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I’m washing me and my clothes

cool socks man

there’s no connection out there

I’m not cat, I don’t say meow

merry christmas.. ha ha.. got em

grandma called she wants her pants back.. no really.. my grandma called and she wants her pants back.. these are my grandmas pants


rlly missing my long hair n the sun

you can’t tell but i forgot to lotion my ankles

just landed in paradise palms.. looking for a chest.. pls send help..

That cool mom in the 80’s vibe, ya dig?

i call this look “i had 5 minutes to get ready”

how’s it BANGING hahah i’m a comedian

rewatches coven and suddenly thinks she’s the supreme

secure the bag & don’t forget to use code “james” for 10% off

sad girl #happyhalloween

silly rabbit!!! trix are for kids!!!