can’t wait to worship with you all! Quote from last week: Gods love is free. All we have to do is accept it. God gives us the choice to pursue a relationship with him” #worshipwednesday

When I woke up this morning, I heard this loudly in my Spirit. & I am praying with you and for you my friends. I have been watching and praying. The Lord is ushering you into a new season. The hand of the Lord is moving every DELAY! The Lord is restoring every lost provision to those who have sacrificed to exercise their right to vote in this election - and I declare now over you every need shall be met according to our Father God in Heaven... you shall lack no good thing. The Lord is busy making WAYS and moving things into place. He is turning all things for your good. This land is BLESSED. This land is FAVORED. Nigeria WILL end up in praise.

Worship Wednesday ⁣ ⁣ Wednesday can be that day in the middle of the week where all the worries you’ve faced so far and all the worries you’re anticipating to come, come bombarding down on you. The weekend can’t come any quicker and you feel like you have no point of relief. ⁣ ⁣ So my prayer for Worship Wednesday is that you are encouraged to join the worship that will be released and in that find joy, hope and peace.⁣ ⁣ Let’s not wait for Sunday to worship God in song, join with me this Wednesday (7PM GMT) for an acoustic worship session on Instagram Live.

2 DAYS TO GO! - - "Eyes haven't seen And ears haven't heard The kind of blessings That's about to follow me. 'Cause victory is here Keep defeat out the door God's done a new thing, yeah Get ready for overflow. 'Cause I'm getting ready Something I've never seen." | Tasha Cobbs Leonard - - #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople #worship

Roll out the red carpet for the Lord as you start your week, start from a position of victory, start from the position of a conqueror and just be awesome. #motivationalmonday #worshipwednesday #worship #peculiarpeople

On the way to the barn we spotted these lovelies in a field. Where else can you see Zebra on your morning commute?

2 enthusiastic volunteers who travelled from Canada who are making wrapping paper for gifts for the community volunteers in Zimbabwe. These volunteers are just a few of the 100s of people who work supporting us with donations of time money and goods. We couldn't do it without your help. Thank you.

Spirit Led Creative Arts Are Calling Worshipers Who Love The Lord And Love To Dance To Join The Family For #soak2019 As We Worship Our Heavenly As A United Kingdom. . If You Are Interested Send An Email To info@slw423.com By 23.02.19 . Be A Part Of The Culture!

Ade Adefala

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Spirit Led Creative Arts Are Calling Worshipers Who Love The Lord And Love To Dance To Join The Family For #soak2019 As We Worship Our Heavenly As A United Kingdom. . If You Are Interested Send An Email To info@slw423.com By 23.02.19 . Be A Part Of The Culture!

3 DAYS TO GO! The excitement is palpable, forward we go with Jesus! #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople #purpose

When Jesus says YES, nobody can say no! #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople #purpose

Day 26

Just released! Chroma is vibrant and colorful just in time for all your spring/Easter services. Get all your Church Visuals here > Lifescribemedia.com All collections include worship motions, title slides, and countdown!* * * #churchproduction #crtvchurch #crtvmin #worshipleader #churchvisualmedia #visualchurchmedia #visualmedia #churchmotion #worshiploops #propresenter #crtvpastor #pastors #worshipministry #churchtech #prochurchmedia #motiongraphics #graphicdesign #worshiploop #easyworship #worshipwednesday #creativechurch #churchvideo #video #worship #stockvideo #church #churchmedia #churchleader #churchcomm #elevation


I can honestly say 2 years later... this song means so much more to me now.

Another project we started near Imiri game preserve in Wedza from two containers joined by a huge roof. One Container became the carpentry workshop This picture shows the bee keeping project. The carpenters build the bee hives, and put them around the community. When the honey is harvested it is then sold . Also on this site is a sewing center which is very successful .

Saw these magnificent creatures at Imeri Rhino and wildlife conservation. We went there for a much needed break and check in on our projects.

