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@biancaa_roseee 💓🎗 “Two years.... Two years ago we were headed to the pediatrician for Harlow. We thought she had a bug or an easy fix from an easy doctors visit. We were in the room with her pediatrician as he was feeling around her stomach. I could see he had concerns. “Harlow needs to go to CHOC ER for fluids. She is pretty dehydrated.” We than took the 20 minute drive up to CHOC. I called my mom and told her what was happening. I was crying in fear for our baby girl. Little did I know it was even worse than I thought at the time. We got to CHOC and were put in a room. Harlow was scared and clinged on to me. Granted I was 4.5 months pregnant with Sienna so Mark and I took turns holding her. She had an IV put in. She was given fluids. She had tons of blood taken. Next was the x-ray. That’s when we found the source of the problem. The doctor came in. “Harlow has a mass in her stomach. At this time we are unsure of what it is. But she will be getting admitted.” The feeling in my stomach.. I wanted to throw up. So scared! They wheeled us up to the oncology/hematology floor. We spent 8 days our initial stay. Harlow’s calcium was 19 when normal for an adult is 12. The doctor said any adult with that high of a number would be having hallucinations. Her magnesium and calcium were sky rocket high. The next day Harlow has her first procedure to place a PICC line in her arm. It took 4 days for her numbers to be normal enough to have the resection surgery performed by the amazing Dr. Gholizadeh. The tumor came out whole with no leakage which was great. They also removed her left ovary, Fallopian tube and appendix for safe measures. I remember feeling relief. The oncology doctors believed it was a teratoma. But they were sending the tumor to Boston Childrens to have it tested and diagnosed. We prayed and prayed this was the end of it. Two weeks later the results were in and we were called back to the oncology clinic. It wasn’t what we had hoped. Harlow had been diagnosed with cancer. A very, very rare ovarian cancer. Small cell carcinoma of the ovary with hypercalcemia. She was the 13th diagnosis in pediatrics since 1990. #remission #pediatriccancer #ovariancancer”

This Goldilocks thought the big chair was just right. Just look at her being chill for a minute. . This morning, suddenly and very unexpectedly my mother’s identical twin sister passed away. As you have seen in videos, we have a very tight, close, loving family and spend a lot of time together. We are in shock and still trying to process. It’s going to take a while for it to feel real . . I’ll write more later about J’s grieving process. She processes in stages. Usually, very extreme emotions at first, then a hyped up state of self-talk, then winding down. . This time, her maturity is shining through. This time, she’s processing a little differently, and is doing an amazing job of using words to verbally express her emotions to me. For example, at one point she said to me, “Mama, it’s so sad that all of Nonnie’s sisters are gone.” (Yes, I lost it😭) Another time she said, “I’m so sad that I didn’t get to tell her bye.” (Yes, 😭) Later, she told Hannah that she hops her Uncle got to tell her Aunt goodbye.”. . That autism sympathy thing - it’s in full swing. While Jess herself is sad, she is also feeling other’s pain and understanding why in a deeper way than I’ve seen before. This loss is different for her than others she has experienced. This is a close family member that Jess has known forever. Jess is close to the whole family and is sad for them. . We are all sad. 😢


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Hey guys, check out little 6 month old Nathan (@auspiciousmando) He has a very rare disorder, cutis laxa, that causes a host of different problems (skin symptoms, growth deficiencies, cataracts, intellectual disability). There’s no cure as of now. I’d definitely like to help spread awareness. Been talking to his dad the past day or two. Super nice guy. He has another son that’s on the spectrum. Go follow, share, donate if you feel inclined. They’ve got a lot on their hands right now. God bless. ✅ #specialneeds #cutislaxa #helpbabynathan #raredisorder #autism #autismawareness #disability #ability #health #wellness

Barbie dreams🦄💕 Wig @shondag925

Last Friday right after Ruby got home from school, we got our 100,000th subscriber on YouTube! It was such an exciting moment for us! We celebrated by baking a cake together and Ruby made a sculpture of Stella out of play-doh and showed off her musical instruments (link to video in our bio). Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would have so many people following our journey. Now we are racing toward 100K on Instagram! Honestly, the numbers don't really matter to me--what makes my heart sing is thinking about the individuals Ruby inspires every single day. To commemorate this amazing milestone, we launched our very own merch store! Check it out at http://bit.ly/angierubymerch (link in bio!). Thank you to everyone who has supported us by liking, subscribing and leaving comments on our posts. We are so grateful to all of you. ❤️ #100ksubscribers #grateful #blessed #rubysgems #disability #disabilityisnotinability #disabilityawareness #specialneeds #strommesyndrome #raregemruby

Such a great day with my family! Church then chill time! No place like home!! #easter2019 #happyresurrectionday #happyeaster #familyfirst #blessed #thingsthatmatter #shawfamilystrong #shreveport #greenwoodla

Granddad & J last year in May. ❤️ She’s a lapful.


