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“no one’s gotta know, just us and the moon...” ✨ APRIL 24TH || you ready?

Juliana Herz

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Wishing I was still in Positano ♥️


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1-6 which one is your favorite? Credit : - Follow us For more! - No copyright infringement intended DM for issues or removal Hastag👇👇 #anime#animepicture#animelovers#animegirl#animepost#animelovers#bestanimepp#cuteanimegirl#animekawaii#lolgirl#animepage#pixiv#animegallery#art#kawaiiairachan#kawaii#artpicture#artvisual#artwork#sketch#digitalart#_futureart

Some cute flinches from #blackpinkxcorden with steel heart @sooyaaa__ and scare-dy cat @jennierubyjane , somehow confident @lalalalisa_m and @roses_are_rosie 😂💖 Swipe to see more 👀 #blackpink #blackpinkfanart #jisoo #jennie #lisa #rosé #kimjisoo #jenniekim #lalisamanoban #parkchaeyoung #blink #blackpinklatelateshow



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no one else

♥️YouTube Link in Bio🎗 . We found peace, comfort and joy with this beautiful gentle song dedicated to Bella. Thank you @jo_ed777ancheta for the song. God Bless🕊🙏🏼 . . #smilesfromheaven #foreverbellastrong #bellastrong #gonetoosoon #jesuslovesme

Quem também apoiaria um clipe deles em Poliana? Sei que talvez eles não sejam end game, mas seria muito legal, e principalmente nas gravações do interior que tá a Mirela, os pais dela o Vini e o Luca! #asaventurasdepoliana

Restock in 4 hours! (4pm EST) The first FIVE customers to use the discount code “HOPPYEASTER” will get 20% off their order 😱😱😱 ✩ r i c e p u d d i n g 🍚🍮 ✩ my first white glue slushee 😭💓 ahh i’m so happy with how this turned out!! i’ve had the idea for so long. it’s scented like the name (rice, vanilla, brown sugar) and has absolutely no fallout even when u crunch it to death lmfao. Comes with fake brown sugar on top! ib: @slimeobsidian and @celadonslimes ✩ Next Restock: (TODAY) Saturday April 20 @ 4pm EST Website: ✩ #slime #slimes #stretchy #poke #poking #satisfaction #satisfying #satisfy #slimevid #asmr #slimethailand #slimeindo #asmrcommunity #satisfyingvideo #slimevideo #asmrtingles #slimeindonesia #crunchy #fluffyslime #oddlysatisfying #stressrelief #crunch #sleepaid


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Hey my Roses, In the last eleven posts you can find all my concert memories. I know it took pretty long to write and to post them all but I just wanted to tell you everything and I wanted to have all these memories written down for me. There is just one thing I want to say: I really appreciate that I had the chance to be part of this concert. I know that there are so many people, fans, mendesarmy memebers who don't have the chance to see Shawn live. I'm really sorry for all those people and I really hope for all of you that you'll one day get the chance to see him performing and meet him. Every fan deserves to see this angel! I know that there are sometimes a lot of reasons or maybe just one why you can't go and see him but I really wish you all good luck and always remember to never lose hope. I remember myself when I wanted to go to the Illuminate wrold tour but my mum didn't let me go because she said that I was too young and that the tickets were too expensive. I cired a lot but I was always looking forward for the next tour and it worked out even if there where a lot of problems. I'm really so thankful that I this time was able to see him and I can't wait for the next time. I just want to say thank you to my friends and family who made it possible. Thank you to Shawn for being such a great human and performer. Thank you Alessia for your music. Thank you to the crowd for making the night. Thank you to the band, to Mike, Eddy, Zubin, . Thank you to Connor, Josiah and Cez for the incredible pictures and videos. Thank you to Andrew for the great management. Thank you to Jake for protecting our Shawn from any bad people. And a t this point get well soon Jake! Thank you to Geoff and Teddy for helping with writing the songs. Thank you to the whole team that we always thank way too less for all the work they are doing for Shawn and us to make everything possible. I always forget so many people to thank so thank you to all of them. Ireally appreciate everything! ~Me❤ @mendes_bubblegum @shawnmendes #shawnmendes #mendesarmy #canada #legend [ advert ] [ We don't own any of these images. All rights reserved to their respective owners. © ]

New article from the @baltimoresun - National Aquarium's plan to relocate dolphins from Baltimore by 2020 is delayed by climate change, pollution: "For more than two years, the National Aquarium’s seven bottlenose dolphins have been training for a drastic move in 2020, from their home in a Baltimore amphitheater to the nation’s first oceanside sanctuary in Florida or the Caribbean..." For the full article, click through the link in our bio. Photo Credit: Jerry Jackson / Baltimore Sun #dolphinproject #dolphins #dolphinsanctuary

Quero desejar uma sexta feira santa abençoada para todos! Que esse dia seja repleto de paz, amor, alegria, benção. Fiquem todos com a presença de Jesus Cristo 🙏🏼✝❤️ Bom feriado, curtam bastante, descansem e se divertiam! 😃 [ @larissamanoela ] • #larissamanoela #larimanoela #centraldefãslm #sextafeirasanta #feriado

Hello gorgeous coffee setup 😍

Obrigado pela sandália @bahamas_sandalias 💥😍 Vc que quer presentear com sandálias de time ou qualquer outra confecção é com eles 💪🏻

TRABALHAR NO FERIADO?! Siiiimmm!!!!! Tão bom fazer o que se gosta... hoje acordamos cedinho e gravamos mais algumas cenas lindas e muito divertidas de @asaventurasdepoliana pra vcs ❤️ #sbt #asaventurasdepoliana #leticia #valentinaoliveira

We really just hit you with that huh . . . Tune in TONIGHT on @latelateshow to watch my girls @blackpinkofficial in your area 🖤💕 #blackpink #blink #kpop #latelateshow #killthislove