Worship Wednesday loading... #worshipwednesday #worship #peculiarpeople

"Our experience of worship today is reduced to just a few songs on a day of the week and we think that that is enough to beckon God to come and enjoy our sacrifice? It’s not even a sacrifice because we all seem to be following a similar model." | Pastor @katlehomogase⠀ ⠀ #worshipwednesday #worship #peculiarpeople #happysabbath

“Baptism isn’t about becoming a better, more upgraded version of yourself. When you go under the water and come back up, it’s a fresh start, it’s new life.” - @jordangreenpursuit || WE ARE SO PRIVILEGED TO BE A PART OF A MOVEMENT ||

Day 25

Every time I’m with You, You surprise me Jesus😭♥️. You give me everything my heart desires and more. I’m so glad that we have free access to the father God because of Jesus. What an HONOR to worship You Lord🙏🏽♥️

It’s NOT JUST SUNDAYS. it’s a realm we belong in no matter where we are.... 24/7.... 365 days a year.... it’s who we are!!!! Lord, help me to understand and live what true Christianity looks likes...

A prison sentence can mean the end of a life for many people, but for others, it can mean the beginning of a new spiritual journey through renewed faith in God. Here we share one of our client success stories. Don't miss the whole story on our blog! #successstories #secondchances #worshipwednesday #riversidehouse #riversidehousemiami #miami #miamicommunity #nonprofit #amen

REGISTER NOW! -Calling all worship leaders, pastors, musicians, singers, and LEVITES! As I travel the world and listen to my ministry colleagues, I have been amazed to discover how many people are leading while bleeding. For some, it may be a personal issue at home; for others, it may be offense developed in church. But for all of us, we need to be HEALTHY. So join me for a one-day intensive with a consortium of specialists. We will provide a safe place and powerful resources for you to take your life to the next level. TO REGISTER, visit www.eventbrite.com/e/the-healthy-Levite-ticket-55947790347. or click the link in my bio. If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, and would like to bring this intensive to your area or your church email marcbrittministries@gmail.com today!#marcbrittministries #marcbritt #worshipleadersalliance #healthylevites #worshipwednesday

Sibusiso Mazibuko

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#worshipwednesday #seeyouthere #ingodwetrust #sbuonkeys 🎹🔥🎵@mk_zangela139 @ntlantla_swana @ea.jojo

5 DAYS TO GO! Have reserved your seat? Walala Wasala! Swipe Left to meet the band>>>>>> #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople #worship #epic

Happy Valentine’s Day to this cutie...you too, Gabriel. Jk, you know I love you with my whoooole heart! Thank you for making me feel special every day, and never allowing me to question your love for me. Thank you for being such an amazing example of Jesus’ love and kindness- you are irreplaceable. 💕 #happyvalentinesdayhoney

Day 24—Miracles aren’t just a one time thing with God. They’re not just something that happened in the Bible days. They’re still happening now. I am a true testament to that. My body has been miraculously healed without any medication or any kind of medical intervention. My bills have been miraculously paid when I was laid off. Over and over things have happened and if God did it before He’s able to do it again

😂😂🤣🤣 why is this so true ?!?

Worship Wednesday was moved to Thursday this week! I did a mashup of “No Longer Slaves” and “Break Every Chain”. For the video I kinda went down memory lane showing how God has helped me conquer my fears! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ God has called me to use my gift of music only for Him. This means I only sing christian music in bars, coffee shops.. basically anywhere that'll let me play. When I started to realize that this was my calling, I literally stopped playing anywhere but church. I was far too concerned with what people would think of me rather than what God was calling me too. After a few months of God tugging at my heart I knew I had to go out and do what God had called me to do: preach the Gospel boldly through music... everywhere! I let the fear of being rejected cripple me for a long time and I still struggle, but through God's help, evertime I step on stage "I am no longer a slave to fear" because He gives me the strength I need. Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations". Whatever God has gifted you with is how you can reach people with Gospel. We are children of God and "if God is for us, then can be against us?" (Romans 8:31) ❤️ • •• ••• #nolongerslaves #bethel #cover #acoustic #worshipwednesday #thankfulthursday #morethanconquerors #instagood #singersongwriter #singer #youtube

