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You've been asking. You've been asking. And now we can finally say it. YOU'VE GOT TIME. But we're almost to the finish line. . . #series FINALE. JULY 26 . . GET READY TO SEE THESE "ANIMALS" ONE LAST TIME #orangeforever #oitnb

One of these days I'm gonna sit in this chair and share this laugh with @bravoandy. Until then.... I'm looking for Andy like this. @bravotv

Don’t mind the ashy ankles. But the message still rings just as true. #magic #love

My two good friends pop and mic! #animation #nomakeup #portraitmode is the dopest. So many great things coming your way.

On this day 5 years ago, I met one of my heros, @whoopigoldberg. She was being honored as one of Vanity Fair's Women in Hollywood. She came onto the red carpet right after me. I froze. "There she is! There she is," I squealed to myself. "This is my moment to meet one of my heros. What should I say?" I gathered my courage and waited for her to finish press. An onslaught of people surrounded her, as I knew they would. After all, she is WHOOPI GOLDBERG! Just as she was being escorted off the carpet, I seized my moment. I tapped her arm, opened my mouth and just let the words pour out. "Whoopi," I stammered, "you have been my hero for as long as I can remember. I admire everything you've done. You have been such an inspiration to me." There, I did it. I said it. I faced my fear and talked to one of my legends. And just like a true legend, she replied, "Well thank you. You'll be here one day too, so just make sure you reach back and help someone along the way." We hugged deeply as she nestled so comfortably in my arms. It was as if we were old friends. Through the lens of a broken phone, this photo was captured. As I journey through my career as an actress, I often reflect on her words of wisdom as a charge to uphold. I'm so grateful for the many opportunities I've had, the people I've met and the lives that I've already impacted. I'll admit, it's not always easy being a recognizable face amongst a crowd. Especially, when you feel as normal of a person as I do and just want to blend in. But, as my parents have often reminded me, "to whom much is given, much is required." . . "Just make sure you reach back." I will, Ms. Whoopi. I AM!

Our Friday has been good so far, hasn't it @mowgli.and.lola? . Yours? Happy #goodfriday everybody. . Thanks @nikiyamathis for styling this wig for me. I would've lied and told people it was my real hair, but this just looks too good to not give you the credit. Love you! . Happy Easter everyone.

Always feel at home behind a mike. Everytime I step into the studio, magic happens.

Happy 75th, @dianaross! With grace, glamour and humility you have blazed trails. You proved that, in a male-dominated industry, Black women can succeed by showing up as their authentic selves. When we do that, WE WIN. Thanks for the T-shirt that benefits Higher Heights, which aims to build Black women's political power.

#fbf @essence magazine cover photoshoot

Baywatch Bust. Thank you @tha_1_2nv for giving me the belly laugh that I needed today.

USA! USA! Rushing to catch my flight, but I had to stop and cheer on Team USA! @specialolympicsusa. You've made it this far. I'm rooting for you! #cheer4usa @olympics

Excited to vote #forthepeople today in the NYC Public Advocate election. Make sure you cast your vote today before 9pm!