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My summer specialty when grilling out is asking everyone how they want their burgers cooked, pretending to listen, and then cooking them all the same. Here is a completed sunroom that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle

I was trying to explain to my kids when Easter was yesterday and in doing so I realized I have no idea when it is, or how the date is even decided. Here is a completed dining space from @atlantahomesmag where we incorporated pieces from the client’s collection to mix with some of ours. Of course it nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @laureywglenn styling: @elizabethdemos

Andrew Howard - the interior designer that is not afraid to get his hands dirty for the right shot. 📷: @elizabethdemos on a shoot with @laureywglenn

When asked recently if they had any allergies at camp Jack said penicillin and Henry (who is not allergic to anything, but wanted to be like his brother) said pollen... from trees. So glad he’s been diagnosed. Here is a completed bedroom in the current @atlantahomesmag that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @laureywglenn styling:@elizabethdemos (sources tagged)

Did I take this picture while on a bike ride in Palm Beach and then think to myself... “That’s a pretty cool picture, I may want to repost that later?” Maybe...

There are two kinds of people in this world. 1. People I could be friends with and 2. People that eat pudding out of a cup with a metal spoon. Here is an in progress fireplace with a plaster fireplace that has nothing to do with anything at all. 📷: @floydpaintandpaper

It’s so frustrating to see all this technology evolving around us and yet no one can find the time to invent a healthy cinnamon roll that tastes just like the regular ones. Is this too much to ask? Here is a completed living room that’s in @atlantahomesmag this month. Pick one up to see the whole story. Thanks to superstar project manager @lgerlock for helping me make the place look good! 📷: @laureywglenn styling: @elizabethdemos (sources tagged)

After a recent trip with lots of flying and driving Henry wondered if JFK Airport would be considered a mansion while Jack wondered how necessary it was to put a Michael’s in every strip mall in America. Here’s a completed beach mudroom from a while back that has nothing to do with anything at all. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle

The Sagamore Hotel has bathrooms labeled “Buoys” and “Gulls” and I may or may not have spent too much time on the trip calling the kids buoys and gulls. It was painfully unfunny, and if we ever return I will probably do it again. It’s time for us buoys and gulls to catch a plane.... Ok, officially done.

This photo was taken roughly 3-4 minutes after I said the phrase to my oldest son, “If you want to learn to paddle board watch me.” Sad to say goodbye today to Lake George, but we will be back!

One of my favorite parts of dinner last night was sitting by a table of 8 where they took turns sharing about their first colonoscopies. Wish you could have been there. Here is a completed bathroom in @bakersbayclub that thankfully has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle (sources tagged)

Oh goodie... an old pic of me in a bathroom we are working on in a hoodie... From a long time ago, but it’s getting posted today. The goodie / hoodie rhyme thing didn’t work all that well, but it’s all I got for you today.

Any families that have not dressed in white shirts and taken family photos in them on some beach, or you don’t have a kids jumping in lake pic that you post every summer.... This is your final warning to get both done ASAP.

No matter how fun your 4th is it is not going to be nearly as fun as my coworker that had to drive from Jacksonville to Baltimore today for an emissions test. Here is a bedroom from a recent project in @bakersbayclub that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle PS... This is not really red, white and blue so if someone needs to call the Instagram police on me I would certainly understand.

Jack spent some time debating why more people have phones than toilets (still not sure if this is true), while Henry wondered if any of his friends will be able to say the “SH-word” in high school. (He will not be allowed). Here is a completed powder room that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @ericpiasecki styling: @elizabethdemos

Excited for my annual upcoming 4th of July campout. As usual we will be pretending that my bedroom is a tent, my oven is a campfire, and my bed is a sleeping bag. Hope everyone has a great campout as well. Here is a completed nook from a new project in @bakersbayclub that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle wallpaper: @ferrickmason

I had an Uber driver trying to sell me a baby blanket she makes that says, “The Snuggle is Real” this weekend so if anyone wants one I can give you her info. Here is a completed bedroom at Hoover Plantation that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @ericpiasecki styling: @elizabethdemos

I have no intention of correcting my kids when they call Prince’s song “Raspberry Beret” “Raspberry Parade.” I went 38 years of life thinking that was the name and I wouldn’t mind them doing the same. Here is a completed bunk room from a new project in @bakersbayclub that has nothing to do with anything above. 📷: @maxkimbee styling: @lizstrongstyle