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這個收藏家真的太瘋狂了 看了他這麼多收藏 做的最對的事 就是有收我的公仔😂 This fanatical collector has a truly amazing collection. Of all the works he has collected, the best choice by far which he has made is definitely this Jay Chou collectible toy😂 #batman #深夜玩具店 #宅宅天地 #toy #figure #actionfigures

It was an honor spending half a day with the Clemson Football Team and presenting to them.#pawjourney#competitivedna

This cloudy weather creates some interesting colors and tones. Also the super bowl was a bust! Sony A7iii Zeiss 16-35 f4


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Treasure in a puddle After waiting for a rain storm to pass by, I decided to bike home and stopped to take a photo of a new tower on the opposite side of the street. When glancing down, I noticed this puddle at my feet and inside it was a beautifully captured reflection of the Massey tower!! Thanks Mother Nature! • • • • • • #diagonal_symmetry #lookingup_architecture #archi_features #archi_focus_on #archi_unlimited #architecture_view #creative_architecture #buildingswow #bns_reflection #jj_geometry #ptk_architecture #morpholio #splendid_reflections #tv_leadinglines #gf_architecture #total_arquitectura #harmonyoflight #reflectiongram #tv_pointofview #rustlord_unity #glassatecture #arquitecturamx #srs_buildings #tv_buildings #archdaily #fubiz #espacioenforma #raw_architecture #drugougleb #structures_greatshots

“La casa se ubica en la planicie de una montaña a casi tres horas de la Ciudad de México y busca dos cosas aparentemente contradictorias: resguardo y apertura”. . ➡️Link en la Bio. . Casa Terreno 🖊 Fernanda Canales 📍 Valle de Bravo - México 📸 Rafael Gamo. . . #fernandacanales @rafaelgamo . . #archdailymx #arquitecturamexico #viviendaunifamiliar #brickarchitecture

ASCENT. #damezahahadid #dleedon #trailblazingarchitect. Zaha Hadid’s first high-rise residential project (in collaboration with RSP Architects), stands out from its low key surroundings in Tanglin District 10 with a soaring presence and undulating contour lines that shift and change with their ascent into the sky. RIP 🙏🏻.

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#faithringgold Black light series.. “American spectrum” 1969 🖤🖤🖤🖤 #serpentinegallery #adjayevisualsketchbook #adjayeassociates

Gathering around a mid-summer campfire to trade stories, make meals, and share laughs with fellow outdoor enthusiasts is one of our favorite feelings ever. Call up your favorite camping buds and head out to Idaho to experience this feeling after a long day of hiking, paddling, hot spring hopping, or whatever else you may get up to in this outdoor adventure filled state. Tap the link in our bio to plan your next trip to Idaho.⁠ -⁠ 📸 @scott_kranz #everyoneoutside #theoutbound⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Almost a 9th | photographs from 2017, when RF won his 8th wimbledon title.

A part of Paris

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On our last morning in North Rhine-Westphalia, we got blessed with a beautiful sunrise with some mist hovering above the lake. For around 30 other photo enthusiasts from all over Germany, these conditions came in perfectly - which made the collective atmosphere even better. 🙌🏻 ⁣ @deinnrw #deinnrw #meinteuto #weroamgermany⁣ *anzeige

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off to new grounds | my time in sweden is coming to an end as the next chapter is awaiting me. i'm moving back to berlin and couldn't think of a better welcome back than attending one of my favorite festivals, @sacred_ground_festival . i have partnered up with the lovely crew and am happy to announce that i have 2 tickets to share with you. have a look at the video i produced in my story and tell me via DM or in the comments why you want to be part of this beautiful experience. #sacredgroundfestival #sacredgroundfestival2019 #ryx #frankwiedemann #zartagency

the last stop on our trip was the muskau palace. surrounded by a beautiful park it was the perfect spot to end the day. _ the park around the castle is a landscape park in the upper lusatia and since 2004 a UNESCO world heritage. it is the largest and one of the most famous english gardens in central europe, stretching along both sides of the german–polish border. _ #simplysaxony #sogehtsächsisch @simplysaxony | Werbung

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I just wanna see the light 🎵

Just launched my new website today! Go check it out! ( ). I added a new section called „work“ where you guys can have a look at my newest projects. Furthermore I updated the presets system which is worth a look as well! I hope you like the new template & overall style. That’s it for today, never stop trying something new! Don’t forget to leave a feedback below! See you tomorrow 🤘🏽