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I'm Aoife and these are my rescue animals and some of the other animals and things we see while out and about. ??

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Sun worshipping!

Happy #stpatricksday

That face you make when you're cuddling with your bae and some perv takes a photo! #privacyplease

Happy girl! #lurcher #sighthound #❀️ Swipe to see Hiros cute little face. #😍

Throw the bbaaaaallll! .... Yaaaas my ball!!! #willow #thedog

Willow and her #onetruelove #tennisball 😍 The third pic made me laugh. 🀣 #shakeitoff

We went for a walk and we spied on some ponies! 🧐🐴




Khali was looking pretty goofy at the beach today! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Lazy day

Goodnight πŸ’€

Just back from the beach. Managed to get this nice snap of Khali and Hiro together. 😍😍

Keep your lips off me woman! I'm not ginger, I'm strawberry blonde!! #kissagingerday

When we're out on our walkies and we meet someone walking alone I always feel a little sad. A stroll is so much sweeter with a friend and there's so many little friends in so many pounds and rescues just wishing they could walk beside you. ☹️