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Soon it will be that time again , the highlands are calling. We can't wait to be back on the trails again ⛰🌦 #iceland | #beyondthelands_ @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

River hiking towards Glymur waterfall which has a massive cascade of 198 m drop . Quite an experience. 🌦 #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

@simona_br_photography hiking through the hills of the highlands where you seem to find beauty and poetry around every corner . #iceland

Fountain of life 🍂⛅ #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

The long way back , highlands strolls are full magic ⛰ #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

Sun rises in endless layered fields of the icelandic highlands ⛰ #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

A small aurora collection from the last 5 years . There are some great memories we had during that time hunting those lights . Always a pleasure 🌠 #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

Into the valley of wonders we go ⛰⛅ #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

Tiny us in a great company with the giant troll rock ⛰❄ #iceland . @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

The gateway into the Highlands where all of your wishes comes true. This image is a 16 photos pano stitch with exposure blend for maximum depth taken with a drone. ⛰ #iceland @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

The best wave of your life is still out there. Probably the best seascape condition I ever got. #iceland #whpwanderlust @beyondthelands | @simona_br_photography __________________

Wild and free in the painted winterscapes of the north #whpwanderlust