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Mikio Koyama

1969-12-31 16:00:00


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They laugh at me because I'm different . I laugh at them because they're all the same . One day you will know your value is completely wrong . Time will prove🕗


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#tbt PLANALTO Soldado faz a guarda do Palácio do Planalto em 1967. O registro é do fotógrafo americano Gene Whitmer. #planalto #palaciodoplanalto #brasilia

Little flow but a green paradise 🌿 ‣ | @leefilters SW150mkII CPL + 0.9 SG @nikonaustralia D850 + 14-24mm

Andrew Knapp

6 Days 17 Hours Ago

“I’m gonna soak up the sun I’m gonna tell everyone To lighten up.” — Sheryl Crow

Fireworks and the crescent moon 🎆🌙


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Maiden's Tower (Turkish: Kız Kulesi), also known in the ancient Greek and medieval Byzantine periods as Leander's Tower (Tower of Leandros), sits on a small islet located in the Bosphorus strait off the coast of Üsküdar in #istanbul, #turkey. Maiden's Tower was first built by the ancient Athenian general Alcibiades in 408 BC to control the movements of the Persian ships in the Bosphorus strait. Back then the tower was located between the ancient cities of Byzantion and Chalcedon. The tower was later enlarged and rebuilt as a fortress by the Byzantine emperor Alexius Comnenus in 1110 AD, and was rebuilt and restored several times by the Ottoman Turks, most significantly in 1509 and 1763. The most recent facelift was made in 1998. Steel supports were added around the ancient tower as a precaution after the 17 August 1999 earthquake. Used as a lighthouse for centuries, the interior of the tower has been transformed into a popular cafe and restaurant, with an excellent view of the former Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman capital. Private boats make trips to the tower several times a day. 📸: @bildrone, @ahmet.erdem, @byirfankara, @ahmetshhn, @araguler #architectanddesign

Sunset Key 💗 . I have 3 different variations of this shot, but this one was voted as a favorite by my friends @followmetolongboatkey @followmetosiestakey @sarasotaexperience ... Appropriately named, this is a shot of Sunset Key just west of Key West. . . . . . #islandlife #beachlife #coastallife #florida #lovefl #beautifuldestinatons #keywest #clpicks #sltravels #summertime #visitkeywest #sunsetkey

Number one is castle lake up by Mount Shasta , Number two is Mount Tam ! hope everyone had a great weekend ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join me for a one on one photography workshop. These one on one or group sessions are tailored to your skill level and will get you confident and in control of the photographic process. Take your composition skills to the next level and develop the tools to understand how to bring your vision to life. Check my website for online booking or or send me an email for details and info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ocean motion.


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Tum mevsim meyvelerini ve sebzelerini, taze almak isterseniz; her cuma bekleriz... Every friday, for fresh fruits&vegetables... #sapanca #sakarya #türkiye #turkey #bazaar #halkpazarı #publicbazaar

It’s the Fourth of July here in the USA! I hope wherever you are you in the world you are lucky enough to have your family and friends around you, a roof over your head and food for your table. Here are Ari and River, horses that lived together as foals and happily reunited in Truckee, CA this week in the beautiful Russell Valley. #equinephotography #mountainlife #visittruckee #mustangs #pferdefotografie #horsephotography #truckeehorses #russellvalley #beautifulhorses #mountroseviews #kathycolmanphotography #mountainviews #sierranevadas

Alpine Lake, Washington💧 Featured 📸: @nathanielwise

Wow, this view...! House im Miami, by @_saota #residências #projeto residencial #casas #architecture #arquitetura #arqui_decor_oficial #arquidecor #view