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She bangs 💙


A lot of people were so quick to comment on this picture, Saying how can a MOTHER support this! This is exactly why I do... Because as a mother I know how much hard work it takes to care for my children. How much sacrifice and dedication it takes...emotionally financially and physically. I wanted my babies desperately... I dreamed about their little faces. I am more fortunate than many and let me tell you that the pressure is there. You are their guidance and safe place. If you cannot provide this then it should be your choice not to become a mother. Let’s get one thing straight..I don’t support late term abortion...but if a woman has been raped or in a terrible situation she should have the choice of what to do in the EARLY stages of pregnancy! Yes it is Very sad to think about aborting a foetus but what is more devastating is a child coming into this world having to endure life without love or basic comfort. A child living through abuse or extreme poverty or an unstable mother or being orphaned..This is what is NOT fair. Some people say pro life and that’s it. But its far more complex than that. I am pro life, life WITH love. It’s more than just a physical body it’s a soul that needs nurturing. Babies can’t fend for themselves. They need love and stability more than you know. This should be the law #created-out-of-love-not-fear

Where I’d rather be 💦

Finding moments of peace. What do you do to find your zen?

Happy Mother’s Day to mine and all the beautiful people out there providing love and stability for our future generations. 💙

Morning! I’m So excited to join the incredible @mothers2mothers as a Patron! I’ve loved their work since before I became a mother and am so honored to be welcomed into their family. This picture was taken at their headquarters in #southafrica, my home country. #mothers2mothers is based on a true model of sisterhood, with the inspiring #hiv-positive women they employ as “Mentor Mothers” leading it all, helping women and their families access lifesaving medical care and preventing their babies from it. I know how daunting it can be to become a new mother. But I can’t imagine having to deal with a life-changing diagnosis like HIV at the same time, without #m2m the basic health services and information needed to protect these babies and their mothers wouldn’t be available. I respect what these woman are doing! They've already reached 10.5+ million women & children in 8 sub-Saharan African countries, and have helped to almost end childhood AIDS among their clients! So, with #mothersday coming up, please follow & support them by spreading the word, donating, or both! 💙xc

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What a dream! 💙Thank you @voguemagazine @prabalgurung @daniellepriano @patrickta @ericjmcneal @nailsbymarysoul @swarovski @degrisogono @thepeninsulanyc #metgala

👄 loves the way a red lip feels 👄