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3 Days 15 Hours Ago

The incredible Le Sfere pendant by Gino Sarfatti inside Teatro Regio in Turin, Italy. The Royal Theatre was re-designed by the architect, Carlo Mollino, after a fire burnt down the historic structure.

Manu Campa

5 Days 8 Hours Ago

This summer, when I received @blancofinearts painting. Love this pink portrait.

Aretuza Lovi

2 Days 5 Hours Ago

A realização de um sonho! Dá pra ver minha carinha de bobo, né? 💖💖💖 Foi mágico e já quero voltar de novo. #tbt de uns dias atrás.

Da série "Maíra Medeiros fazendo Maírozices" (essa série nem existe mas a gente finge 🤣) Dessa vez a @mairamedeiros_ resolveu se juntar com o @magosdascores, do salão @novoarte para pintar o cabelo via áudios do WhatsApp. Será que isso deu certo? Só indo no canal dela pra saber.

Barbie WHO, minha filha?! Quem lembra quando aceitei o desafio de me transformar em @officialbratz e gravei o close pro canal, que tá no meu PERFIL, e você não se inscreveu ainda, mas pede vídeo de coisas que já fiz?! Hahah 🌸😁 #bratzchallenge


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10 Hours Ago

New York City designer Mark Zeff has looked to 1960s desert-modern trends for the interiors of the rebuilt Mountain Shadows resort in Arizona. See more on dezeen.com/interiors #interiors #architecture #arizona

🏀 // feat @crookedletter & @pradagul — original music by @pradagul — ⌘ by me

A misty morning at the Lake Minnewanka boathouse.

Marcelo Faiden

2 Days 14 Hours Ago

@2g_magazine @abalossentkiewicz & @estudioherreros #lacatonvassal Esta fue una extraordinaria cosecha @moisespuente !!!

Alex Zouaghi

1 Day 15 Hours Ago

• London is... ...a little nostalgia... • 🇬🇧Here it is, another classic of mine, one of my favourite doors in Holland Park. And actually, more than the picture itself, it’s the reminiscence of my first year in London that always rushes back to me every time I walk by this street. I used to live quite close to it when I moved here. Crazy how time flies when you think about it! And yet, four years later, I still love taking pictures of it, especially when the first blossoms arrive. I hope you won’t mind me sharing it again this year! Have a lovely Friday! . 🇫🇷Et en voici un autre de mes classiques! L’une de mes portes préférées d’Holland Park. Et plus que la photo en elle-même c’est davantage le souvenir de mes premiers temps à Londres qui me reviennent à chaque fois que je passe par cette rue. J’habitais tout près quand j’ai emménagé ici. C’était il y a bientôt 4 ans déjà! C’est fou à quel point le temps passe vite quand on y pense! Et pourtant, c’est toujours le même sentiment d’excitation à chaque fois que les bourgeons reviennent. J’espère que vous ne m’en voudrez pas de la repartager encore une fois avec vous cette année!

Simon Baxter

4 Days 7 Hours Ago

As much as I enjoyed the workshops in Scotland, it's been nice to return home, relax with Adele and spend time with Meg. It's also given me the opportunity to look at some photos I took before I my Scotland trip, including this one. I'd scouted these trees some time ago and, although this isn't the composition I initially envisaged, I really like it. The combination of mist and light is a rare treat here, so I'm pleased I made some images work.

A little birdy told me this spring this is really happening 🐥😎

Menswear Dog

1 Day 10 Hours Ago

@mollystanard x @mensweardog Spring/Summer collection coming in hot🔥🔥🔥 Link in bio + more in stories 🕶

Dieses Abendrot war einfach nur der Wahnsinn. Aufgenommen im November 2018 - bedingt durch den Südföhn verlief eine scharfe Wolkenkante quer durch Südbayern. Zum Sonnenuntergang spielte sich dann ein wahres Feuerwerk am Himmel ab ☺ #deinbayern #nature_sultans #gutenmorgen #ourplanetdaily #awesome_earthpix #bns_nature #nature_perfection #earth_shotz #theworldshotz #specialshots #fotografieren #landschaft #heimatgefühl #mountainlovers #dahoamisdahoam #outdoor  #landschaftfotografie #bavarianshotz #bayernliebe #discoverearth #heimatkunde #picoftheday #wanderlust #berge #heimat #weltenbummler #blickwinkel #genuss


2 Days 11 Hours Ago

New Music Video with @marchdavismusic dropping this weekend🤞🏼 A true New England legend, go peep his new tape// Lmk what you think about this one🤷🏻‍♂️

Great to see Peter Corrigan’s original 1992 drawings for RMIT Building 8 🌈

Chic. Dining table by Gio Ponti for Casa di Fantasia in Milan, 1952. . . #gioponti #casadifantasia @phillipsauction #midcenturymodern #diningtable #daniellaondesign

Andrew Knapp

1 Day 10 Hours Ago

It’s #nationalpuppyday tomorrow but I think it should be #bemorelikeyourdogday so I’m posting this a day early so the idea could go viral. Also I want them know who’s doing what? Are you hosting a #dogparty? Are we all screening #isleofdogs in our kitchens? Are we allowed to bring our dogs everywhere we go including #ihop and #thedentist? Will we be able to have conversations with dogs? It’s going to be a glorious day and I wish you all a blessed #bemorelikeyourdogday.

Flores & Prats

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

Collage of memories. Photo: @jthcasas

Johan Lolos

2018-08-17 09:17:29

Albanian couple enjoying some rest in the shade of a chestnut tree, on a hut summer day. Bajram Curri, Kukës, 2017.