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Spent a couple days disconnected recharging the soul, dreaming with @jeromejare for this year. With the help of all of you, we’ve been able to aid Somalia, Mexico and the Rohingya as #lovearmy with over 9M raised. 2019 will be a year or a bigger change, bigger dreams and taking action like never before ... be ready 💪❤️

fairy garden treasure from 💚 what food do you want right now? I want celery sticks with ranch. (did you know in the 16th century, people used to eat celery to cure toothaches? 🦷)


1 Day 20 Hours Ago

Quick mini series of this watery paste I’ve been holding onto for so long. I wish I knew what was in it, I can’t get over how grrrrreat it smells 🤤✨ *also, I apologize in advance for how blurry it is or what it seems to be on my phone.. Instagram you will rue the day lmao*

Chaymaa sobhy

3 Days 4 Hours Ago

One of the challenges that I really loved last year was drawing ancient mythology into characters ✨ I just loved coming with different ideas for each character, different features, poses ..etc. it was really fun💛😊 That’s why I plan on making a challenge for me to practice these things more this year! So stay tuned for that 🙏😃 . . #kidlitart #kidlitillustration #children_illustration #childrenbookillustration #childrenbookart #artofinstagram #illustagram #drawing #characterdesign #drawingchallenge #throwback #artistsoninstagram #illo #digitalart #illustration #illustrationart #illustration_best #artoftheday #bookillustration #illustrationforkids #mythology

Chaymaa sobhy

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A fast sketch ✨🌌 Still trying to get over the cold and start a productive year 😅😷 also purple is the most beautiful color 💜


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The #chloess19 campaign by #stevenmeisel features #chloegirls together under the Mediterranean sun wearing @NRamsayLevi’s runway collection Stay tuned for the full reveal of "A Warm Soft Parade" on January 21 on IGTV Starring #chloegirls: @carolina.burgin, @hannahfergusonofficial, @imaanhammam, @riannevanrompaey Art direction @MMParisdotcom Original Soundtrack @Jackson_l_l_l Styling @AllegriaTorassa Hair @GuidoPalau Makeup @PatMcGrathreal Pre-order the collection on

👮🚨🚓 "Who ate this snack?" ・ “Sorry about that.”💋💕 👮🚨🚓 ・ すずのおやつ食べたにゃ ・ ちょっとぺろりんちょしただけにゃ ごめんにゃ ㄘゅー💋💕 反省してるにゃ👉👈💦💦 ・ 👮🚨🚓 ・ @non_followyourheart さんの #熟女同盟井戸端会議 テーマは 『熟女の顔には味がある💕 シワの数だけ抱きしめて 私を井戸端会議に連れてって井戸端初めはお多福顔で大笑い😂🎶』にゃ みんにゃ💕ふたりのコントで大笑いして欲しいにゃ🥰 ・ 👮🚨🚓 @kinyastagram33 きなこたんから #親バカフォトバトン #親バカバトン もらったにゃ🎗 ありがとにゃ💓 バトンはすずちゃんのもふもふしっぽに入れとくにゃ 良かったらバトン受け取ってにゃ💞 ・ 👮🚨🚓 レンタル衣装 @koron0827 コロンたん💕 #コスチューム @nekoya.factory ・ #underarrest #警察官 #泥棒さん ⁇ or #おしゃれにゃんこ ⁇ 🚨🚔🚨 #ベルちゃん #すずちゃん ・ NAME : Bell ベルちゃん Breed : minuet ミヌエット 🎂 : 2016.5.15 2歳 ・ NAME : Suzu すずちゃん Breed : Scottish fold スコティッシュフォールド 🎂 : 2018.3.21 9ヶ月


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. . 長男が学校行ったのでのびのび . . #穏やか .

Heaven is a place where all the dogs you've ever loved come to greet you. ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ When a cute girl walks by 😏 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 〰️ 🎬 From: charlie.the.dalmatian . . . . #dalmatian #dalmata #dalmatiansofinstagram #dalmation #dalmatiannation #dalmatians #dalmatiner #dalmatianpuppy #dalmatianlovers #dalmatianspotlight #dalmatian_feature #dalmatianlove #101dalmations #dals #dalmatianworld #visomhardalmatiner #ilovemydalmatian #dalmationnation

Who else? 😛🙋🏻‍♀️🖤 {via google}. Happy Friday! ✨

Artist: @saffronwiehlart | #illustrationnow if you would like to be featured

Caaaatch. Credit to @bullitime

Rebecca Simrose

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Sunday morning before the stars faded. Thin ice had formed overnight The sound of a train in the distance broke the silence as the darkness faded. I love watching the birth of a new day, a day to live, a gift. (However some mornings I do like to sleep in my own bed and watch the sunrise from the kitchen window while I sip my coffee ☕️. ) . . #banffnationalpark #moodygrams #ig_podium #womenwhoexplore #totescanadian #canadiancreatives #wildlycreative #explorealberta #imagesofcanada #opcmag #sharecangeo #aov #watchthisinstagood

Elia Locardi

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16 Countries, 103 Flights, 185,532 Miles, and dozens of photography projects and events! Though challenging at times, 2018 has been an amazing year! A huge thanks to each and every one of you for the continued support with the kind comments, likes, plusses, tweets, and shares. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to share my photos and experiences with all of you and please know that you’ve all helped make 2018 a truly wonderful year. Wishing all of you a wonderful end to 2018, and may 2019 bring you closer to your dreams. :)


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Would you journey to Da Nang to witness these magnificent hands in person? Bring one person tag who it would be! 📍: Da Nang, Vietnam 🎥 @andyto


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@arminsillo. Open submissions for 2019. Visit the website for guidelines: #noicemag #minimalcomicplay


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This is the first image from tonight's video taken from the top of Great Gable. Composing the shot I could barely see what I was doing because of the bright winter sun. I'm really happy with how it turned out though. If you look closely you can see hills in the distance across the sea. This is actually the Isle of Man. If you look at a map that is a lot of miles away from Great Gable. It was a stunningly clear day and absolute joy being up so high. 🎬 The video is available now at First Man Photography on YouTube or you can hit the bio link to view now. #️⃣ #landscapephotography #sunset #sunsetphotography #isleofman #greatgable #lakedistrict #naturephotography #ordnancesurvey

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near Răchiţaua

fala atelier

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