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Nala Cat ™

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I love you too @merrelltwins @vanessamerrell @veronicamerrell @white_coffee_cat


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“Be like water”

Benjamin Everett

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On a long enough time scale, everything is fluid.

• Hacer casas para estos paisajes 🍇 Nunca me voy a acostumbrar 🇦🇷 Siempre voy a agradecer 🙌🏻 Levanto la copa por Casa Viña 🍷 Y brindo por su Andes 🏔 +📸 en @lucasmcleanarquitecto • • • #casaviña #avancedeobra #arquitectosargentinos #casadevino #viñedo #cordillera #mendoza #argentina

Views from the top of Mt Murchison! One of the newer inclusions on the 11,000er list in the Canadian Rockies. A highlight from a couple of summers ago negotiating this maze of rubble safely - look at those perfect bricks in the foreground!

I love the soft evening light of summer 😍 our little girl Yoomee did a good job at her second photo shooting. In the background is our lead mare Mancha for support. But Yoomee is not a horse hiding behind leaders because one day she'll become a boss herself. 💪

Alex Wise

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Last light at one of my favourite Hobart beaches, Park Beach.

. A typical summer scene on the prairies as a storm passes over a farm in the Calmar, Alberta area yesterday. Not much bite to this storm as it never quite made it to severe warned status, however it drop pea sized hail between here and Beaumont, and I did measure some wind gusts upwards of 70 km/h. Thanks for looking!

ananya ray

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Even the rain couldn’t ruin this hike🏔. #inlovewithswitzerland @swiss @myswitzerland @visitswitzerland #passionpassport


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#moab #fishertowers #utah

Travels 🌊

1969-12-31 16:00:00

#repost @haidafilter ・・・ In order to prevent the time difference from affecting the photographer to upload photos, we decide to open the entry 12 hours earlier. Now the entry is open. Click the link to see rules of the Haida Summer Photo Contest and Upload your Photos: https://www.haidaphoto.com/en/photocontest.html Numerous Prizes are waiting for you!!! Thanks again to our Sponsors and Jury Team @fotopro.usa @mindz.eye @ennio.photography @jonaspiontek @australianphotography_magazine @outdoorphotomag @fotomagazin_de @officialfstoppers @seanparkerphotography @danielgreenwoodphotography @movophoto @zhiyun_tech @chasseur_magazine @fotopro.usa @

Junichi Kobari

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Random cozy night

Bob Borson

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I don’t know how you handle the last few hours before a 4-day holiday break, but if it doesn’t involve cake and Graphic Standards, you aren’t living your best life. . . . . . . . #lifeofanarchitect #whatthisarchitectdoes #cake #sketching #allthecake

Xapon con La Pan @fundacionluisseoane #javiercodesal @sf__pan #elogro

Harmonious At times when I go on the adventure, I am experiencing a state of harmony when the compositions come to me naturally, almost instinctively. I do not need to concentrate on technical aspects or plan my photos, but instead, my photography becomes a result of the interplay of my senses with the surrounding landscape. I subconsciously register and react to all necessary cues and come up with a ready recipe for a photo. By far, this is my favourite state of mind, and I call it mountain high. Sadly, it is not easy to reach and keep that state. #digitalarmy #discoverearth #earthpix#nature#earthofficial#parkscanada#natgeo#explorecanada#baffinbay#baffinisland#natgeo


1969-12-31 16:00:00

Would you walk? 📸 via @engineeringequip

Iwan Baan

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@kerearchitecture new #xylem pavilion at @tippet.rise #artcenter #montana

James Wright

2018-12-24 06:39:22

Somewhere off the coast of Scotland yesterday evening. - P.S. This is the first photo made with a phone I've ever posted on Instagram. Feels a bit weird. The film version is going a few weeks so this will have to do for now. - #theendoftheroad #scotland