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Favorite time of the day. ✨ Anzeige/Ad @louisvuitton #louisvuitton

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2019-03-07 11:33:17

attention. awesome caption coming in. ⠀ Throwback Thursday. #bam#belgium #visitbelgium #travelbelgium


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Flashback: Chinese new year in Hong Kong in February 2019. #newyear #lunarnewyear #china #hongkong #hk #fireworks

Elaine Li 🎈

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Inside out 🇮🇷 // First day in Iran and absolutely loving it. The architecture, the food, the people. Yesterday was a public holiday so the bazaar was filled with locals and tourists alike. Follow along on Stories for my journey in Iran! 💕 #canonhk #eosartisan

Happy Earth Day everyone! With my job, I have had the opportunity to explore this incredible planet and see the impact humans are having on it at the same time. This Earth Day, I want you to remember to respect our little blue rock and be conscious of your personal impact. I am working with @globalgreen to collect donations for their sustainability projects around the world. Go to their page to help out! Shots from me and @dinobenedetti 👌🏼

The historic Morris Island Lighthouse just South of Charleston harbor. The foundation appears to have shifted causing a slight lean to the right (north). · · · · · · · #charlestonsc #morrisisland #lighthouse #explorecharleston #charlestondaily #charlestonlife #chstoday #southcarolina #charlestonphotographer #lowcountry #lighthouses #ocean #socharleston #nature #landscape #landscapelovers #landscapephotography #drone #dronephotography

The Magnificent Monastery located in beautiful Pertra, Jordan. Join me and @discoveryphototours next October for an amazing experience. See link on profile. You might remember this place from the movie Transformers and Tomb Raider. Shot using @canoncanada 5DSR with @formatthitech filters. #shotoncanon #jordan #petra #phototours #planetearth #instadaily #instanature #givebacktonature

Jack Brauer

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In this Instagram era it’s becoming more and more difficult to deny that our photography might actually bring harm to the special natural places that we are intending to celebrate. Whether it’s due to our own careless actions in pursuit of the shot, or publicizing previously quiet and pristine places to the masses, nature photography has unfortunately become a potential nemesis of untrammeled nature rather than an ally of nature as it has traditionally been assumed. I’ve always thought it’s a good thing when my photography inspires people to get outside and enjoy nature, but if even a small portion of those people behave disrespectfully when they’re out there, then it may all be a net loss for the natural lands I wish to preserve. In an effort to combat this trend, some fellow photographers and I have gotten together during the last year to form an alliance of photographers devoted to a more careful and mindful approach to nature photography which prioritizes the long term well being of nature over the short term desires of photography. The group we created is called the Nature First Photography Alliance. We have drafted a set of 7 principles which we all pledge to follow and promote. As nature photographers it is our responsibility not just to create beautiful images but to act as ambassadors for the lands we photograph. From our positions as active photographers we hope to leverage our networks of friends, followers, and associates to spread the word and hopefully turn this into a popular positive movement that spreads out into the broader culture. If you are a photographer reading this, I invite you to read more about the movement at and to join us as a fellow member on the website. Even if you’re not a photographer I would encourage you to take a look and consider how you too can help to promote a more mindful approach to outdoor recreation. #naturefirst

wmr’s Despidiendo a #manuynatasa @natasa_tana Mucha suerte en esta nueva etapa, de vuelta en su país.. sin duda se les extrañará!

Spring weather 🌧 has me thinking back to a stormy and awesome Pacific Rim last winter. @beautifulidiotfilm

With the new Etobicoke Civic Center in Toronto, we aim to maintain and enhance a distinct identity for the centre of Etobicoke, prioritize pedestrians, balance transportation and infrastructure, improve the sense of scale and comfort, provide new amenities, “greenify” the area as well as de-isolate and connect the areas around the center. Designed with our good friends at Adamson Associates and @pmalarch. -- #renders #renderings #etobicoke #civiccenterdesign #etobicokeciviccenter #torontoarchitecture

concrete overload.

Up up #teampixel @googlepixel

Can’t wait to get into the mountains this summer!

Spring smiles: Rigby edition. We are supposed to get rain and wind for the next week straight so I wanted to snap a couple quick pics with Rigby before all the flowers fall off the trees. Shot with canon 5D mk iv and canon 50mm f/1.2L . . . . #asseenincbus #asseenincolumbus #petphotography #corgi #magnolia #corgilife #fluffycorgi #dogsofohio #dogsofcolumbus #spring #magnoliatree #professionalphotography #petportrait #columbusphotographer #61fur #614photographer #ohiopetphotographer #columbuspetphotographer #hollyhildrethphotography @rigbyrumplebottom #canonfanphoto

Fantastic evening light ✨

One more day to see monographic exhibition "The Last Act of Design" at the Hillside Gallery in Tokyo, later from 4 to 20 April at the Archive and Museum at the Kyoto Institute of Technology #kyotoinstituteoftechnology. We wish to thank Stefano Graziani @stefanoograziani for the collaboration and inspiration that made this exhibition possible. The organizers JSAA and Embassy of Switzerland in Japan for the invitation, support and coordination of the exhibition. @kias_kentaro @kuro_sho, @doorstoswitzerland, and #kyotoinsituteoftechnology for the logistic coordination and support in Kyoto @masahiro_kino . Sebastian Fehr #sebastianfehr for the graphic design of the exhibition and the catalogue, and Francesco Zorzi @zorzi_fr for editing the drawings exhibited in the show. Installation shot © Stefano Graziani, Christ & Gantenbein. #jsaa #thelastactofdesign #architectureexhibition #exhibitionofarchitecture #architecturedrawings #architecturemodels #architecturephotography #hillsideforum #hillsidegallerytokyo #monographicexhibition #builtworks #emanuelchrist #christophgantenbein

Kate Ballis

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This is Darwin from my Spectrums of the Galápagos show, on at Jardan until April 21 🐢


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#空気の人】 ・ 夜だけど昼寝したい ・ #旅人の交換日記#鈴木康広