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If you're going through hell keep going!! I have been receiving quite alot of messages again, asking me how i manage to remain so positive and motivating everyday..... I decide to not let everything get to me on a daily basis because i have been through hell half a dozen times or even more in my life... When you have been through sooo many storms, you have had to be strong sooo many times, when thing's aren't sooo bad you make the most of it, be happy as you can be, spread the good vibes and the love.... Soooo a few year's back i was working at Efm health clubs as a membership consultant and after just a few month's i was promoted to National membership consultant, in charge of a hundred thousand member's throughout Australia all on my own... I lasted 2 week's was on my way to the gym on a sunday afternoon like today, i blanked out from all the stress,i hit a stoby pole, smashed my head on the front windscreen, my car was a total write off and i was in hospital for 6 week's mentally & physically a total mess.... I had to start all over again i lost the best job, i had to go through hell, once again i had to start from scratch, it takes alot of energy and head space, but no matter how hard you get through the storm once again and you keep going, it's life it's never going to be easy if you live your life thinking this, you will never survive.... Sooo now hopefully that answers your questions, i don't have time to sit and sook and dwell, thing's change in a split second..... Be kind to one and other, be inspirational be motivating, We need more love in this world, for absolutely nothing in return, the people who have had the worst pasts need to help other's it's the best feeling in the world.... That's why i do what i do.... ✌😎😘 #ifyouregoingthroughhellkeepgoing #goingthroughhell #goingthroughit #goingthroughalot #goingthroughchanges #goingthroughshit #hardtimes #hardtimesmakestrongpeople #nevermetastrongpersonwithaneasypast #lifeishard #lifeishardsometimes #lifeistoughbutsoareyou #keepgoing #thestrongest #warriorstrong #nevergiveup #neversurrender #brokencrayonsstillcolor #brokencrayons #evenbrokencrayonsstillcolor #peaceandlove✌