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Personalised Drink Bottles 😍

If you haven’t already, check out our current Tees, Singlets & Onesies! Here is Jinara wearing our ‘Rose Between Two Thorns’ Kids Tee 😍❤️

Little cutie in his personalised name Tee! Get yours now 😍❤️

👶🏻 New design up on the website now! 👶🏻 “Dummy Spitter” www.aruma-apparel.com

Two new designs on our website now! 1. Reach for the Stars Tee 2. Rock on Aruma Tee (on back) Check them out! www.aruma-apparel.com

Two in one on a cute Sibling Set 😍❤️ check our store out at: www.aruma-apparel.com

Jinara in her personalised grey tee 😍❤️


Ready to send out to a lucky customer 😉❤️ get yours at - www.aruma-apparel.com

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How adorable - little miss Jinara in our ‘Worth it’ Tee 😍

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Go check out this adorable set available now! Can change the Big Sister and Little Brother vice versa - only in Black Tee and White Onesie but so adorable for siblings! WWW.ARUMA-APPAREL.COM

Added Grey to our Personalised Name Onesies - go check them out! ARUMA-APPAREL.COM

Check our singlets out! They’re adorable 😍 ARUMA-APPAREL.COM

I am a proud, young Aboriginal Australian woman running this business hoping to spread love and kindness throughout the world. I love creating, designing, drawing, painting, etc and that is one thing that inspired me to start this. This painting is at my local shopping centre and it’s so amazing! Thank you to those who have supported me so far. Also apparently ‘ARUMA’ means Happy in aboriginal which is why I chose it and our little slogan - “Happy Shopping.” ☼

I love finishing a Tee, Singlet or Onesie with our little name at the bottom. 😍

Sweet, new little tags for our clothing - love learning and growing 😍