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2 Days 11 Hours Ago

last night in Parkdale....

One of the best sun pillars I’ve seen in a long time this evening...perfect Christmas gift for this outdoorsman! Merry Christmas to all! #merrychristmas

Selection of @tokyocameraclub. We welcome your like! & comment. Post by @yu_umaa06⠀ .⠀ #tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #japan #photo #写真 #日本⠀ Follow: @tokyocameraclub

Craig West

2 Days 11 Hours Ago

Ventured out toward Death Valley last night with my buddy @joshuacrippsphotography to shoot the total lunar eclipse. We had planned to shoot the moon rising over Mono Lake, but to no one's surprise whatsoever, winter weather forced us down off the mountain and into the desert to find some clear skies. The two and a half hour drive down 395 ended up being totally worth it -- we set up our gear in an open area off the side of the road that was ripe with Joshua Trees, took in a stellar pre-eclipse sunset, then witnessed each phase of the eclipse with no cloud interference, car camped afterward, and caught pre-sunrise moonset over the Eastern Sierra near Mt. Whitney early this morning. 🌄 It's been just over a year now that I've been exploring the various landscapes that make up this part of the country, and I continue to find myself constantly in awe of the diversity of this region. After shooting in a desert last night, there was nearly a foot of fresh snow and chain restrictions on the way back into town. Because of course there was. 🤷‍♂️❄ NOTE: Image is (obviously 😉) a composite. Twelve shots in total -- 11 telephoto shots taken at each moon phase with a 200-400mm lens then aligned to their appropriate position in a 16mm wide-angle landscape. 📸🌵 . . . . . #visitcalifornia #california #deathvalley #joshuatree #lunareclipse #lonepine #395north #astrophotography #nightphotography #rawcalifornia #california4fun #naturalcalifornia #wildcalifornia #californiaholics #eclipse #allaboutadventures #landscape #landscapes #landscapephotography #landscape_captures #landscape_lovers #landscapephotomag #outdoors #optoutside #getoutside #winter #fullmoon #easternsierra #superbloodwolfmoon #itsamazingoutthere

The world's most dangerous hike - El Caminito Del Rey. Been there, done that. Would you? #caminitodelray #andaluciaviva #espana🇪🇸 #instaespaña #happyhiker #matkailu #mondolöytö #valleyofthekings #espanja #earthpix #spain.vacations @spain @spain_passion


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“Great Presence ” * * location: Yamanashi,Japan * * 車で移動中に、この商店街見たことある!ってなって、引き返して記念撮影😊 * * Nikon D810 / SIGMA 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM * * * * #igersjp #lovers_nippon #team_jp_ #東京カメラ部 #bestjapanpics #japan_daytime_view #japan_of_insta #whim_member #photo_shorttrip #art_of_japan_ #hubsplanet #daily_photo_jpn #ptk_japan #visitjapanjp #photo_travelers #ig_japan #retrip_nippon #light_nikon #photo_jpn #広がり同盟メンバー #lines_and_points #s_shot #instagram #colors_of_day #ig_today #ig_myshots #inspiring_shot #ig_shotz_jan19 #wonderful_places #whpwanderlust

Київська Русь (Kievan Rus), (Initially, in 1962 on this site was built Cinema "Kommunar" ) Kiyv, Ukraine. Built in 1982 architects V. Taenchuk, N. Bosenko © BACU @_BA_CU #_ba_cu . . Add new sites: http://socialistmodernism.com/add-locations-visitors/ . . Map location: http://socialistmodernism.com/ . . Use the #socialistmodernism tag and your #socheritage shots will enter our selection and possibly be featured in our materials. Information collected from the public will be published on our website and included in an interactive map&data base under the name of the contributor. You can access the SocialistModernism.Com interactive map both online and on your smartphone by using the Socialist Modernism Application available on AppStore or Google Play. With the application, you can identify your favorite site or participate by adding new entries to the map.

⠀⠀ G I L D E R Ä S T The year is 1873 and the demand for copper is at an all-time high. The miners of Coniston work tirelessly to meet these ever-growing demands and blast deeper into the mountain. On 10th April a local chap, Adler Stickit, was tasked with blasting out a section at the deepest point of the mine. However, the work sheet he received had passed through many hands that day and by the time it reached him it was a crumpled filthy rag. In one of the boxes was the estimated amount of TNT to use for the job but the decimal point that he'd mistakenly thought was a spot of dirt was in fact a decimal point. Instead of setting a charge of 1.0 tonnes of TNT he erroneously increased it by a factor of 10! The resultant blast was felt hundreds of miles away but miraculously nobody died. Not on that day, at least. What they didn't realise in the first 24 hours after the blast was that the incredible amount of energy generated in such a focused area underground had not only split the mountain open, as you can see in this photo, but also ripped a gaping hole in the fabric of space and time. As some of you know, ours is not the only universe. we exist in one reality amongst an infinite number of realities and universes. The multiverse. And sometimes, though rare, those realities can collide with cataclysmic consequences. What came through the gaping hole under the mountain on that warm spring day can only be described as a manifestation of hell. A seven-headed manifestation! Gilderäst was the creature's name or "Gold Death" on account of the dragon's sickly colour. He slid from the split in the mountain and wreaked havoc on the world; starting with the poor miners that had unwittingly brought him into it. But, like most creatures in all universes, he eventually grew weary and longed to return to his own realm, which was no longer possible as the spacetime tear had collapsed shortly after his glorious arrival. And so he retreated to the deep mines of Honister where he has spent the many years trying in vain to return to his hellish realm; occasionally venturing forth to incinerate unsuspecting walkers on Striding Edge! Welcome to the land of legends!


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空気の澄んだ冬の間は、三脚なしの手持ち撮影でも星が綺麗に撮れます⭐️ 直島パヴィリオンがまぶしい🤩 ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ #直島#直島パヴィリオン#藤本壮介#naosima#soufujimoto #nightview #star#nature#scenery #architecture #naoshima_k24da #nikonz7#ニコン部 #気合いの手持ち撮影


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Dark knights

New Year, better me, even better US! ❤


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Los Angeles at 5am . Camera: Nikon D4s Lens: 80-200mm f2.8 ISO: 50 Aperture: 16 Shutter speed: 20sec Focal length: 155mm

Museo Memoria de Andalucía, Alberto Campo Baeza

Jared Chambers

2018-12-10 20:13:09

#canonpartner #awaypartner / Winding through the backroads of Louisiana. @away @canonusa #eosrebelt7i