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Niall in LA!! (April 18) ©️ Kissysebas #niallhoran #onedirection #directioner

Since Isabella was really little she was naturally drawn to churches 🤔 As we drove past one she would squeal with excitement “MUMMY who is that?” “Who is Mary and Jesus?” 🤷‍♀️ One day she held her hands together and said “Shhhh mummy I am praying!” Slightly freaked out I thought ‘who is this kid!?’ Joey and I where solid atheists!!! But we knew it was important to put Isabella into a school that was religious and nurture her calling, so we checked out the church she will be going to with her new school, one Sunday as a family we walked into @c3oxfordfalls completely LOST, the joy and the light felt tangible, I could literally feel the heavy burden lift off my shoulders as tears streamed down my face of letting go, I felt community for the first time, and the journey began every Sunday we kept showing up and our life started to turn around dramatically, as @philpringle preached the story’s resonated and I didn’t feel so alone anymore! My book comes out next month where I talk about this in more detail. My girl is a true little miracle worker and this Easter is just so much more special 🙌

it’s like i’m the universe n you’ll be N.A.S.A 🛸🖤✨🌵 • • @arianagrande @sweetenerkiids @joesaralva @tayashawki @tileystrozewski @itsmaokawakami @faria__igor @coryjgraves @darrion_g @luz_nyc @_kristerry @brilovelife @iamskot @bonguno #arichella #coachella #arianagrande #femmetastic4


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Truly thought this would go better 🙈😆🐰... #easterbunnyfail

📽 @mehmet_cheff . #sushi #chef #cheff #instalike #repost #insta #follow

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The #avengersendgame promotional tour must be a barrel of laughs, right? Right guys?? Watch Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd and more talk to @aliplumb about Becoming... The Avengers. On BBC iPlayer and the Radio 1 YouTube channel now.

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To all who celebrate today, Happy Easter from our little bunnies 🐰🐰 (with chocolate rimmed lips 🍫👄) to yours!

Happy Easter! A colorful sunrise out in the Sonoran desert of Arizona. Photographed with a @canonusa 5dmkiv and @tamronusa 15-30mm lens. #ourwild #prana #coalatree #greettheoutdoors

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Foggy skyline reflections | Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Photo by @hey_eh_joe | ---------------------------------------------------- Selected by: @jsn.ptrsn ----------------------------------------------------⭐️Follow our partners!⭐️ @enjoynewfoundland @enjoyoutdoors #toronto #ontario #canada #enjoycanada #discoveron #imagesofcanada #skyline #city #fog #clouds #sunrise #moodygrams #fatalframes #way2ill #theimaged #shotzdelight #eclectic_shotz #reflection #lake #winter #travel

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The Jetty .  I was asked to choose one photograph I remember from my childhood, It would have to be an old framed image of a boardwalk set to a gorgeous backdrop of mountains we brought from Ikea. .  Something so beautiful that I saw every day had me unaware that this would be the defining image that kindled my love for photography. Whenever I looked back to my final images I felt like I was missing something, this is the landscape photo I always set out to achieve, call it a childhood goal. . The location of "Love at first sight" when researching places to shoot, I knew that I owed it to my younger self to capture this landscape with such awe-inspiring views, where we bare witness to the right amount of drama and stillness in the air which still takes my breath away. . The New Zealand Collection 2018 www.bradley-powell.com . Canon 5D Mk IV + 16-35mm ISO 100 | F11 | 30sec . #like4like #lake #photo #photos #photographer #landscape #cute #sunset #longexsposure #landscapephotography #newzealand

✨✨ MINIMAL OF THE DAY ✨✨ ⭕ By photografer : @margaritazka243 ⭕ Selected: @nitabluedru ⭕ Feature tag: #minimaldotcom . ⭕ Recommended hubs: • @theoutcreww • @igsmart_minimal • @tv_simplicity • @_rsa_minimal • @globalfotografia • @globalfotografia_splash • @crazy2look • @globalfotografia_portraits • @ind_bnw_ • @foodiliciousdotcom • @flatlaydotcom . #eraminimal#rsa_minimal#minimalmood#minimal#awesomeminimal#mindtheminimal#ic_minimal#minimalism#ir_minimal#paradiseofminimal#supermegamasterpics_minimal#ig_minimalshots#ptk_minimal#ig_minimalist#minimal_perfection#mdc inimalismo#minimalworldwide#minimaloftheday#bestofminimal#mdc