BELIEVE BIGGER. I’m trusting God for miracles, signs, and wonders for all of you

Happy Valentines Day to the person who has changed my life.....me.... 😂🤣😂 no but really Idk, not too mad at being single today... Valentines candy will be 50% off tomorrow... #staywoke 😂 Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️ 📷: @kaylasmith_photography

Since today is all about love, there is nothing better than reading love letters from Jesus. Swipe through to see some very special scriptures in the Bible. • #hopeunlimitedchurch #hopeishere #hopehascome #jesusishope #wearehope #knoxrocks #new2knox #865life #becomingpeopleofhope #knoxvilletennessee #newchurchlaunch #kidsunlimited #getpluggedin #worship #youngadults #worshipwednesday #knoxvilletn #setlistsunday #valentinesday #love

This is Ngonie standing in front of the very personal wall at the entrance to the barn. The volunteers from the community signed the wall before it dried. So everytime they go to the centre they can take pride in seeing their name on the wall.

Meant to post this yesterday for #worshipwednesday #god does not have a #sound He has a #voice “My sheep know my voice” God operates and moves by an innumerable amount of sounds; some that even our human minds could never understand or process. Some examples are the mulberry bushes, the flame to Moses, the mule talking to Balaam, or the trumpets crumbling Jericho. This is the reason #gospelmusic is stuck today. Everybody wants to emulate everybody else’s “sound” when God wants us to use #genres and sounds never heard before to spread the gospel. Let’s stop trying to make #church and #spirituality spooky. So tired of these #cliches and #catchphrases we pimp. We lose people like that. #jesus #thursday #teaching #teachingthursday #motivation #inspiration #music #worship

Halleluyah Reposted from @charisbiblecollege - What a beautiful name it is – the name of Jesus! He hears you every time you call on His name. #worshipwednesday #hillsongworship - #regrann

She Worships Network

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Love is patient. While we were yet sinner, Jesus died for us. Love is kind. God gave up His Son even when we didn't understand redemption. Love does not seek for itself. After the death of his Son, his earnest heart cry has been for us to be saved. Love helps us and gives us the courage to BE. Christ's love never holds us bound. This show of love deserves all accolades. Happy Valentine's Day! #sheworshipsnetwork #valentine #valentine'sday #worshipwednesday #worship #iworship #youworship #sheworships

We would have loved to have more people but unfortunately the venue restrictions allow for only a certain number. Hopefully you've secured your seat. Swipe Left>>>>> ⠀ #worship #worshipwednesday #peculiarpeople

N E O (Ne-wo)

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L O V E Happy Valentine’s Day. The love of God is alive and well. He is Love! What a wild love at that! Enjoy and excuse my morning voice. If anything catch the heart of it ❤️Found this beautiful @wwwmovement song this week and it’s been blessing me and soooo fitting for the occasion too! Yaaas! And absolutely nobody should comment on my keys playing 🤪 thanks! Your cooperation is appreciated! Translation of Zulu chorus: Thando lwakho luyaphila (Your Love is alive) Mbuso wakho uyaphila (Your Kingdom is alive) I’ve been meaning to post something for ages but the days are getting busier. Forgive me! 😫 #worshipwednesday #onathursday #valentines

| WORSHIP WEDNESDAY | Today's song is “The Way”! Click the link in our bio to listen to the full song! __________________ Share this with your friends! and comment your current favorite worship song 👇🏼👇🏼 #theway #patbarrett #worship #wednesday #worshipwednesday #theresistancehs #thetruth #youthministry #thelife


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3 more days to our Easter Auditions! Get in touch, if you haven’t already, to let us know if you’ll be coming. ____________________________ #glorious #gloriousbangalore #gloriouschoir #worshipwednesday #christianmusic #gospelmusic #thirty #worship #sing #praise #jesus #vocals #singer #church #easter