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Dutch Photographer capturing the Sounds of Silence. ✉️ Last trip: Corfu, Greece ??

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That holiday feeling... ☀️🥥🌊 Enjoy your weekend everyone!

This image is called ‘The Horse’ and forms part of my ‘Dutch Silence II’ series. It is a lighthouse situated in the historic village of Marken, in the North of Holland. This particular morning, it was very cold and I loved the shapes of ice forming in the front, something you don’t see that often! Find out how I edited this image in @Adobe Photoshop through my blog. Find the link in my bio. 👆🏻 #adobecreativecloud #photography #makingof #blog #photoshop #lightroom #adobe


Sunny side up. ☀️

I am so excited to have my work exhibited in Paris, La Défense! As from today, until the 6th of October, two works from my Sand Creatures series, together with the works of a variety of great artists, will be on display during an open air exhibition called ‘Les Extatiques’. Find the link in my bio. 👆🏻#sandcreatures #fineart #gravity #exhibition #paris #ladefense #photography

Here is another image from my ‘Dutch Silence II’ series. This image is called ‘Rows’. It was captured on the flat landscapes of Zeeland, which happens to be one of my favourite places to photograph. You can see for miles, with simplistic features and the everchanging Dutch skies, it leaves a lot to the imagination. Like these row of trees, you will find almost everywhere and they make for a great subject. You can check out the making of with @adobe in my latest blog 👉🏻 #adobecreativecloud #photography #makingof #blog #photoshop #lightroom #adobe

Sail away.... from another hot day here in Holland. ☀️

I am very excited to have launched my latest series ‘Dutch Silence II’. If you would like to know how I edited these images, I have written a blog in partnership with @adobe. It shows the process on how I edit in #lightroom and #photoshop. Find the link in my bio. #adobecreativecloud #photography #makingof #blog

This is one of my images from my ‘Emotions’ series, called ‘Humble’. In these series I focussed primarily on the character, elegance, power and nobleness of the horse. Find more of my series on #fineart #emotions #photography #horse

I am excited to announce my newest photoseries! ‘Cloudscapes’ focuses on a naturally beautiful spectacle. On a warm and sunny afternoon in June, the temperatures were rising. High up in the atmosphere, unique thunderclouds started to build and change quickly into intricately shaped pieces of cotton wool art. Watch mother natures most potent and fascinating phenomena in all its glory. (Link in bio) #photography #clouds #cumulus #thunderstorm #cumulusclouds

Memories of a perfect morning in Trentino. #sangiorgio #🇮🇹

One calm morning... #rotterdam