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Who wants to play with me? 😊

Good morning Kitty 😊 Someone just woke up? πŸ’•

So small and fluffy 😭 Who doesnt love kitten's?! . . Via: Unknown

Kitten-Cuddles 😽

Ohhh myyy gaaaaawd it's so cuuuute 😭 WANT! 😍 . . By: @machiyominoura

Is it nice and warm there? 😊 Look at her fluffy fur 😍

Peek-a-boo πŸ™ˆ Someone is curious 😁

Ooooomg, we fell in looove! πŸ’• Look at this little fluffball 😭

Houston, we have a problem! 🐱

Aren’t these eyes mesmerizing?! 😍

Oh hello there little guy πŸ₯°

Lets admit it... That’s us on the first workday after a long vacation... πŸ˜ͺ

A basket full of fluffy happiness πŸ€—

She’s not too amused πŸ˜’ What’s wrong? 😁

What a dreamy vibe 😊 Seems like they are good friends 😁

How not to fall in love with this adorable face 😍